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Accelerated/Dual Degree Physician Assistant Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physician assistant positions are expected to grow 38% through 2022, a rate well above almost any other profession and double that of medical doctors. Traditionally, these programs take 2-3 years to complete as a graduate student but accelerated dual degree programs allow students to begin their Physician’s Assistant coursework after just three years of undergraduate coursework, shaving off a full year of study. The schools that made College Transitions’ list offer direct entry, dual-degree programs which allow for this accelerated pathway toward this rewarding and lucrative profession.

Table updated December 2023

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InstitutionInterview Required?Required GPA to AdvanceRequire GRE?Length (in years)PANCE Pass Rate (Five-Year)Notes
188526ACPHSYes3.2No697.0% seat
211088Arcadia UniversityNo3.4No697.6% Admission
190044Clarkson UniversityYes3.0No695.0% Entry
181604CSMCollege of Saint MaryYes3.0No599.2% 3.5 (Minimum); SAT/ACT 1180/24 (Minimum)
190716D'Youville UniversityYes3.0No495.2% 1152/20 (Average)
190725Daemen UniversityYes3.0No597.0% 3.5 (Minimum); 1170 SAT (Minimum)
210739DeSales UniversityYes--5100.0% 3.4 (Minimum), Highly recommend test score submission
212054Drexel UniversityYes3.5No5.2599.2%
212106Duquesne UniversityYes3.0No591.0% Admission; HSGPA 3.0 (Minimum); SAT/ACT 1170/24 (Minimum); Test-optional
160074Yes3.0No5 - 5.5100.0% 3.3 (Minimum); 1230/26 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
212601Gannon UniversityYes3.0No598.8% 3.4 (Minimum)
191649Hofstra UniversityYes3.3No5.597.4% 3.5 (Minimum); 1300/27 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
203544Kettering CollegeYes3.0*Yes599.2% 3.0 prerequisite science GPA required for entry into MPAS
213321King's CollegeYes3.2No598.6% Admission
192323Le Moyne CollegeYes3.4No5 - 695.0% entry; HSGPA 3.7 (Minimum)
213613Lock Haven UniversityYes3.2-599.0% SAT/ACT (Minimum)
239105Marquette UniversityYes3.0No5.33100.0%
213826Marywood UniversityYes3.0Yes598.4%
194091NYITNew York Institute of TechnologyYes3.0No698.80% 3.7 (Minimum); SAT/ACT 1170/24 (Minimum)
136215NSUNova Southeastern UniversityYes3.2Minimum 153 (quantitative); Minimum 4.0 (analytical writing)6.2596.0% Admission; 3.5 HSGPA (Minimum); 1220/25 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
130226Quinnipiac UniversityYes*3.2No6.2599.20% Admission; Interview is conducted as part of a class
195003RITRochester Institute of TechnologyYes3.0-597.6%
186380Rutgers University - New BrunswickYes3.2No699.0%
215743Saint Francis UniversityNo3.2No597.0%
215132SJUSaint Joseph's UniversityYes3.2-5 - 668%**New Program - Only have PANCE results from 2022
214564Yes3.7No5 - 6100.0% + 2 Program: Western New England University students (Requires 3.7 GPA to advance to professional program); 4 +2 Program: Caldwell University, Cedar Crest College, Chestnut Hill College, Immaculata University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Keystone College, Messiah University, Rosemont College (Required GPA dependant on undergraduate institution (3.5 - 3.7) )
186584Seton Hall UniversityYes3.2Yes6100.0%
215947Seton Hill UniversityYes3.2No598.4% 3.2 (Minimum); 1160/24 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
216038SRUSlippery Rock UniversityYes3.25-598.4%
167899Springfield CollegeYes3.5No696.0% 3.5 (Average)
216366Thomas Jefferson UniversityNo3.5No699.6% Admission
181738Union College (NE)Yes3.0No698.0% Status
169716University of Detroit MercyYes3.5Yes597.4% 3.5 (Minimum); 1240/26 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
150534UEUniversity of EvansvilleYes3.5No6100.0% 3.5 (Minimum); 1200/25 SAT/ACT (Minimum)
152600Valparaiso UniversityNoNoneNo596.8% Admit; HSGPA 3.3 (Minimum); Grade of C or better required for most of required undergraduate classes to progress to MSPA program
197197Wagner CollegeYes3.2-599.0%

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