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Best Universities in Canada for U.S. Students

American teens looking for quality universities at affordable price should consider looking toward the Great White North. Many in the U.S. have heard of schools like McGill and University of Toronto but are not aware of the multitude of other fine higher education options available across the vast Canadian provinces. The following list will provide key information about 17 of the top colleges in Canada including: Full-time undergraduate enrollment, the percentage of international students, the number of U.S. undergraduate students, tuition, entry requirements, domestic and world rankings, as well as each school’s top academic programs. For more on why American students would be wise to at least consider Canadian universities, we encourage you to check out our previous blog on the subject.

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Updated August 2021

InstitutionFT Undergradate Enrollment% InternationalTuition and Fees CanadianEntry RequirementsEntry Requirements(Additional Info)Domestic RankingsWorld RankingsStrongProgramsNotesWebsite
Concordia University21,60116.90%$4198-$9761Minimum consideration range: C+ to B+; Honors programs require B+ or higher; SAT/ACT not requiredMaclean's - 10 (Comprehensive) AWRU - #601-700QS - #477Times Higher Education - #601-800U.S. News - #670Art & DesignEngineeringJournalismKinesiologyEnrolling ~600 U.S. students
McGill University23,98930.10%$4769-$10,332A high school diploma before enrolling; ACT or SAT and 2 SAT Subject Tests; an ACT/SAT score of 31/1400 usually needed to prove competitiveMaclean's - 1 (Doctoral)AWRU - #78QS - #31Times Higher Education - #40U.S. News - #51BiologyBusinessEngineeringEnglishLawMedicinePhysiologyEnrolls ~1,700 U.S. students
McMaster University28,20915.40%$7,3785 Grade 12/Senior academic subjects or a combination of equivalents from IB, AP, SAT II Subject Tests; four years of English; four years of mathematics, including calculus; coursework in biology, chemistry and physics; SAT score of at least 1200 or ACT score of at least 27Maclean's - 4 (Doctoral)AWRU - #98QS - #144Times Higher Education - #69U.S. News - #133EngineeringHealth SciencesKinesiologyMedicineNursingEnrolls ~85 U.S. students
Queen's University21,26914.10%$6,99012th Grade graduation with a minimum GPA of B- on four academic from an accredited high school; Test OptionalMaclean's - 5 (Doctoral)AWRU - #201-300QS - #246Times Higher Education - #251-300U.S. News - #419BusinessEconomicsMining EngineeringPhilosophyPsychology
Ryerson University27,6137.80%$6,996Graduation from Grade 12 of an academic program at an accredited secondary school with high academic standing including minimum B grades in the program-specific subject prerequisites and a minimum B overall average. No SAT or ACT score requirements, but strong performance on a standardized test can strengthen an application.Maclean's - 11 (Comprehensive) AWRU - #901-1000QS #801-1000Times Higher Education - #601-800U.S. News - #965Art & DesignCreative IndustriesEngineeringBiomedical Sciences
Simon Fraser University12,91916%$7,006A final grade of 70% in senior level English; A minimum grade of C-/60% in a junior or senior level acceptable Math course; and SAT score of 1130 out of 1600 or ACT Composite score of 22; competitve applicants typically possess stronger grades/scores.Maclean's - 1 (Comprehensive) AWRU - #301-400QS - #323Times Higher Education - #251-300U.S. News - #306ArchaeologyComputer ScienceEducationGeographyLabour Studies
University of Alberta29,09212.00%$6,820Students who have studied the American high school diploma in the USA are eligible to apply to UAlberta based on subjects taken in their final three years (grade 10, grade 11, and grade 12). American high school diploma students must also present an SAT of 1200 or higher, with no section below 600 or an ACT composite score of 26 or higherMaclean's - 6 (Doctoral)AWRU - #101-150QS - #119Times Higher Education - #131U.S. News - #138Earth and Atmospheric SciencesBusinessEngineeringKinesiologyNursing
University of British Columbia38,88832%$6,608Grade 12 English; three years of mathematics; and the SAT or ACT (competitive scores vary by program)Maclean's - 3 (Doctoral)AWRU - #38QS - #45Times Higher Education - #34U.S. News - #31BusinessComputer ScienceEngineeringEnvironmental StudiesGeographyKinesiologyPsychologyEnrolls ~1200 U.S. Students
University of Calgary25,63013.20%$7,041High school diploma before enrolling; SAT score of at least 1190 or ACT score of at least 24Maclean's - 8 (Doctoral)AWRU - #151-200QS - #246Times Higher Education - #200U.S. News - #174EducationEntrepreneurshipKinesiologyMedicinePublic Health
University of Guelph24,4614.70%$7,537Must have a minimum cumulative unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 from a regionally accredited high school; SAT score of at least 1190 or ACT score of at least 24Maclean's - 4 (Comprehensive)AWRU - #301-400; QS - #571-580; Times Higher Education - #501-600; U.S. News - #483Agricultural and Food Science; Animal Science; Biology; Neuroscience; Plant Science
University of Ottawa30,57317.10%$7,152High school diploma before enrolling.Maclean's - 9 (Doctoral)AWRU - #151-200QS - #279Times Higher Education - #145U.S. News - #192EntrepreneurshipInternational DevelopmentLinguisticsNursingPolitical Science
University of Toronto66,75131.10%$7,651A grade point average of a B+ or higher; Enrollment in rigorous academic course load, highest level available in pre-requisite subjects. Program area specific requirements should be reviewed for admission.Maclean's - 2 (Doctoral)AWRU - #23QS - #25Times Higher Education - #18U.S. News - #17BiologyBusinessComputer ScienceEngineeringMathematicsPsychologyEnrolls ~900 U.S. students
University of Victoria14,0039.50%$6,668Must have a minimum cumulative unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 from a regionally accredited high school; SAT score of at least 1270 or ACT score of at least 26Maclean's - 2 (Comprehensive) AWRU - #301-400QS - #370Times Higher Education - #351-400U.S. News - #301Earth SciencesOcean SciencesLawPhysics
University of Waterloo33,32218.90%$6,753Requirements vary considerably by program; however, applicants typically need to possess at least an A- GPA, strong grades in AP courses relevant to their chosen course of study; SAT/ACT required for some programsMaclean's - 2 (Comprehensive)AWRU.- #151-200QS - #166Times Higher Education - #201-250U.S. News - #210Computer ScienceEngineeringMaterials and NanosciencesMathematicsStatisticsEnrolls ~500 U.S. students, including those who are dual citizens of the U.S. and Canada
Western University29,94012%$7,443Must have a minimum cumulative unweighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 from a regionally accredited high school; SAT score of at least 1190 or ACT score of at least 24; AP courses/exams are also strongly considered.Maclean's - 8 (Doctoral)AWRU - #201-300QS - #203Times Higher Education - #201-250U.S. News - #287BusinessEngineeringKinesiologyMediaNursing
York University43,04017.10%$7,300High school diploma before enrolling; SAT or ACT requiredMaclean's - 6 (Comprehensive) AWRU - #401-500QS - #531-540Times Higher Education - #401-500U.S. News - #432Business/CommerceEnglishGlobal HealthInternational Studies/DevelopmentLaw
Dalhousie University13,48425.50%$8114-$9397A final senior year average of ‘B’ is the minimum requirement to be considered for admission, however admission to many Dalhousie programs is competitive. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. SAT or ACT test scores are required for admission.Maclean's - 7 (Doctoral)AWRU - #201-300 QS - #291 Times Higher Education - #251-300 U.S. News - #325Agriculture Biology Earth Science Law, Justice, and Society Kinesiology

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