St. Mary’s Episcopal School – Memphis

  • 60 Perkins Extended Memphis, TN 38117



  • Tuition (9-12):
  • Enrollment (seniors):
  • Mid-50% SAT Score:
  • Mid-50% ACT Score:
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College Admissions Highlights:  From 2018 to 2021, the following schools matriculated at least one student: Barnard, Brandeis, Colgate, William and Mary, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, NYU, Rice, UT Austin, Tufts, US Air Force Academy, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UGA, UMiami, Notre Dame, Penn, USC, UVA, Wake Forest, WashU, Wellesley, and Yale.

Academic Highlights:  One of the best private schools in Memphis, St. Mary’s in an all-girls institution.  34 of 47 faculty members have master’s degrees and 6 have doctoral degrees.  14% of students were recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Program.  85% of AP test-takers scored a 3 or higher.  6:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

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