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February 6, 2024

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Across most professions, experience and training are king—for good reason. Would you want to attend a cooking class led by someone who hadn’t touched a sauté pan since 1995, or see a therapist who gave up professional development ten years ago? Level of experience becomes even more critical in industries where the barrier to entry is relatively low, such as test preparation. Enter Edison Prep—a boutique test prep company whose co-founders and tutors are not only passionate educators but also possess over one hundred thousand hours of combined experience and personally take both the SAT and ACT on a yearly basis. The proof is in the pudding, as Edison Prep’s expertise and guidance directly contribute to their students’ outstanding results. Hoping to learn more? Keep reading for a full breakdown of Edison Prep’s professional tutoring experience, results, offerings, structure, and benefits.

Why should I invest in standardized test prep?

In order to fully appreciate Edison Prep’s offerings and results, it’s important to understand how standardized testing impacts one’s college application. Even with the pandemic-induced wave of test-optional policies, the SAT and ACT are still weighty factors in the admissions process. As such, the vast majority of accepted students at elite institutions submit test scores. For example, 85% of Princeton’s most recent incoming class submitted ACT or SAT scores, as did 83% of Harvard’s and 81% of Brown’s. Some universities, like Auburn, highly encourage standardized testing; less than 9% of students were admitted under a test-optional pathway last year. And many prestigious schools, such as MIT, Georgetown, the University of Georgia, and Georgia Tech, continue to require test scores for admission.

Furthermore, strong SAT/ACT scores can greatly increase a student’s probability of earning scholarships and merit aid. For example, if your PSAT score qualifies you to be a National Merit Semifinalist, your SAT score must be high enough to confirm your previous performance in order to move on to Finalist, a position where you’d have more access to scholarship opportunities. In addition, certain highly lucrative scholarships, such as the Georgia HOPE Scholarship, also have minimum SAT and ACT requirements.

In sum, it’s important to ensure that the amount of time and resources that you’re investing in each area of your college application is commensurate with its impact on your admissions prospects. Standardized testing is, without a doubt, an area in which that investment is well worth it. Whether you’re hoping to become a more competitive applicant, earn merit aid, or both, it’s Edison Prep’s mission to help you reach your objective.

Why Edison Prep?

Edison Prep’s level of experience—as test takers and as tutors—places them in a league of their own. Founded in 2010, Edison Prep is helmed by husband-and-wife duo Brian and Silvia Eufinger. The company is purposely small—just fourteen tutors—but the vast majority teach test prep full-time. As a team, they possess a whopping 120,000 hours of tutoring experience, which they put to good use by frequently strategizing with one another and sharing teaching techniques and methodologies. Moreover, Brian is a founding member and current board member of the National Test Prep Association, an organization that promotes best practices and high ethical standards in the test prep industry.

Uniquely, all tutors—including the co-founders—take the SAT and ACT on a yearly basis. Brian and Silvia practice what they preach as they place in the top 1% of test-takers every time they sit for the exams. Silvia earned a 1560 while eight months pregnant with twins, and Brian earned four single-day 36s on the ACT. Every group class is personally taught by Brian and Silvia, who are also authors of their own SAT/ACT prep book. The book is a core tool in their classes; they revise it yearly to reflect the constantly shifting testing landscape. On tap for this year’s edition? The new digital SAT.

Finally, Brian and Silvia are sought-after test prep experts at a variety of venues, from area high schools to national conferences and podcasts. They also conduct test-prep bootcamps around the Southeast, many of which are attended by out-of-state students, and run free mock exams on a near-weekly basis to help students decide which test to take. Most importantly, their commitment to quality and thorough test preparation shines through in their stellar results.

What are Edison Prep’s results?

Edison Prep is incredibly transparent about its SAT and ACT results. Accordingly, they publish all statistics regardless of starting score, number of hours tutored, class format, level of homework completion, or level of attendance. Their ACT students—who typically begin Edison Prep’s program with a top 25% score—average a 4.4-point increase, with some increasing 8-9 points. 68% of ACT-takers increase their score by more than five points and/or score above a 30. Additionally, in one recent year, Edison Prep tutored nearly half of Georgia’s perfect ACT score-earners, despite only tutoring about .5% of Georgians.

Ready for the SAT numbers? Edison Prep’s SAT students—who typically begin the program with a top 30% score—average a 121-point increase. Some increase their score by over 200 points. 45% of recent SAT-takers earned at least a 1350 and/or went up at least 160 points.

