Do I need to choose a prospective major?

  Dave Bergman   Dec 11, 2012   Application Strategies, Navigating the Admissions Process   0 Comment

It’s perfectly acceptable to be undecided about a prospective major. You’re still in high school and have yet to explore much of what this world has to offer. Further, more than half of all college students change their major at least once. So, use your freshman (and possibly) sophomore year to sample coursework, delve into the academic and extracurricular life of a college, and discover what “makes you tick.” That being said, if you have a general academic interest and are applying to an institution where entry into a particular school (within the institution) is very difficult, you should consider indicating your anticipated plans. For example, if you’re an aspiring journalist applying to Syracuse, indicate Newhouse as your school of choice; if you are intrigued by the world of business and are applying to Penn, consider choosing Wharton.


Dave Bergman
Dave has over a decade of professional experience that includes work as a teacher, high school administrator, college professor, and independent education consultant. He is a co-author of the book The Enlightened College Applicant: A New Approach to the Search and Admissions Process (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016).

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