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2021-22 Application Deadlines – First-Year Applicants

With many high school seniors applying to more than a handful of colleges, it is of vital importance that applicants keep track of their prospective institutions’ various deadlines. This can be more challenging than it sounds given that many schools have Early Action, Early Decision, Early Decision II, Priority, and Regular Decision deadlines. Fortunately, College Transitions has compiled all of this information in one, easy-to-navigate table. Listed below are admission deadlines for students planning to enroll in the Fall 2022 semester.

*Data collected from institutional websites in August 2021.

Table updated August 6, 2021

InstitutionEarly Action DeadlineEarly Decision DeadlineEarly Decision 2 DeadlinePriority DeadlineRegular DeadlineRolling Admissions?
188429Adelphi UniversityDecember 1
138600Agnes Scott CollegeNovember 15November 1January 15March 15
210669Allegheny CollegeDecember 1November 15February 1February 15
131159American UniversityNovember 15January 15January 15
164465Amherst CollegeNovember 1January 3
197869Appalachian State UniversityNovember 1February 1Yes
104151Arizona State UniversityNovember 1January 15
100858Auburn UniversityDecember 1February 1
143084Augustana CollegeNovember 1November 1February 1
222983Austin CollegeDecember 1November 1February 1March 1
164580Babson CollegeNovember 1November 1January 3January 3
189088Bard CollegeNovember 1November 1January 1
189097Barnard CollegeNovember 1January 1
160977Bates CollegeNovember 15January 1January 1
223232Baylor UniversityNovember 1November 1February 1February 1
219709Belmont UniversityDecember 1December 1July 1Yes
238333Beloit CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15
230816Bennington CollegeDecember 1November 15January 15February 1
164739Bentley UniversityNovember 15January 15January 15
156295Berea CollegeNovember 15March 31
196079Binghamton UniversityNovember 1January 15
211158Bloomsburg University of PennsylvaniaDecember 1Yes
164924Boston CollegeNovember 1January 1January 1
164988Boston UniversityNovember 1January 4January 4
161004Bowdoin CollegeNovember 15January 5January 5
201441Bowling Green State UniversityFebruary 1
143358Bradley UniversityNovember 1February 1Yes
165015Brandeis UniversityNovember 1January 1January 1
230038Brigham Young University-ProvoNovember 1November 1December 15
217156Brown UniversityNovember 1January 5
217165Bryant UniversityNovember 15November 1January 15February 1
211273Bryn Mawr CollegeNovember 15January 1January 15
211291Bucknell UniversityNovember 15January 15January 15
150163Butler UniversityNovember 1February 1
110529Cal Poly, PomonaNovember 30
110422Cal Poly, San Luis ObispoNovember 30
110404California Institute of TechnologyNovember 1January 3
110556California State University, FresnoNovember 30
110565California State University, FullertonNovember 30
110583California State University, Long BeachDecember 1
173258Carleton CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
211440Carnegie Mellon UniversityNovember 1January 3January 3
201645Case Western Reserve UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
131283Catholic University of AmericaNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
169248Central Michigan UniversityDecember 1
156408Centre CollegeDecember 1November 15January 15
111948Chapman UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15
231712Christopher Newport UniversityDecember 1November 15February 1
217864Citadel Military College of South CarolinaYes
112260Claremont McKenna CollegeNovember 1January 11January 11
165334Clark UniversityNovember 15November 15January 15January 15
190044Clarkson UniversityFeburary 1
217882Clemson UniversityDecember 1May 1
218724Coastal Carolina UniversityApril 1Yes
161086Colby CollegeNovember 15January 1January 1
190099Colgate UniversityNovember 15January 15January 15
217819College of CharlestonNovember 1October 15January 15
174747College of Saint BenedictNovember 15January 15
166124College of the Holy CrossNovember 15January 15January 15
231624College of William and MaryNovember 1January 1January 1
126678Colorado CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
126775Colorado School of MinesNovember 1September 15January 15
126818Colorado State UniversityDecember 1February 1Yes
190150Columbia UniversityNovember 1January 1
128902Connecticut CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
190372Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and ArtNovember 1January 5
153162Cornell CollegeMay 1
190415Cornell UniversityNovember 1January 2
