Class Size and Student-to-Faculty Ratio

College Transitions provides the student-to-faculty ratio and class sizes for close to 500 of the most selective postsecondary institutions in the U.S.

*Data collected from institutional Common Data Set (CDS) forms for 2020-21.

Table updated October 2021.

InstitutionStudent-to-Faculty Ratio% less than 20 students% 20-49 students% 50 or more students
Adelphi University12 to 147%52%1%
Agnes Scott College11 to 158%42%0%
Albion College12 to 171%30%0%
Alfred University11 to 167%31%2%
Allegheny College10 to 181%19%0%
American University11 to 159%40%1%AU
Amherst College7 to 180%17%2%
Appalachian State University16 to 135%57%7%App State
Arizona State University18 to 141%42%17%ASU
Assumption College13 to 140%60%0%
Auburn University20 to 135%49%16%
Augustana College11 to 166%34%0%
Austin College12 to 158%41%0%
Babson College14 to 112%88%0%
Ball State University14 to 138%55%7%
Bard College9 to 187%12%1%
Barnard College9 to 174%18%8%
Bates College10 to 165%35%0%
Baylor University15 to 152%39%9%
Belmont University14 to 153%47%0%
Beloit College10 to 176%24%0%
Bennington College8 to 189%11%0%
Bentley University11 to 119%82%0%
Berea College9 to 183%17%0%
Berry College12 to 158%42%0%
Binghamton University19 to 146%40%15%
Birmingham Southern College10 to 175%25%0%
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania18 to 125%69%7%
Boise State University18 to 144%48%9%
Boston College11 to 165%34%1%BC
Boston University10 to 156%29%15%BU
Bowdoin College8 to 178%21%1%
Bowling Green State University19 to 139%49%12%
Bradley University14 to 157%40%3%
Brandeis University10 to 155%35%10%
Brigham Young University-Provo21 to 150%37%13%BYU
Brown University6 to 170%19%11%
Bryant University13 to 124%76%0%
Bryn Mawr College8 to 175%22%3%
Bucknell University9 to 149%49%2%
Butler University12 to 145%51%4%
Cal Poly, Pomona28 to 112%70%18%
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo19 to 114%72%15%
California Institute of Technology3 to 167%25%9%Caltech
California State University, Fresno24 to 114%77%9%
California State University, Fullerton26 to 116%75%9%
California State University, Long Beach27 to 124%68%8%
Canisius College11 to 153%47%0%
Carleton College8 to 166%35%0%
Carnegie Mellon University6 to 167%21%12%CMU
Case Western Reserve University11 to 163%24%13%
Catholic University of America11 to 164%31%5%
Central Michigan University18 to 134%61%6%CMU
Centre College10 to 159%40%0%
Chapman University12 to 146%52%2%
Christopher Newport University14 to 153%43%4%
Citadel Military College of South Carolina12 to 146%54%0%
Claremont McKenna College8 to 182%18%0%CMC
Clark University9 to 159%37%3%
Clarkson University13 to 159%31%11%
Clemson University16 to 138%46%17%
Coastal Carolina University17 to 137%62%1%
Colby College10 to 168%30%2%
Colgate University9 to 167%32%2%
College of Charleston15 to 138%59%4%CofC
College of Saint Benedict12 to 145%55%0%
College of the Holy Cross10 to 152%47%1%
College of William and Mary12 to 149%43%8%
Colorado College9 to 175%25%0%CC
Colorado School of Mines17 to 131%43%26%
Colorado State University17 to 131%45%24%CSU
Columbia University6 to 183%9%9%
Connecticut College9 to 174%25%2%
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art8 to 171%27%1%
Cornell College12 to 177%23%0%
Cornell University9 to 163%24%14%
Creighton University12 to 140%56%5%
CUNY Bernard M Baruch College20 to 116%67%17%
CUNY Brooklyn College19 to 122%73%5%
CUNY City College15 to 130%60%10%
CUNY Hunter College13 to 130%61%8%
CUNY Lehman CollegeNot Reported37%60%3%
Dartmouth College7 to 163%31%6%
Davidson College9 to 172%28%0%
Denison University9 to 172%29%0%
DePaul University17 to 137%62%2%
DePauw University8 to 181%19%0%
Dickinson College9 to 179%21%0%
Drake University10 to 148%46%6%
Drew University12 to 168%32%0%
Drexel University10 to 151%40%9%
Duke University6 to 175%18%7%
Duquesne University13 to 140%52%7%
Earlham College9 to 182%16%2%
East Carolina University19 to 133%53%14%ECU
Eastern Connecticut State University14 to 145%55%0%
Eastern Kentucky University15 to 150%46%4%
Eckerd College12 to 159%41%0%
