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Perhaps your high doesn’t offer a particular AP class you desire to take. Or maybe you are seeking a college course open to high school students, but don’t have the ability to travel cross country and pay big money for an in-person summer experience. Regardless of your situation, if you are looking for academic opportunities that can be completed on your laptop from the comfort of your own bedroom, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our Best Online Learning Programs list below is the premier source you can find for locating the highest-quality online learning opportunities across the full gamut of academic disciplines. The pertinent details and facts offered about each featured course will help you decide on the precisely perfect course to meet your needs.

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Northwestern CTD

  • Courses begin at the 15th of every month and enrollment is rolling.
  • Classes offered span from AP Calculus to AP US History. Includes some that are hard to find online such as AP Physics C and AP Computer Science A.
  • You can learn at an accelerated pace while “receiving personalized guidance from expert instructors.”

    • Tuition: $805-$1,335
    • Eligibility: Grades 9-12, 95th percentile on any normed, standardized achievement test; admission portfolio.

UC Scout

  • Offers an incredible array of 25+ AP courses in history/social science, English, math, science, languages other than English, visual & performing arts, and computer science.
  • One of the few schools to offer AP Music Theory and AP Art History online.
  • Founded by the University of California in 2013 – courses are aligned with required high school coursework for admission into a UC campus

    • Tuition: $399
    • Eligibility: Open, some courses have prerequisites
    • Application Deadline: Varies by course

Johns Hopkins CTY

  •  Offers individually-paced and session-based options, albeit at a higher cost than other schools on this list.
  • AP Courses offered in the areas of: computer science, economics, U.S. history, government, mathematics, psychology, science, writing, and world languages.
  • Methods of instruction include virtual classroom lectures, live discussions, and interactive review workshops.

    • Tuition: $955-$2,130
    • Eligibility: Grades 9-12, must test at CTY or Advanced CTY levels.
    • Application Deadline: Varies by course

Cornell University Summer Session Online

  • Earn between 3 and 8 college credits. 
  • Choose between 3 and 6-week options. 
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous options.

    • Tuition: $1,750 per credit
    • Eligibility: Current 10th-12th grade students
    • Application Deadline: May 7th-29th (by session)

Summer@Brown Online
Summer@Brown Online
  • Online College Courses

  • 80 courses offered. 
  • Asynchronous or Blended options.
  • Courses range from 2-6 weeks in length.

    • Eligibility: Ages 15-18, students completing grades 9-12
    • Application Deadline: May 12th

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