Admissions Consulting for College Transfers

Admissions Consulting for College Transfers

Data recently released by the National Student Clearinghouse reveals that a third of first-time college students will switch institutions during their postsecondary career—for reasons that are as varied as the colleges into which they transfer. Some students decide to engage the transfer admissions process and seek admissions consulting for college transfers because they wish to enroll at a more affordable college, while others seek a more selective college or a college that offers programs and courses more appropriately aligned with their academic or career interests.

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Despite the high number of prospective transfer students, there is relatively little information about navigating college transfer admissions. Further, very few college admission consultants and private college counselors specialize in admissions consulting for college transfers and transfer students into more suitable colleges and universities. While there are some similarities between freshman and transfer admissions, the latter places more emphasis on student-institution fit. Therefore, in addition to demonstrating postsecondary achievement (through one’s college grades), transfer applicants must also be able to articulate why they wish to transfer and why they believe their colleges of interest offer a better match.

At College Transitions, our college admissions consultants and private college counselors help transfer applicants effectively communicate how their background, achievements, and interests can support the aims and offerings of their prospective transfer colleges.  In particular, College Transitions consultants provide guidance on developing a list of suitable transfer institutions, completing transfer applications, writing transfer essays, soliciting letters of recommendation, preparing for transfer admission interviews, securing financial aid for college transfer, and much more.  Over the past several years, we have helped our students transfer to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Claremont Mckenna, Georgetown, Amherst, Rice and a number of other highly competitive institutions.  For more information on how we can guide you through the transfer admission process, please contact us via phone at 706-389-9936, via email at, or fill out our free consultation request form.

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