St. Agnes Academy – Memphis

  • 4830 Walnut Grove Rd, Memphis, TN 38117



  • Tuition (9-12):
  • Enrollment (k-12):
  • Average SAT Score:
    Not Reported
  • Average ACT Score:
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College Admissions Highlights:  In the last five years, students have been admitted into the following institutions: Boston College, BU, Carnegie Mellon, Colgate, Emerson, Emory, Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins, NYU, Stanford, US Air Force Academy, US Naval Academy, University of Florida, UGA, UMich, UNC Chapel Hill, UT Austin, University of Toronto, UVA, Vanderbilt, Villanova, and Wake Forest.

Academic Highlights:  Agnes, one of the best private schools in Memphis, is an all-girls academy.  Students completed 16,700 hours of community service last year.  16 AP courses are offered.  Class of 2022 grads earned $8 million in college scholarship offers.  The GPA range is 2.72-5.33.

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