25 Best Christian Colleges in 2024

October 31, 2023

best christian colleges

If religion is important to you, then you may consider attending a college with a curriculum shaped by faith and spirituality. In fact, there are many institutions in the United States that are Christian colleges. At these institutions, students can receive both an academic and faith-based education. For students looking to grow in their faith, attending one of these Christian colleges may be a good decision.

One benefit of choosing an institution that aligns with your religion is that finding friends with similar values is easier. Social circles may form more naturally. Furthermore, student clubs and organizations will likely be based around causes and ideals that matter to you. This can make getting involved on campus easier as well.

Additionally, professors at these colleges will likely share the same faith. That way, students receive an education reinforced by their beliefs.

Characteristics of Christian Colleges

Many of these Christian colleges are conservative institutions. Typically, students adhere to a more traditional and regimented educational experience. Opposed to liberal schools where students may explore varied ideas and classroom topics, Christian colleges generally lead with a biblically-minded curriculum. Essentially, Christian principles are integrated into lesson plans and the overall campus experience.

Additionally, Christian colleges may also impose regulations on students that other institutions do not. For example, this can include abstaining from drug and alcohol use. As well, students may also be required or highly encouraged to attend daily or weekly chapel services offered by the university. In schools without any religious affiliation, these requirements may not be imposed.

Furthermore, Christian colleges are all private institutions. Any educational institution affiliated with a religious organization will be considered a private university or college. This means that Christian colleges are not eligible for government-based funding and rely more on tuition and donations.

25 Best Christian Colleges 

If attending a Christian college sounds like the right fit for you, then look no further. We have assembled a list of the 25 best Christian colleges.

This list was based on factors such as student life on campus and the college’s dedication to Christian values. Additionally, factors such as academics, professors, and campus location were taken into consideration. As well, some schools also scored highly for other categories, such as athletics and campus safety.

1) Southern Methodist University

  • Acceptance Rate: 52%

Located in Dallas, Texas, this university scored top marks for student life and academics. According to a Niche survey, 89% of students felt their professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes. Currently, the tuition per year is about $41,000. However, about 77% of students receive financial aid.

2) Texas Christian University 

  • Acceptance Rate: 56%

If campus athletics are important to you, then you might want to consider TCU. This is one of the best Christian colleges with Division I athletics. Additionally, TCU scored top marks for professors, with 80% of students agreeing professors cared about student success. Yearly tuition for this school is about $42,000.

3) William Carey University

  • Acceptance Rate: 57%

With high scores for value and academics, this university is located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Generally, this university is more affordable with a yearly tuition at about $11,000. According to a one survey, 88% of students feel their professors are approachable and friendly.

4) Wheaton College – Illinois

  • Acceptance Rate:  89%

This institution offers over 75 travel abroad programs and over 150 majors and certificate programs. With a yearly tuition of $28,000, 94% of the student population receives financial aid. Additionally, Wheaton scored top marks for academics and professors.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

5) Olaf College

  • Acceptance Rate: 56%

A smaller campus with about 3,000 undergraduate students, St. Olaf is located in Northfield, Minnesota. This institution offers a liberal arts education at a yearly tuition rate of $27,000. Biology and economics are two of the most popular majors.

6) Pepperdine University

  • Acceptance Rate: 49%

One of the best Christian colleges in California, Pepperdine scored top marks for campus safety. Yearly tuition at this institution is about $41,000. Business, public relations, and psychology are among the top majors at this university.

7) Point Loma Nazarene University

  • Acceptance Rate: 82%

Ideally located in San Diego, California, this university scored top marks for location and a beautiful campus. According to a Niche survey, 92% of students feel their professors are passionate about what they teach. Yearly tuition at this institution is about $34,000.

8) Hendrix College

  • Acceptance Rate: 60%

Generally, this institution is more affordable at a yearly tuition rate of about $9,900. Additionally, Hendrix is a smaller community with about 1,100 undergraduate students. Almost all freshmen live on campus, with 99% of first-year students living in dorms.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

9) Biola University

  • Acceptance Rate: 58%

Biola University is located in La Mirada, California with a yearly tuition of about $29,000. With high marks for their dorms and campus, this university also scored highly for professorship. According to a Niche survey, 97% of students say their professors care about their success.

10) Union University

  • Acceptance Rate: 53%

This institution earned high marks for student life, with 53% of students describing the general population as “joyful” and “friendly.” Located in Jackson, Tennessee, this university’s yearly tuition is about $27,000. Nursing and Liberal Arts and Humanities are among the most popular majors at this school.