181002Creighton UniversityNovember 1December 1January 10
190512CUNY Bernard M Baruch CollegeFebruary 1Yes
190594CUNY Hunter CollegeFebruary 1Yes
182670Dartmouth CollegeNovember 1January 3
198385Davidson CollegeNovember 15January 6January 11
202523Denison UniversityNovember 15January 15January 15
144740DePaul UniversityNovember 15February 1
150400DePauw UniversityDecember 1November 15January 15February 1
212009Dickinson CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
153269Drake UniversityDecember 1March 1
184348Drew UniversityDecember 1November 1January 15February 1
212054Drexel UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15
198419Duke UniversityNovember 1December 20January 4
212106Duquesne UniversityNovember 1December 1January 15Yes
150455Earlham CollegeDecember 1Yes
198464East Carolina UniversityMarch 1
133492Eckerd CollegeNovember 15Yes
198516Elon UniversityNovember 1November 1January 10
133553Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona BeachJanuary 15Yes
165662Emerson CollegeNovember 1November 1December 1January 14
139658Emory UniversityNovember 1January 1November 15January 1
129242Fairfield UniversityNovember 1November 15January 15January 15
133669Florida Atlantic UniversityApril 15Yes
433660Florida Gulf Coast UniversityNovember 1March 1
133881Florida Institute of TechnologyYes
133951Florida International UniversityApril 1Yes
134079Florida Southern CollegeNovember 1November 1December 1March 1Yes
134097Florida State UniversityNovember 1March 1Yes
191241Fordham UniversityNovember 1November 1January 1
212577Franklin and Marshall CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
441982Franklin W. Olin College of EngineeringJanuary 1
218070Furman UniversityDecember 1November 15January 15January 15
232186George Mason UniversityNovember 1February 1
131469George Washington UniversityNovember 1January 5January 5
131496Georgetown UniversityNovember 1January 10
139861Georgia CollegeOctober 15January 1February 1
139755Georgia Institute of TechnologyNovember 1January 5
139931Georgia Southern UniversityAugust 1
139940Georgia State UniversityDecember 8May 1
212674Gettysburg CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
235316Gonzaga UniversityDecember 1
162654Goucher CollegeDecember 1January 15
153384Grinnell CollegeNovember 15January 1January 15
173647Gustavus Adolphus CollegeNovember 1May 1Yes
191515Hamilton CollegeNovember 15January 5January 5
166027Harvard UniversityNovember 1January 1
115409Harvey Mudd CollegeNovember 15January 5January 5
212911Haverford CollegeNovember 15January 5January 15
107080Hendrix CollegeNovember 15February 1February 1
198695High Point UniversityNovember 15November 1February 1March 1
191630Hobart William Smith CollegesNovember 15January 15Feburary 1
191649Hofstra UniversityNovember 15December 15Yes
170301Hope CollegeNovember 1
131520Howard UniversityNovember 1November 1February 15
145725Illinois Institute of TechnologyNovember 15August 1Yes
145813Illinois State UniversityNovember 1
145646Illinois Wesleyan UniversityNovember 15December 15
151351Indiana University BloomingtonNovember 1February 1
151111Indiana University-Purdue University-IndianapolisNovember 1May 1
153603Iowa State UniversityYes
191968Ithaca CollegeDecember 1November 1February 1
232423James Madison UniversityNovember 1January 15
203368John Carroll UniversityDecember 1February 1Yes
162928Johns Hopkins UniversityNovember 1January 3January 3
213251Juniata CollegeDecember 1November 15March 15
170532Kalamazoo CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15
155399Kansas State UniversityFebruary 1Yes
203535Kenyon CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
169983Kettering UniversityNovember 15January 15
146427Knox CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15Yes
213385Lafayette CollegeNovember 15January 15
146481Lake Forest CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15February 15
239017Lawrence UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15
213543Lehigh UniversityNovember 1January 1January 1
209056Lewis & Clark CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15
159391Louisiana State UniversityDecember 15February 1
117946Loyola Marymount UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
146719Loyola University ChicagoFebruary 1Yes
163046Loyola University MarylandNovember 15January 15
173902Macalester CollegeNovember 1November 1January 1January 15
192703Manhattan CollegeMarch 1
192819Marist CollegeDecember 1December 1February 1March 1
239105Marquette UniversityDecember 1Yes
166683Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNovember 1January 6
166692Massachusetts Maritime AcademyNovember 15February 15
