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Best Small Colleges for Business

Many of the world’s best undergraduate schools of business are housed within large universities. Among these institutions, undergraduate populations are usually quite high—from 10,100 at Penn to 30,300 at the University of Michigan. Those looking to study business at an elite program while simultaneously enjoying the intimate and supportive environment of a liberal arts college often have trouble locating a list of best business schools meeting this unique criteria. Finally, such a list has arrived…

The schools making College Transitions’ list of Best Small Colleges for Business Majors all have expert faculty, industry connections that open doors to desirable internships, and strong graduate outcomes. Click the links below (links coming soon) for more information about each college’s Business program. We also included the undergraduate enrollment of each school and the percentage of overall degrees conferred in business/marketing. Lastly, you will find the most current admissions-related data for each institution.

Last updated September 10, 2020

InstitutionPercent of Total DegreesUndergraduate EnrollmentAdmission RateACT Composite middle 50%SAT Math middle 50%SAT R/W middle 50%Rank Top 10%Rank Top 25%Rank Top 50%
Babson College100%2,38626%27-32650-760620-690Not ReportedNot ReportedNot Reported
Bentley College100%4,25347%27-31630-730600-68037%73%97%
Brandeis University9%3,68830%30-33690-790660-73056%83%97%
Bucknell University15%3,62734%28-32635-730620-70058%83%98%
Claremont McKenna College6%1,34310%31-34690-780670-73083%100%100%
Clarkson University10%3,09175%23-30600-690560-66037%69%94%
Dickinson College11%2,13340%28-32620-710620-70042%72%96%
Fairfield University38%4,30357%26-30600-680610-67041%73%97%
Franklin & Marshall College12%2,31530%28-32640-760610-70071%88%99%
Furman University13%2,68757%28-32610-710630-71055%75%96%
Gettysburg College9%2,37148%27-31620-700630-70060%85%99%
Kalamazoo College11%1,28676%25-31580-680590-69052%83%99%
Lake Forest College18%1,53855%23-29540-640540-64040%63%87%
Morehouse College28%2,20674%18-25500-580500-58012%36%66%
Muhlenberg College26%2,34066%26-31570-660580-68035%72%95%
Ohio Wesleyan University12%1,56167%22-28550-660530-67032%60%91%
Rhodes College16%1,97345%27-32600-730620-70052%83%99%
Rollins College31%2,13358%24-30560-660600-68022%59%89%
Skidmore College14%2,66230%28-32610-700610-70032%62%90%
Trinity University21%2,52834%29-32670-750630-71046%76%95%
University of Puget Sound12%2,29984%25-30560-680590-69030%64%91%
University of Richmond36%3,16128%30-33650-750640-71059%86%96%
University of Tulsa20%3,26936%24-31540-690550-67052%79%95%
Washington and Lee University22%1,82919%32-34690-770670-73082%96%99%
Wofford College26%1,72060%26-30590-670600-68039%70%94%

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