Elizabethtown College12 to 166%33%1%
Elon University13 to 151%50%0%
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University18 to 123%73%4%ERAU
Emerson College13 to 180%20%0%
Emory University9 to 157%31%13%
Endicott College13 to 168%33%0%
Fairfield University12 to 141%58%2%
Fitchburg State University14 to 155%45%0%
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University14 to 140%53%7%
Florida Atlantic University23 to 117%61%22%FAU
Florida Gulf Coast University21 to 134%59%7%FGCU
Florida Institute of Technology15 to 157%38%6%FIT
Florida International University23 to 135%50%16%FIU
Florida Southern College14 to 162%36%1%
Florida State University21 to 161%28%11%FSU
Fordham University13 to 151%48%1%
Franklin and Marshall College9 to 163%36%1%F&M
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering6 to 169%23%9%
Furman University9 to 181%19%0%
George Mason University17 to 134%53%14%GMU
George Washington University13 to 143%46%12%GWU; GW
Georgetown College12 to 173%27%0%
Georgetown University11 to 160%34%6%
Georgia College17 to 156%42%2%
Georgia Institute of Technology18 to 133%39%28%Georgia Tech
Georgia Southern University22 to 135%58%7%GSU
Georgia State University27 to 121%56%23%GSU
Gettysburg College10 to 170%29%1%
Gonzaga University11 to 137%61%2%
Goucher College9 to 176%24%0%
Grinnell College8 to 165%35%0%
Grove City College13 to 152%44%4%
Gustavus Adolphus College11 to 168%32%0%
Hamilton College9 to 176%23%0%
Hampshire College12 to 187%13%0%
Hanover College12 to 174%25%0%
Harvard University5 to 176%14%10%
Harvey Mudd College8 to 163%31%6%HMC
Haverford College9 to 177%22%1%
Hendrix College10 to 171%29%0%
High Point University17 to 143%56%1%
Hillsdale College9 to 177%22%1%
Hobart William Smith Colleges9 to 164%36%0%HWS
Hofstra University13 to 144%54%2%
Hope College11 to 157%40%2%
Howard University12 to 147%46%7%
Illinois Institute of Technology10 to 143%48%10%IIT
Illinois State University19 to 138%52%10%
Illinois Wesleyan University11 to 164%35%1%
Indiana University Bloomington16 to 147%40%12%IU; IUB
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis16 to 146%44%10%IUPUI
Iowa State University18 to 135%46%19%ISU
Ithaca College9 to 163%34%3%
James Madison University17 to 135%51%13%JMU
John Carroll University13 to 141%59%0%
Johns Hopkins University6 to 174%17%9%JHU
Juniata College13 to 170%27%3%
Kalamazoo College13 to 154%45%0%
Kansas State University18 to 149%41%10%KSU; K-STATE
Kent State University at Kent20 to 152%41%8%
Kenyon College9 to 179%21%0%
Kettering University13 to 146%54%1%
Knox College11 to 175%25%1%
La Salle University13 to 156%44%0%
Lafayette College10 to 168%32%1%
Lake Forest College12 to 156%44%0%
Lawrence University8 to 180%19%1%
Lehigh University9 to 147%45%8%
Lewis & Clark College11 to 161%38%1%
Linfield College-McMinnville Campus11 to 178%22%0%
Louisiana State University22 to 137%41%22%LSU
Loyola Marymount University10 to 150%50%1%LMU
Loyola University Chicago14 to 132%62%6%
Loyola University Maryland12 to 144%55%2%
Lycoming College11 to 178%22%0%
Macalester College10 to 169%31%0%
Manhattan College12 to 155%45%0%
Marist College16 to 144%56%0%
Marquette University13 to 148%44%8%
Marshall University18 to 150%47%4%
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts10 to 193%7%0%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology3 to 170%19%11%MIT
Massachusetts Maritime Academy14 to 137%62%1%MMA
McDaniel College13 to 162%38%0%
Mercer University14 to 154%41%6%
Mercyhurst University16 to 160%39%1%
Merrimack College17 to 128%71%1%
Messiah College13 to 151%47%2%
Miami University17 to 134%56%10%MU
Michigan State University16 to 124%50%26%MSU
Michigan Technological University13 to 150%37%13%
Middlebury College8 to 164%34%3%
Millersville University of Pennsylvania19 to 125%70%5%
Millsaps College8 to 190%10%0%
Milwaukee School of Engineering14 to 143%57%0%
Mississippi State University16 to 150%37%13%MSU
Missouri University of Science and Technology18 to 147%43%10%
Monmouth University12 to 148%52%0%
Montana State University17 to 147%41%12%
Montclair State University18 to 126%71%3%