164270McDaniel CollegeNovember 15November 1January 15July 15
140447Mercer UniversityNovember 1April 1
213987Mercyhurst UniversityYes
166850Merrimack CollegeNovember 15November 1January 15August 1Yes
204024Miami UniversityNovember 1November 1December 1February 1
171100Michigan State UniversityNovember 1February 1
171128Michigan Technological UniversityYes
230959Middlebury CollegeNovember 15January 3January 3
214041Millersville University of PennsylvaniaFebruary 1Yes
239318Milwaukee School of EngineeringYes
176080Mississippi State UniversityJuly 1Yes
178411Missouri University of Science and TechnologyDecember 1February 1
185572Monmouth UniversityDecember 1November 15March 1
140553Morehouse CollegeNovember 1February 1
166939Mount Holyoke CollegeNovember 15January 5January 18
214175Muhlenberg CollegeNovember 15February 1February 1
262129New College of FloridaNovember 1April 1
185828New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNovember 15March 1Yes
187967New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyAugust 1Open
193900New York UniversityNovember 1January 1January 5
199193North Carolina State UniversityNovember 1January 15
167358Northeastern UniversityNovember 1November 1January 1January 1
105330Northern Arizona UniversityAugust 1Yes
147767Northwestern UniversityNovember 1January 3
204501Oberlin CollegeNovember 15January 2January 15
120254Occidental CollegeNovember 15January 10January 10
204796Ohio State UniversityNovember 1February 1
204857Ohio UniversityNovember 15February 1Yes
204909Ohio Wesleyan UniversityDecember 1November 15March 1
207388Oklahoma State UniversityFebruary 1Yes
232982Old Dominion UniversityDecember 1February 1Yes
209542Oregon State UniversityNovember 1February 1
214777Pennsylvania State University - University ParkNovember 1December 1Yes
121150Pepperdine UniversityNovember 1January 15
121257Pitzer CollegeNovember 15January 8January 8
121345Pomona CollegeNovember 15January 8January 8
186131Princeton UniversityNovember 1January 1
217402Providence CollegeNovember 15November 15January 15January 15
243780Purdue UniversityNovember 1January 15
130226Quinnipiac UniversityNovember 15November 1February 1
186201Ramapo College of New JerseyDecember 15November 1February 1
209922Reed CollegeNovember 15November 15December 20January 15
194824Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDecember 1November 1December 15February 1
217493Rhode Island School of DesignNovember 1February 1
221351Rhodes CollegeNovember 15November 1January 15January 15
227757Rice UniversityNovember 1January 4
195003Rochester Institute of TechnologyNovember 1January 1January 20
217518Roger Williams UniversityNovember 15March 1
136950Rollins CollegeNovember 15January 5February 1
152318Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyNovember 1February 1
184782Rowan UniversityJune 1Yes
186371Rutgers University-CamdenNovember 1December 1
186380Rutgers University-New BrunswickNovember 1December 1
186399Rutgers University-NewarkNovember 1December 1
130253Sacred Heart UniversityDecember 15December 1Yes
183239Saint Anselm CollegeNovember 15December 1February 1
174792Saint Johns UniversityNovember 15January 15Yes
215770Saint Joseph's UniversityNovember 15November 15January 15February 1
179159Saint Louis UniversityDecember 1Yes
152390Saint Mary's CollegeNovember 15March 15Yes
123554Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaNovember 15January 15Yes
231059Saint Michael's CollegeNovember 1Yes
163851Salisbury UniversityDecember 1November 15January 15Yes
217536Salve Regina UniversityNovember 1February 1Yes
102049Samford UniversityDecember 1Yes
122409San Diego State UniversityNovember 30
122597San Francisco State UniversityNovember 30
122755San Jose State UniversityNovember 30
122931Santa Clara UniversityNovember 1November 1January 7January 7
195304Sarah Lawrence CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
123165Scripps CollegeNovember 15January 5January 5
236595Seattle UniversityNovember 15January 15
186584Seton Hall UniversityNovember 15February 1
221519Sewanee: The University of the SouthDecember 1November 15January 15February 1
195474Siena CollegeFebruary 15December 1April 1
167783Simmons UniversityNovember 1February 1Yes
195526Skidmore CollegeNovember 15January 15February 1
167835Smith CollegeNovember 15January 1January 15
399911Soka University of AmericaNovember 1January 15
228246Southern Methodist UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
228343Southwestern UniversityDecember 1November 1February 1Yes
141060Spelman CollegeNovember 15November 1February 1
195809St John's University-New YorkDecember 1November 15February 1Yes
