University of Toronto – Acceptance Rate, Ranking, & Tuition (2024)

December 4, 2023

university of toronto acceptance rate

Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is one of the top institutions in Canada. With a long history of academic excellence, ingenuity, and transformative research, it’s no wonder you are interested in learning more about the school. Impressively, the University of Toronto is the largest university in the country, in terms of enrollment. With its tri-campus system, students can attend the Mississauga campus, the St. George campus, or the Scarborough campus. In this article, we will discuss the University of Toronto acceptance rate, University of Toronto ranking, and University of Toronto tuition costs. But first, let’s take a moment to do a brief overview of the institution. Especially if you are a first-year student, it will be important to note a few attributes of the campus.

University of Toronto – First-Year Students

The university is responsible for over 97,000 registered students. In the 2022-2023 school year, undergraduates accounted for 52,993 students, or about 54% of the overall student population.

Because of its size, first-year students can expect to have several hundred students per lecture. However, the average class size can vary by program area. While these course sections may be larger, the university also notes that each class will offer tutorial or practical sessions in a small class setting.

For students looking for a more individualized approach, first-year students may enroll in one of the offered seminars. Each first-year seminar is capped at 25 students to allow for more active discussion. Additionally, first-year students will also have the opportunity to be more involved in participation due to the smaller class size.

As well, for first-year students looking to make the most out of their college experience, there is the chance to join the One Programs. This foundation offers first-year students experiential learning opportunities in a variety of disciplines.

University of Toronto Mission Statement

The University of Toronto mission statement is: “The University of Toronto is dedicated to fostering an academic community in which the learning and scholarship of every member may flourish, with vigilant protection for individual human rights, and a resolute commitment to the principles of equal opportunity, equity and justice.”

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate

Currently, the University of Toronto acceptance rate is 43%. However, according to their website, the University of Toronto acceptance rate is not definitive.

For example, specialized programs will be more competitive due to the nature and size of the program. Some of these specialized programs are:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Business

While the University of Toronto acceptance rate is competitive, the exact metric is in flux due to the specialized nature of its programs. The University of Toronto ranking also defines this institution highly.

University of Toronto – Admissions Overview

Students will face a competitive admissions board after they submit their applications. The average test score range for the University of Toronto is demanding.

The average SAT range for recent incoming students was 1430-1540.

Additionally, the average ACT range for recent incoming students was 32-35.

In terms of GPA, 3.7 to 4.0 was the average.

Within its minimum admissions requirements, the university expects incoming students to be enrolled in a rigorous courseload and to have taken the highest level of courses available to them. For U.S. high school students, this can mean taking primarily AP classes.

Therefore, it makes sense why the University of Toronto acceptance rate is so competitive. Students are expected to participate at a high and consistent level of academics.

It is also important to note that some programs at the university do not require letters of recommendation or personal essays. In this case, your academic background will account for the majority of the decision toward your acceptance.

Overall, the University of Toronto acceptance rate is competitive because of its highly ranked programs and accredited faculty, staff, and alumni. Some notable alumni include Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, and Frederick Banting.

University of Toronto Ranking

University of Toronto is one of the world’s top research-intensive universities. With over 700 undergraduate programs and more than 200 graduate programs, the university offers a wide variety of majors. Some of the institution’s popular disciplines are engineering, public health, and applied science.

According to US News, University of Toronto is ranked as #18 in best global universities. Additionally, its subject rankings are also impressive. The University of Toronto ranking revealed that the university is rated #11 for best global universities for biochemistry and biology.

Furthermore, the university earned additional impressive ratings. The institution is ranked as #4 for the best global universities for clinical medicine. As well, the university earned a top spot for its arts and humanities programs, at #9 for best global universities in this discipline.

Other top categories for the University of Toronto ranking include:

  • #5 in Oncology
  • #4 in Surgery
  • #27 in Computer Science
  • #5 in Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
  • #12 in Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • #12 in Space Science

If you are interested in furthering your research interests, then you will be happy to know that the university is ranked within the Top 5 in the world for research citations. Additionally, the university is rated 6th in the world performance ranking of scientific papers.

