College Confidential interviews CT’s Dave Bergman

January 13, 2019

College Confidential’s Suchi Rudra spoke with Dave Bergman for her article “You Got Into College – Should You Retake SATs to Boost Scholarship Odds?

On the subject of private scholarships, Dave explained that “you’ll be dealing with a “tight or non-existent window. The vast majority of private scholarship deadlines are in the fall, or at the latest, January. Additionally, only seven percent of the total aid awarded to college-bound students comes from private scholarships, so it may not be the best area for students to focus the bulk of their attention, especially this late in the game.”

In encouraging students to pursue additional institutional aid through retaking the SAT, Dave stated that: “For example, if a given school accepts you with an 1100 SAT and offers little aid, but then you retake the test in January and score a 1230, the school may be willing to throw more merit aid your way in an effort to encourage your enrollment…”