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When it comes to test prep, the most important thing is the person working with you. At PrepPros, we are a team of two master tutors, perfect SAT & ACT scorers, and brothers: Matthew Stroup and Michael Stroup. Together, we have over 15,000 hours and 17 years of SAT & ACT tutoring experience and have helped over 2,000 students achieve success on the SAT & ACT. With PrepPros, we have only one goal: to offer the best SAT and ACT Prep out there. We know the SAT & ACT inside and out and know what it takes for students to achieve top scores. They have a combined two decades of test prep experience, offering their program in a variety of formats, including online prep courses, recorded classes, as well as private tutoring.

PrepPros has successfully guided dozens of College Transitions students through their test prep program. Click here for more information about PrepPros.

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