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March 1, 2023

college transitions reviews

We understand that when considering hiring a college counselor for your son or daughter, you want to gather as much information as possible. One valuable source can often be the honest experiences of previous clients. College Transitions is grateful to every parent and student who has taken the time to post detailed accounts of their experience working with us. We hope that these College Transitions reviews give you a better sense of what it is like to work with our company.

Parent of current Cornell University student

“I cannot recommend College Transitions enough for their exceptional assistance in making the college application process stress-free and successful. My family and I worked with Andrew Belasco, Ph.D., who was an incredible consultant. From start to finish, he was always available to answer our questions and provide insightful feedback. Andrew’s knowledge and expertise in the field of college admissions truly impressed us and made a significant impact on our daughter’s college journey.

Thanks to College Transitions and Andrew, our daughter was accepted to Cornell University. The college application process can be daunting and overwhelming, but College Transitions made it an enjoyable experience. We opted for an essay coach, which turned out to be a great decision. Our daughter was able to express herself in her own unique way, thanks to the coach’s valuable input. The result was a set of essays that perfectly showcased our daughter’s strengths and experiences, and maximized her chances of getting accepted.

Andrew’s guidance and support went beyond just the technical aspects of college applications. He provided emotional support and reassurance, which was invaluable during a time that could have been very stressful. Andrew took the time to get to know our family and our daughter, which allowed him to offer personalized advice and help us navigate the admissions process with confidence.

Overall, I cannot recommend College Transitions and Andrew enough. Their expertise, attention to detail, and personalized approach made all the difference in our daughter’s college journey. If you’re looking for a company to guide you through the college application process, look no further than College Transitions. They truly are the best in the business!”

-Steve Combs

Parent of current Ivy League student

“We retained College Transitions in 2017 to help with our daughter’s college application process. The service was invaluable. Not only was their knowledge & expertise helpful in filling out the common app, it was also helpful vis-à-vis what to expect, what admissions committees are looking for & in setting goals. Andrew was available to us throughout the process & provided timely & extremely valuable insight all along the way. We also elected to sign up for the essay writing coach, which was also invaluable. Ultimately our daughter was accepted to many schools & she ended up at an Ivy League school. I cannot say enough good things about College Transitions & Andrew & I highly recommend their service.”

-Deborah Lynne Greene

Parent of current Colgate University student

“We had the pleasure of working with CT during my daughter’s college search. As my oldest child, I was unsure what to expect. She had high expectations and goals, worked hard and we wanted to maximize her chances of getting into her dream school. Their guidance with class/club selections that maximized her interests along with their help in identifying schools, writing many essays, interview prep, etc was key in her success. She’s now a very happy deans list freshman at Colgate! Her class was the lowest acceptance rate in history and she made it. We plan on using CT for my son when it’s his time.”

– Connie Fiengo Ceconi

Parent of two current NYU students

“We used College Transitions twice for our two kids and both got into NYU. My daughter got into Tisch Film School which is highly competitive – and I know that College Transitions was integral in making this happen. Andrew was so helpful and generous with his time and Taylor was great in helping with essay writing. We HIGHLY recommend them – in fact, we recommended them to our friends whose child got into several selective schools.”

-Kristin Mickelson 

Current William & Mary Student

“I had a very positive experience with College Transitions. When I started with them in the Spring of 2021, I was a junior in high school and very overwhelmed by the college application process. From the get-go, Andrew Belasco and Michael Trivette supported all my needs, concerns, and requests. They helped me narrow down my application list, gave me lengthy and helpful descriptions of each school I applied to, and used my high school statistics to give me a general idea of what I could expect acceptance-wise for each school on my list. Andrew thoroughly looked over my Common App and gave me knowledgeable advice to help my applications look polished. When it became time for me to pick the school in which I wanted to spend my next four years, Andrew and Michael were quick to schedule a meeting with me to discuss my options. I’m so pleased to have had College Transitions as a guide throughout the strenuous college application process. Now, two years after I first reached out to Andrew Belasco and Michael Trivette, I am a happy and proud student at The College of William & Mary.”

-Emma Dunlop

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