How are Edison Prep’s offerings delivered?

Group classes and private tutoring are delivered either virtually or in person at Edison Prep’s Sandy Springs, Georgia, office, making their offerings accessible to students nationwide. Both types of group classes are offered on the same schedule, and 3-4 classes are typically offered per test cycle. Classes run for 6-7 weeks. Additionally, Edison Prep offers one-day ACT bootcamps.

As for private tutoring, a variety of packages are offered. The general baseline recommendation is one weekly 2-hour session (virtual or in-person) for 2-3 months prior to an exam.

Currently, 50% of Edison Prep’s students take a group class followed by fine-tuning private tutoring. 30% enroll in the group class only, and 20% elect to do pure private tutoring.

How are group classes structured?

Brian and Silvia personally teach all group classes and constantly revise the curriculum based on yearly content shifts. Classes are intentionally crafted to not only teach students the test material but also increase their mental stamina. To enroll in an SAT class, students should have an initial score of 1010-1390. ACT students should have an initial score of 19-29. Both classes offer 18 hours of instruction, two proctored mock exams (a diagnostic and a midway mock), and weekly full-length practice exams, which are hand-graded and analyzed with feedback. They also offer access to a supplemental practice test platform. For mock and practice exams, Edison Prep only uses real tests published by the SAT or ACT— the gold standard in test preparation.

During instructional sessions, tutors engage students with two-way material and real-life examples as well as plenty of jokes and short quizzes. They aim to create a fun and productive environment that helps students build both concept mastery and confidence. Finally, classes are built backward from a student’s test date. This way, they take the exam immediately after the class concludes.

Moreover, homework is an integral part of the program and heavily influences a student’s overall results. As such, it’s a sizable hourly investment—Edison Prep students must complete at least one full practice exam every week in addition to other assignments. In total, students should expect to spend at least 4-5 hours each week taking practice exams, reviewing them, and completing assigned exercises. Edison Prep recommends viewing an SAT/ACT prep course as equivalent to a class in school, a philosophy that their most successful students wholeheartedly adopt.

How is individual tutoring structured?

Students receive a tutoring recommendation based on their personal goals and situation. This includes their starting test score, goal test score, and tutoring style preference. Students build a custom schedule of two-hour classes, optimally once a week. Most students complete approximately 18-24 hours of tutoring by the time they take the exam. Moreover, Edison Prep currently offers SAT, ACT, PSAT, and SSAT tutoring.

Edison Prep offers a variety of packages, from 12 hours to 36 hours. For example, the 12-hour package would be a good fit for a student with a high starting score who wants to pinpoint specific areas. Alternatively, 36 hours is often best for students with ambitious score goals or who are starting with a lower score.

How are Bootcamps structured?

In addition to group classes and private tutoring, Edison Prep also offers one-day ACT Bootcamps. Bootcamps are 8.5 hours long and cover the most important material of Edison Prep’s standard ACT class. A full-length graded mock exam is included. Furthermore, students should plan to take a bootcamp approximately 2-4 weeks before the official exam to allow for significant post-bootcamp homework.

Bootcamps are the best fit for students who currently have a score of 18-24. Students aiming for a higher score, particularly a 28+ on the Math section, should take the standard ACT group class.

Does Edison Prep have experience working with different types of students?

Yes. Edison Prep has worked with a wide range of students, from those who enter their program with a top 1% score and are looking to increase it even further to students who begin with an eighth percentile score. They also have experience working with students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.

How much does it cost?

Edison Prep firmly believes that SAT and ACT test preparation does not have to be overly expensive, and that group classes taught by an experienced tutor can be just as effective as private tutoring. As such, they offer a variety of highly affordable options. Their group classes cost $749 for an in-person course and $699 for a virtual course. Private tutoring ranges from $1,840 (12 hours) to $5,400 (36 hours). ACT Bootcamps are $299.

Finally, no surprise last-minute Amazon purchases will be necessary—the above prices include all books and materials.

Final Thoughts — Edison Prep

Edison Prep brings a highly effective mix of personal test-taking experience and tutoring expertise to the table, resulting in sizable score increases for their students who are willing to put in the work. Most importantly, they provide their students with the strategies, confidence, mental stamina, and encouragement they need to succeed on test day—and beyond.

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