11) Harding University

  • Acceptance Rate: 45%

Located in Searcy, Arkansas, this institution scored highly for academics and overall campus appeal. Interestingly, the most popular major at this institution is elementary education. Yearly tuition is about $20,000.

12) Lipscomb University

  • Acceptance Rate: 71%

With Division I sports, this institution is one of the best Christian colleges with top ranks for athletics. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this university also scored well for location. Yearly tuition at this university is about $26,000 with top majors being business, biology, and nursing.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

13) John Brown University

  • Acceptance Rate: 58%

A compact campus with about 1,200 undergraduates, John Brown is located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Furthermore, class sizes are small, with a 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Yearly tuition for this school is about $18,000.

14) Andrews University

  • Acceptance Rate: 91%

Interestingly, this university was ranked the #2 most diverse university in America. Though the university is still a smaller campus, with just shy of 1,200 undergraduate students. At this institution, yearly tuition is about $23,000.

15) College of the Ozarks

  • Acceptance Rate: 21%

Located in Point Lookout, Missouri, this is one of the best Christian colleges with a more competitive acceptance rate. However, the institution is more generally affordable with a yearly tuition of about $12,000. Business and public relations are among the most popular majors.

16) Mississippi College

  • Acceptance Rate: 40%

Rated highly for academics and professors, this college has a yearly tuition of about $18,000. Additionally, nursing, accounting, and kinesiology & exercise science are the most popular majors. According to a Niche survey, 62% of students agree that their workload is easy to manage.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

17) Dordt University

  • Acceptance Rate: 71%

Dordt scored highly in the areas of campus safety, student life, and academics. Yearly tuition is about $26,000 with top majors in elementary education, nursing, and finance. A smaller campus, there are about 1,400 undergraduate students enrolled.

18) Baylor University

  • Acceptance Rate: 46%

Rated highly for athletics and academics, Baylor is located in Waco, Texas. A Division I school, Baylor is also ranked #16 for best college athletics in America. With a yearly tuition of $46,000, 97% of students receive financial aid.

19) Augustana University

  • Acceptance Rate: 66%

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the yearly tuition at Augustana is about $26,000. With a 10:1 faculty-to-student ratio, there are about 1,600 undergraduate students. Nursing and biology are two of the most popular majors at this university.

20) Ohio Northern University

  • Acceptance Rate: 54%

This university is known for its popular mechanical engineering and nursing programs. With a yearly tuition of about $25,000, this university scored highly for academics and professors. Interestingly, Ohio Northern is also ranked #1 in Ohio for job placement.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

21) Sewanee – The University of the South

  • Acceptance Rate: 52%

Rated the #1 liberal arts university in Tennessee, Sewanee enrolls approximately 1,700 undergraduates. Its highest ratings are in the categories of academics and professors. The yearly tuition rate for this university is about $29,000.

22) Ouachita Baptist University

  • Acceptance Rate: 72%

Scoring highly for academics and student life, this university is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Interestingly, this university is also rated the second-best liberal arts college in the state. To attend this university, the yearly tuition rate is about $20,000.

23) Cedarville University

  • Acceptance Rate: 65%

Cedarville ranked highly for both dorms and campus safety. A slightly larger school with 3,500 undergrads, yearly tuition is about $25,000. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 14:1, nursing and mechanical engineering are the most popular majors.

24) Hope College

  • Acceptance Rate: 80%

The yearly tuition for this college is about $28,000. Additionally, with an emphasis on community, 96% of freshmen students live on campus. Hope College is located in Holland, Michigan.

Best Christian Colleges (Continued)

25) California Baptist University

  • Acceptance Rate: 80%

With high ratings for campus food and dorms, this university is also rated #5 for best college campuses in America. At a yearly tuition of about $23,000, this institution is larger, accounting for over 8,000 undergraduate students. Additionally, 48% of students describe the general population as “friendly.”

Best Christian Colleges – In Conclusion

When it comes to selecting the right college for you, there are many factors to consider. While religion may initially influence your choice of which school to select, other factors are also important. For example, if sports, location, and class size matter, then you must carefully choose which institution feels like the best fit.

While each of these Christian colleges is rooted in their faith and core values, they vary in campus size and opportunities. Ultimately, though, each college offers a unique experience for you to grow as a person and develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Finding the right college and community for you may take some time. However, in the end, it’s best to select the college that makes you feel comfortable, welcome, and inspired. For some prospective students, choosing one of these Christian colleges is the place to do just that.

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