195216St Lawrence UniversityFebruary 1February 1
174844St Olaf CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
163976St. John's College (MD)November 15November 1January 15Yes
245652St. John's College (NM)November 15November 1January 15Yes
163912St. Mary's College of MarylandNovember 1November 1January 15Yes
243744Stanford UniversityNovember 1January 5
196176State University of New York at New PaltzNovember 15May 1
137546Stetson UniversityNovember 1November 1February 15
186867Stevens Institute of TechnologyNovember 15January 15January 15
167996Stonehill CollegeNovember 1December 1February 1February 15
196097Stony Brook UniversityJanuary 15Yes
168005Suffolk UniversityMarch 1April 1Yes
196060SUNY at AlbanyNovember 15February 1
196219SUNY at Purchase College11/15/2021 (check program)4/1/2021 (check program)Yes
196167SUNY College at GeneseoNovember 1December 1February 1Yes
196194SUNY College at OswegoNovember 15January 15Yes
196200SUNY College at PotsdamApril 30Yes
196103SUNY College of Environmental Science and ForestryFebruary 1February 1
196149SUNY CortlandNovember 15December 1Yes
196185SUNY OneontaNovember 15Yes
216278Susquehanna UniversityNovember 1November 15February 1
216287Swarthmore CollegeNovember 15January 4January 4
196413Syracuse UniversityNovember 15January 1January 1
216339Temple UniversityNovember 1February 1
228723Texas A & M University-College StationDecember 1
228875Texas Christian UniversityNovember 1November 1February 1Yes
187134The College of New JerseyNovember 1January 1April 15
206589The College of WoosterNovember 25November 1January 15March 1
180489The University of MontanaJune 30Yes
221759The University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleNovember 1December 15
228778The University of Texas at AustinNovember 1December 1
228787The University of Texas at DallasDecember 1May 1
164076Towson UniversityDecember 1January 15
157818Transylvania UniversityOctober 31March 1Yes
130590Trinity CollegeNovember 15January 14January 14
229267Trinity UniversityNovember 1November 1February 1February 1
178615Truman State UniversityYes
168148Tufts UniversityNovember 1January 4January 4
160755Tulane UniversityNovember 15November 1January 8January 15
196866Union CollegeNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
128328United States Air Force AcademyJanuary 31
130624United States Coast Guard AcademyOctober 15January 15
197027United States Merchant Marine AcademyFebruary 1
197036United States Military AcademyJanuary 31
164155United States Naval AcademyJanuary 31
196088University at BuffaloNovember 15December 15February 1Yes
100751University of AlabamaJanuary 15May 1Yes
100663University of Alabama at BirminghamJune 1
104179University of ArizonaMay 2Yes
106397University of ArkansasNovember 1August 1Yes
110635University of California, BerkeleyNovember 30
110644University of California, DavisNovember 30
110653University of California, IrvineNovember 30
110662University of California, Los AngelesNovember 30
445188University of California, MercedNovember 30
110671University of California, RiversideNovember 30
110680University of California, San DiegoNovember 30
110705University of California, Santa BarbaraNovember 30
110714University of California, Santa CruzNovember 30
132903University of Central FloridaMay 1Yes
144050University of ChicagoNovember 1November 1January 4January 4
201885University of CincinnatiDecember 1March 1Yes
126614University of Colorado BoulderNovember 15January 15
129020University of ConnecticutDecember 1January 15
224323University of DallasNovember 1January 15March 1
202480University of DaytonNovember 1February 1
130943University of DelawareNovember 1January 15
127060University of DenverNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
134130University of FloridaNovember 1
139959University of GeorgiaOctober 15January 1
225511University of HoustonNovember 8May 31
145600University of Illinois at ChicagoNovember 1February 1
145637University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNovember 1January 5
153658University of IowaMay 3Rolling
155317University of KansasNovember 1December 1
157085University of KentuckyDecember 1February 15
157289University of LouisvilleFebruary 15
161253University of MaineDecember 1March 1
232681University of Mary WashingtonNovember 15November 1February 1
163268University of Maryland, Baltimore CountyNovember 1February 1
163286University of Maryland, College ParkNovember 1January 20
166629University of Massachusetts AmherstNovember 5January 15
166638University of Massachusetts BostonNovember 1February 15
166513University of Massachusetts LowellNovember 5February 5Yes
135726University of MiamiNovember 1November 1January 1January 1
