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There are myriad reasons why a high school student might seek out a tutor or a test-prep specialist. Some teens may just be trying to pass a challenging course, while others may be looking to hold onto a perfect GPA, become proficient in a foreign language, or get a jump start on their competition by previewing an upcoming course. Likewise, on the SAT or ACT, some may be fighting and clawing to earn an average score, whereas other Ivy-focused individuals are laser-focused on nailing a perfect 1600. 

No matter your aim, the most important factors to consider in shopping for the right tutor or test prep expert are that they are trustworthy, responsive, inspiring, diligent, and skilled & experienced in the area of expertise. Each of the providers on our list that follows checks each of these boxes, having earned stellar reputations in the industry.

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Edison Prep

  • Brian and Silvia Eufinger, the co-founders of Edison Prep, have tutored over 18,500 students for a combined 65,000+ hours for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT, and SSAT.
  • Individual and group students have had an overall average SAT increase of over 280 points (Old SAT), over 135 points (New SAT), and an overall ACT increase average of over 4.5 points.
  • We have tutored at least fifteen of Georgia’s perfect 36’s for the last 12 years running, and over 10% of Georgia’s 36’s for the 2016-2021 school years.

Benthall Test Prep

  • Offers ACT and SAT prep, including in-person group courses, online group courses, and a SAT self-paced online course.
  • Average SAT score of 217 points; average ACT score of 4.5 points. 
  • Online course includes 75 course modules and 10 SAT practice tests. 


  • SAT and ACT courses, group courses, and private tutoring are the primary offerings by PrepPros.
  • This company puts on their own guide titled The Complete Guide to SAT Math
  • Free trial includes 3 hours of expert tutoring and 126 practice questions. 


  • Offers ACT, SAT, GRE, AP/IB, PSAT, GMAT, SSAT/ISEE prep.
  • Founded in 2006 by two Stanford graduates. 
  • Have locations throughout Colorado but offers virtual services globally.

  • Test Prep

  • Offers ACT, SAT, GRE, AP, PSAT, SHSAT, SSAT/ISEE prep.
  • Also offers academic tutoring. 
  • Based out of Atlanta but offers virtual services globally.

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