University of Toronto Tuition

The overall cost of tuition will depend on your program, course load, and campus. In addition, textbooks, room and board, and other categories may factor into your final cost. If you want to have a better estimate that is specific to you, then you can look up the tuition calculator here.

In general, for domestic students (Ontario residents), the University of Toronto tuition is about $6,100 for undergraduate tuition. Additionally, for domestic students (outside of Ontario), the tuition cost is a bit more expensive at $6,590 for undergraduate students.

In general, for international students, the University of Toronto tuition is about $60,510 for undergraduate tuition.

Ontario residents are defined as dependent students whose parent’s primary residence is in Ontario. Otherwise, Ontario residents can also be defined as an independent student whose primary residence is in Ontario.

For American students, it is important to note that the university does not offer financial aid like American institutions. If US citizens are looking to ease the burden of tuition, they “may apply for financial assistance from the US Federal Direct Loan Program.”

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate – Continued

However, students are automatically considered for a variety of admission awards. As well, students can apply for specific scholarships with their application.

For students living in Ontario, there are financial aid programs readily available. It is also important to note that there are separate categories for international student financial aid and United States of America financial aid.

Additionally, for undergraduate students looking to live in on-campus housing, there is an additional fee of $7,490-$14,960. The cost includes the price of heat, electricity, water, and Wi-Fi. The University of Toronto has a housing guarantee for first-year students.

According to the recent 2022-2023 data:

  • “The Mississauga campus can accommodate 1,357 students in residence in 2022-23.”
  • “The Scarborough campus can accommodate 814 students in residence in 2022-23.”
  • “The University of Toronto at St. George has 11 residences: eight residences belonging to one of our seven colleges, Chestnut Residence, Graduate House, and Student Family Housing.”

Furthermore, the cost of meal plans is not included in overall tuition. The additional cost for meal plans is $5,795-$6,095. It is important to note that first-year students who live on campus are required to purchase a meal plan.

For additional information on meal plans, first-year students may visit this page to learn more.

University of Toronto – How to Apply

To apply to the university, students first take an initial application. At this first stage, students do not need to provide any additional documentation. It is estimated their initial application will take ten minutes to complete.

Students will choose between two applications. If students choose: Applying to More Than One Ontario University, then they will fill out this initial form using the “105 application.”

Or, students can choose the Applying Only to the University of Toronto application. Students will use the “University of Toronto International Application” if they reside outside of Canada and are not currently studying within the country.

After the initial application is complete, students will be required to self-report grades through the Join U of T Applicant Website. For prospective engineering students, they will self-report grades through the Engineering Applicant Portal.

At this point, students will begin to receive additional information on how to submit transcripts, test scores, and other documentation.

University of Toronto Acceptance Rate– In Review

With a competitive edge, the University of Toronto acceptance rate solidifies the institution’s prestige. Internationally acclaimed, the university has an impressive array of accomplishments under its belt.

This university would be ideal for students who are interested in furthering their research interests in the science and medical fields. However, this university would be best for students who are looking for large campuses and class sizes.

The University of Toronto ranking also confirms the academic rigor of the institution. With top rankings in several prominent areas, this university has a wonderful array of programs to choose from. For students looking for a school with international name recognition and merit, this school would be a great fit.

However, for international students, you should be aware of the University of Toronto tuition cost. Especially if you plan to live on campus, additional room and board costs will add onto your overall tuition. While financial aid is available, you may have to apply for scholarships separately. Yet, every student will be automatically considered for admissions awards.

Additionally, it is important to note that applying to the University of Toronto is a 2-step process. Students will be required to self-report any fluctuation in their grades after they initially apply.

Overall, if attending the University of Toronto sounds like the right choice for you, then you can visit here to learn even more about the institution!