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At Edison Prep, we work with students to help them achieve their goals in standardized testing and in college admissions.

We are full-time, talented SAT/ACT tutors with tens of thousands of hours of experience who help students familiarize themselves with the test material and boost their scores. Edison provides tutoring for the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. We are the most experienced SAT/ACT tutors in Georgia: check out our bio here!

Brian and Silvia Eufinger, the founders of Edison Prep, have tutored over 18,500 students for a combined 66,000+ hours for the SAT, PSAT, ACT, GMAT, and SSAT. They personally teach all of the SAT and ACT group classes and work with the rest of the team doing private tutoring whenever not teaching group classes.

The Edison team is frequently invited to speak about test prep, college admissions, and scholarships at PTSA meetings at Atlanta-area high schools as well as Edison Prep’s free parent meetings. They have spoken at national education conferences and are sought-after guests on national podcasts on education and cutting the cost of college.


Individual Tutoring

Our private tutoring packages allow for the most personalized instruction; all lessons are taught at the student’s unique learning pace. From 2011 through Winter 2018, our students who have done 18 or more hours of individual tutoring have increased their score by an average of 155 points (New SAT) and 5.5 points (ACT). Note: This data is the lazy average that includes all reported scores, including the happy student from Spring 2018 who went up +4 to a perfect 36, yet still hurt our score increase stats! We don’t play common industry games where we only include certain students in our score increase data based on private-only, homework completion percentage, not enough total tutoring hours, or other caveats.

Group Classes

Group classes are optimal for students who are looking for a more affordable alternative to 1-on-1 private tutoring. These group classes are designed for students with initial SAT scores between 1010 and 1390. You are not getting the “B Team.” Edison Prep’s two founders–who have over 66,000 hours of combined tutoring experience–teach all of the classes. Group classes are available to students nationwide via both in-person and virtual classes!

Edison Prep’s Mantra
Practice makes perfect. Your experience with concepts from practice tests will help you stay cool, calm and collected during the real thing. If you hit a bad patch of questions, don’t stress and just re-focus. Remember: students who miss over a dozen questions can still score in the top 2%.

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