Disney College Program Acceptance Rate & Requirements

April 8, 2024

Disney College Program Acceptance Rate and Application Requirements

It’s no secret that internships are an important part of the college experience. From gaining practical knowledge to learning new skills in your field, internships provide a competitive edge in the job market. And what better place to take advantage of a unique internship than at Walt Disney World Resort? You may have heard of the Disney College Program (DCP) before. This exciting experience is open to college students and recent graduates looking to network, study, and work for Disney World. In this article, we will determine the Disney college program acceptance rate and better define what are the Disney college program requirements.

What are the components of the Disney College Program?

First, let’s take a look at the logistics of the Disney College Program.

Typically, this internship lasts 4-8 months. During that span, students will take residence at the Flamingo Crossings Village, a fully furnished apartment complex with useful amenities. For example, students can work out at the fitness center, use the quiet study space, and swim in resort-style pools. Plus, the Village offers bus transportation to and from the parks.

However, students should be aware they will need to pay a housing fee, upon acceptance into the program.

Once selected, students will become employees, or Cast Members, for Walt Disney World. They will have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions for the park.

Essentially, the Disney College Program looks to offer hands-on experience as well as academic instruction. For example, interns can sign up for classes with specific concentrations, like business management.

Plus, students will have a behind-the-scenes look into the park’s operations and daily responsibilities.

What are the Disney College Program requirements?

To apply for the Disney College Program, students must be 18 years old. Additionally, they must be currently enrolled in college or have graduated within 24 months of the application posting date. So, this means that recent graduates are also eligible to apply.

Applications must be eligible to work in the United States, and this includes Puerto Rico and U.S. territories.

The time commitment of this position should be noted when applying. Students must be able to work during weekends, nights, holidays, and even overtime. Adaptability is a key to the Disney College Program.

However, this can mean the schedule for interns can be overwhelming at times. Good time management is required for this position, as peak times can be demanding.

Finally, students must also be receptive to the appearance guidelines for all Cast Members. The Disney College Program requirements include that interns must adhere to certain guidelines for features like tattoos, piercings, and hair colors.

How does the program work?

So, what is the Disney college program doing to help students make the most of their experience?

The Disney College Program offers students front-line roles at their theme and water parks and resorts. For example, students can work in food service, retail, operations, recreation, entertainment, and lodging.

Students are paid for their time in the Disney college program. The starting rate for these roles is $16/hour, and interns are paid on a weekly basis.

Students will work directly with guests in customer service roles and contribute to the general operations of the parks. While working with other interns, students will develop problem-solving skills, successful communication, and maintain a safe and clean environment.

Additionally, interns learn about how to efficiently run operations on a daily basis for parkgoers. All of these skills translate well into any future career path.

What is the Disney College Program acceptance rate?

The Disney College Program is a highly sought-after and competitive program. For good reason. Not only does the position offer instant name recognition, but also the program has been in operation since 1981. This means that the Disney College Program has an extensive history and long-established standards for its members.

The Disney College Program acceptance rate is about 20%.

It’s important to note that your major will not have an effect on the chances of your acceptance into the program. However, the admissions board will check your academic records. Generally, it is advisable that students maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and are in good academic standing with their university.

Additionally, students should be prepared to hold an interview with a recruiter over the status of their application, if they are selected.

These interviews will be conducted via phone and are usually about 20-30 minutes. The purpose of this DCP interview is for the recruiter to better understand your personality and how you will be a good fit for the program.

How to prepare for the Disney College Program interview

It’s a good idea to establish your goals for making the most out of the experience with the Disney College Program. How can you make a good impression?

  • During the interview, students should elaborate on their previous work experience and potential career goals. Any relevant experience, like other jobs, internships, and even extracurriculars should be discussed.
  • Research the specific role you will take. For example, if you’d like to work in lodging, you should be familiar with the daily operations at the resort. That way, you might also better familiarize yourself with the responsibilities the role will entail.
    • You should also research what responsibilities the DCP will require overall. Chances are, you will probably be asked what you know about the program and to further explain your interest.

Interview Prep (Continued)

  • Be sure to ask any questions you have. This tip goes hand-in-hand with being prepared. Asking thoughtful questions shows that you have done your research and are genuinely interested in the job.
  • Be enthusiastic, friendly, and open. In the interview, your attitude matters. The feeling surrounding Walt Disney World is cultivated into a positive, upbeat atmosphere. Therefore, the recruiter will look for candidates who possess those qualities.

So, the Disney College Program acceptance rate solidifies it as a competitive internship. It is likely that students may have to apply more than once to earn acceptance. Using these tips for your interview can help you stand out during your chance to impress the recruiters.

Should you apply for the Disney College Program?

So, now that we know what the Disney College Program is, you may be wondering if it is a good match for you.

In short, the answer depends on both your career goals and your willingness to the demands of the internship. Especially if you are looking to find a job within the business management or hospitality fields, an internship with the Disney College Program could be extremely beneficial.

With practical experience at one of the most well-known entertainment and media companies in the world, your resume is sure to stand out from other applicants. Plus, having access to further professional development courses can help you further hone and perfect your skills.

Plus, at the Disney College Program, you will have the opportunity to connect with other interns and create lasting relationships.

One of the draws of the program is the ability to establish friendships while on the job! Plus, not only will you be able to create meaningful relationships with your peers, but also you can network with respected professionals in their field. Creating those points of contact could be critical down the line.

Should you apply for the Disney College Program? – Continued

However, it’s important to note that the Disney College Program is not like a typical 9-5 internship. Because of the nature of the park, students must be willing to take the time management apsect of this commitment very seriously. Just because it’s after 5, doesn’t mean everyone is finished for the day.

For example, parks can be open late into the night. Between special ticketed events and extended evening hours, interns must be willing to work odd and/or long hours. This type of schedule is not the best fit for everyone.

Plus, students will have to take the location into account. Unlike a local internship where students can return to their dorm after the shift, students may have to live apart from their family and friends. Because of the nature of this internship, students may not be able to see their family and friends regularly for a few months.

Application (Continued)

Students should also be aware of the Disney college program acceptance rate. Because the program is competitive, it is not a guaranteed opportunity.

Additionally, thinking about their degree requirements could be a deciding factor in determining if the DCP is right for you. For example, students will be out of school for a semester or more. While the Disney College Program can be taken for internship credit, you may have to rearrange your course schedule to keep on track for graduation.

Finally, cost may be a consideration. While the starting pay for this internship is competitive, students will also have to take other living costs into account.

What is the Disney College Program acceptance rate and Application Requirements – In review

Overall, the Disney College program is a wonderful opportunity for those who are willing to make the most of it. Yes, it can be a demanding job, but it is also a unique and worthwhile experience. The ability to work for one of the most well-known entertainment companies in the world is a chance not all students have.

While the Disney College Program acceptance rate is low, that should not scare you off if you are looking to apply. Either way, it will be good interview and application experience you can use for future opportunities.

So, while the prospect of working for Disney may feel intimidating at first, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime internship for those with the right attitude for the job!

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