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Most SAT and ACT prep classes give students information about what they did wrong on questions they miss, and that’s it. Benthall Test Prep, however, goes deeper. We train students in Dr. Benthall’s unique recursive study method that helps students precisely catalog each question they miss and review challenge areas as they go. As a result, students learn to diagnose their sticking points and rapidly eliminate them for a custom fit that gets maximum results in minimal time.

Dr. Al Benthall is a Charlotte area college professor who founded Benthall Test Prep in 2010. With a PhD from UNC Chapel Hill, Dr. Benthall holds intensive six-week SAT Prep Classes in Reading, Writing, and Math before each SAT throughout the year. He also offers six-week ACT Prep Classes in English, Math, Reading, and Science for each ACT. Classes are capped at ten students, allowing each to receive individual attention. Zoom options are available for remote students.

In addition, Dr. Benthall also offers his SAT Prep Class in a self-paced online video course called SAT Solved ( For more information, please contact Dr. Benthall.

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