Michael Receives AERA Grant

June 30, 2014

Trivette_2Washington, DC— The American Educational Research Association (AERA) recently awarded Michael with an Education Research Service Project (ERSP) grant for his work focusing on college access for undocumented students.  The ERSP initiative seeks to utilize the expertise of education researchers to benefit educational organizations, institutions, or other community based organizations that have expressed a need for assistance.  It is the second consecutive year in which AERA has funded the ERSP program.

As one of nine projects selected for funding in 2014, Michael’s project seeks to assist current high school counselors and undocumented students in locating postsecondary institutions that offer friendly admission policies and financial assistance.  This information will be used to help the students and faculty of Freedom University, a non-profit organization in Athens, Georgia that provides college-level coursework to undocumented students in hopes that they will enroll in accredited colleges and universities.

The ERSP, titled “A Guiding Light for Students in the Shadows: A Qualitative Project for Providing College Counseling to Undocumented Students,” is slated to run through the beginning of 2015 and results will be presented at a future AERA conference.  Click here to read the full press release from AERA, including abstracts of each ERSP.

This grant marks the second time in as many years that College Transitions has received support from AERA, following Andrew’s award in 2012.