220862University of MemphisJuly 1Yes
170976University of MichiganNovember 1February 1
171137University of Michigan-DearbornDecember 1April 1Yes
174233University of Minnesota-DuluthJune 15August 1Yes
174251University of Minnesota-MorrisDecember 15Yes
174066University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesNovember 1January 1
176017University of MississippiJanuary 5Yes
178396University of Missouri-ColumbiaNovember 15Yes
181464University of Nebraska-LincolnMay 1Yes
182281University of Nevada-Las VegasNovember 15June 1
182290University of Nevada-RenoNovember 15June 1
183044University of New HampshireNovember 15February 1
187985University of New MexicoJune 1
199111University of North Carolina at AshevilleNovember 1January 15February 1
199120University of North Carolina at Chapel HillOctober 15January 15
199139University of North Carolina at CharlotteNovember 1June 1Yes
199218University of North Carolina WilmingtonNovember 1February 1
200280University of North DakotaAugust 16Yes
136172University of North FloridaJuly 1Yes
227216University of North TexasJune 1Yes
152080University of Notre DameNovember 1January 1
207500University of OklahomaNovember 1February 1
209551University of OregonNovember 1January 15
215062University of PennsylvaniaNovember 1January 5
215293University of PittsburghDecember 1Yes
209825University of PortlandNovember 15January 15Yes
236328University of Puget SoundNovember 1November 1January 15
121691University of RedlandsNovember 15November 15January 15
217484University of Rhode IslandDecember 1February 1
233374University of RichmondNovember 1November 1January 1January 1
195030University of RochesterNovember 1January 5January 5
122436University of San DiegoDecember 15
122612University of San FranciscoNovember 1November 1January 15
215929University of ScrantonNovember 15December 15Yes
218663University of South CarolinaOctober 15December 1
219471University of South DakotaFebruary 1Yes
137351University of South FloridaDecember 1April 1Yes
123961University of Southern CaliforniaDecember 1January 15
174914University of St ThomasNovember 1January 15
137847University of TampaNovember 15March 1Yes
120883University of the PacificNovember 15January 15
207971University of TulsaJanuary 15Yes
230764University of UtahDecember 1December 1April 1Yes
231174University of VermontNovember 1January 15
234076University of Virginia-Main CampusNovember 1November 1January 3
236948University of WashingtonNovember 15
240329University of Wisconsin-La CrosseFebruary 1Yes
240444University of Wisconsin-MadisonNovember 1February 1
240727University of WyomingJune 1Yes
216524Ursinus CollegeNovember 1December 1February 15February 15
152600Valparaiso UniversityNovember 1August 15Yes
221999Vanderbilt UniversityNovember 1January 1December 1January 1
197133Vassar CollegeNovember 15January 1January 1
216597Villanova UniversityNovember 1November 1January 15January 15
234030Virginia Commonwealth UniversityJanuary 15January 15Yes
234085Virginia Military InstituteNovember 15February 1
233921Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State UniversityDecember 1November 1January 15
152673Wabash CollegeDecember 1November 15January 15
199847Wake Forest UniversityNovember 15January 1November 15January 1
216667Washington & Jefferson CollegeJanuary 15December 15March 1
234207Washington and Lee UniversityNovember 1January 1December 1January 1
164216Washington CollegeDecember 1November 15February 15
236939Washington State UniversityMarch 15Yes
179867Washington University in St. LouisNovember 1January 4January 4
168218Wellesley CollegeNovember 1January 1January 8
130697Wesleyan UniversityNovember 15January 1January 1
216764West Chester University of PennsylvaniaNovember 1Yes
238032West Virginia UniversityAugust 1Yes
200004Western Carolina UniversityFebruary 1January 1Yes
237011Western Washington UniversityNovember 1November 1January 31
125727Westmont CollegeNovember 1January 15
149781Wheaton College (IL)October 15January 15Yes
168281Wheaton College (MA)November 15November 15January 15January 15
237057Whitman CollegeNovember 15January 15January 15
125763Whittier CollegeNovember 15February 1
237066Whitworth UniversityNovember 15March 1
210401Willamette UniversityNovember 15November 15January 15
168342Williams CollegeNovember 15January 10
218973Wofford CollegeNovember 15November 1January 15
168421Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNovember 1November 1January 15January 15February 15
206622Xavier UniversityDecember 1Yes
130794Yale UniversityNovember 1January 2
197708Yeshiva UniversityFebruary 1Yes
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