When are CSU Applications Due in 2023?

March 3, 2023

when are csu applications due

In the most recent cycle, the California State University system received over 180,000 freshmen applications to its 23 campuses. Additionally, they received another 92,500 transfer applications. As of 2023, there are more than a quarter of a million applying to the CSU schools every year. Next, we’ll dive in and answer the main question before us: when are CSU applications due? We’ll also look at when admissions results are released and cover a number of other deadlines associated with the CSUs such as the EOP deadline, and financial aid deadlines. Lastly, we’ll provide the answer to: when do CSU decisions come out? Let’s begin by revealing the CSU application deadline.

CSU application deadline 2023

The priority deadline for all applications for those wishing to enroll in Fall 2024 is November 30, 2023. Some campuses will continue to accept applications after this date on a space-available basis. However, it is always best to meet the priority deadline, whenever possible. This is the deadline at the following CSU campuses:

You can apply to as many campuses as you like all at once using the California State University application.

CSU Application Deadlines

Fall term is not the only time of year you can start at a CSU. Many CSU schools and majors accept applications as follows:

Term Application Period Opens Priority Deadline
Fall October 1 November 30
Summer February 1 February 28
Spring August 1 August 31
Winter June 1 June 30

CSU transfer application deadline

The deadline for transferring to a California State University school is the same as the deadline for first-year students. All fall transfers must also submit by November 30, 2023 to meet the priority deadline.

What time is the CSU application due?

All CSU applications are due before midnight/12 AM on November 30th. For those applying from outside the state of California, remember that this is 12 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you are applying from another state or country that is located in a different time zone be sure to make that adjustment.

CSU application checklist

As you get prepared to complete your California State University application, you’ll want to have the following items/pieces of information handy:

  1. Unofficial Transcripts: You need to enter all high school courses that you have completed into your application. Transfers will need to enter college courses as well. Some schools will also request that transcripts be sent to them.
  2. Social Security Number: You’ll need this for application verification purposes as well as for applying for financial aid.
  3. Citizenship Status: If you are not a US citizen, you’ll need to provide your visa info and immigration status.
  1. Annual Income: You’ll want to enter your parents’ income. You can just ask them for their annual income from last year, as listed on their taxes.
  1. California Statewide Student ID: This is optional, but if you attend a public school in CA, you should include it.
  2. Extracurricular Info: You will be asked to calculate the average number of hours per week that you participated in school activities, worked, volunteered, etc.
  3. Credit Card: Application fees are due at the time of submission so have a payment method ready to use.

When is the CSU EOP deadline?

If you are an Education Opportunity Program (EOP) applicant, the EOP portion of the application must be submitted by January 15 for Fall consideration. The Spring deadline for EOP applicants is August 31.

When is the CSU financial aid deadline?

The deadline for submitting your FAFSA and Cal Grant GPA Verification form is March 2, 2024. However, the earliest date that you can begin submitting these forms is October 1, 2023. It is always recommended to be on the earlier side of this financial aid window. For more on how to fill out your FAFSA (and why you should!), visit our blog entitled How to Apply for Financial Aid.

When do CSU decisions come out?

California State University schools have different timelines for releasing admissions decisions.  The average timeframe is 2-3 months after your application is submitted, however, some schools have firmer release dates. For example, Cal State East Bay releases admissions decisions 8-12 weeks after all application materials are received. Cal Poly SLO notifies applicants of a formal decision by April 1. San Diego State University makes all admissions decisions available in March.

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