College Admission Assistance

college admission assistanceCollege Admission Assistance. With student-to-school counselor ratios hovering near 400-to-1, an increasing number of families are seeking college admission assistance from a private college counselor or admissions consultant. Although not everyone will require outside admissions assistance, there are several groups for whom college guidance will likely prove beneficial.

Students/families seeking admission into a selective college. To earn admission at the nation’s best colleges, students must undergo a very complex, competitive, and time-consuming process. Procuring excellent grades and test scores is necessary, but no longer sufficient, to gaining entry into Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Williams, Amherst, MIT and other top-notch institutions. In addition, students must be able to demonstrate their uniqueness and authenticity, as well as their ability to make distinct contributions to a campus environment. Private college counselors and admissions consultants help students to develop and articulate a student profile that showcases academic and extracurricular strengths and that grabs the attention of a college admissions officer.

Students/families seeking to save money. Although college-costs are rising at an extraordinary rate, there are more ways, than ever before, to save money and achieve returns on one’s postsecondary investment. For example, private college counselors and admissions consultants, if competent, offer college admissions assistance that enables students to secure need-based and merit-based financial aid, shorten their time to degree, and choose institutions and majors that lead to professional and financial success—all ultimately help students (and their parents) minimize college costs and maximize postsecondary benefits.

Students with non-traditional backgrounds. Fortunately, a higher education is now accessible to students of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles. However, college success is still predicated on identifying the institutions, programs, and postsecondary opportunities that present a good fit and that accommodate one’s unique needs and interests. International students, homeschooled students, students with learning disabilities, and students with interests in specialized colleges or academic programs, for example, face some different challenges in the college search and admissions process and often benefit from the guidance of a professional who can offer admission assistance tailored to their unique circumstances.

The counselors at College Transitions, by virtue of their professional background and exclusive focus on the college admissions process, offers college admission assistance to each of the above groups, and is able to help all students make the most of their undergraduate experience. With advanced degrees in education and more than a decade of experience guiding students, College Transitions’ counselors have worked with a wide variety of families, and have guided thousands of students to—and through—good fit colleges and universities. We encourage you to contact us by phone at 706.389.9936 or by email at to learn more about how we can help you. You may also request a free consultation.

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