Moravian College11 to 157%41%2%
Morehouse College12 to 152%46%2%
Mount Holyoke College9 to 176%23%1%MHC
Muhlenberg College8 to 183%17%0%
Murray State University16 to 165%33%3%
New College of Florida6 to 188%12%0%
New Jersey Institute of Technology15 to 135%63%2%NJIT
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology10 to 173%24%2%NMIT
New Mexico State University-Main Campus16 to 162%30%8%
New York Institute of Technology11 to 164%35%1%
New York University8 to 163%28%9%NYU
Niagara University11 to 159%41%0%
North Carolina State University15 to 137%45%18%NCSU; NC STATE
North Dakota State University-Main Campus16 to 134%42%24%
Northeastern University14 to 162%32%6%
Northern Arizona University22 to 122%59%19%NAU
Northern Michigan University20 to 138%54%8%
Northwestern University6 to 178%16%6%
Norwich University13 to 156%43%1%
Oakland University19 to 137%54%10%
Oberlin College9 to 182%17%1%
Occidental College8 to 169%31%0%OXY
Ohio State University19 to 130%46%24%OSU
Ohio University16 to 133%57%11%OU
Ohio Wesleyan University10 to 170%30%1%OWU
Oklahoma State University18 to 137%44%20%OSU
Old Dominion University18 to 134%57%9%
Oregon Institute of Technology15 to 154%42%4%
Oregon State University18 to 133%45%22%OSU
Pennsylvania State University - University Park14 to 134%48%18%PSU; PENN STATE
Pepperdine University13 to 165%32%3%
Pitzer College9 to 181%19%0%
Pomona College7 to 178%22%0%
Portland State University18 to 139%50%11%
Presbyterian College12 to 165%35%0%
Princeton University4 to 178%14%9%
Providence College11 to 150%48%2%
Purdue University13 to 144%38%19%
Quinnipiac University15 to 145%53%2%
Ramapo College of New Jersey16 to 140%60%0%
Randolph-Macon College11 to 163%37%0%
Reed College9 to 176%22%2%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute14 to 145%43%12%RPI
Rhode Island School of Design7 to 177%22%1%RISD
Rhodes College9 to 176%24%0%
Rice University6 to 169%23%7%
Ripon College14 to 158%39%3%
Roanoke College11 to 155%45%0%
Rochester Institute of Technology13 to 148%47%5%RIT
Roger Williams University15 to 149%50%0%
Rollins College12 to 160%39%0%
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology10 to 168%32%0%
Rowan University17 to 145%54%0%
Rutgers University-Camden15 to 136%53%11%
Rutgers University-New Brunswick16 to 139%40%21%RU
Rutgers University-Newark15 to 125%54%21%
Sacred Heart University14 to 136%62%3%
Saint Anselm College11 to 166%32%2%
Saint Johns University12 to 145%55%0%SJU
Saint Joseph's University10 to 144%56%1%SJU
Saint Louis University9 to 142%48%9%
Saint Mary's College10 to 140%52%7%
Saint Mary's College of California9 to 154%46%0%
Saint Michael's College11 to 158%42%1%
Salem State University14 to 148%52%0%
Salisbury University15 to 148%50%2%
Salve Regina University13 to 147%53%0%
Sam Houston State University23 to 130%60%11%
Samford University14 to 151%46%4%
San Diego State University25 to 126%49%25%SDSU
San Francisco State University22 to 122%67%12%SFSU
San Jose State University26 to 124%69%8%SJSU
Santa Clara University11 to 138%62%1%SCU
Sarah Lawrence College10 to 188%12%0%
Scripps College9 to 178%22%0%
Seattle University11 to 160%40%0%
Seton Hall University14 to 146%52%2%
Siena College13 to 136%64%0%
Simmons University9 to 156%43%0%
Skidmore College8 to 172%28%1%
Smith College7 to 168%29%3%
Soka University of America7 to 196%4%0%
Sonoma State University21 to 123%62%15%
South Dakota State University17 to 130%51%19%
Southern Connecticut State University12 to 156%44%1%
Southern Methodist University11 to 155%34%11%SMU
Southwestern University13 to 152%48%0%
Spelman College11 to 152%47%1%
St Bonaventure University12 to 146%54%0%
St John's University-New York16 to 137%60%2%
St Lawrence University10 to 167%32%1%
St Olaf College12 to 150%47%3%
St. John's College (MD)6 to 198%2%0%
St. John's College (NM)5 to 1100%0%0%
St. Mary's College of Maryland9 to 167%32%0%
Stanford University5 to 169%19%12%
State University of New York at New Paltz15 to 137%60%3%
Stetson University13 to 161%38%0%
Stevens Institute of Technology12 to 135%51%14%Stevens Tech
Stockton University18 to 127%71%2%
Stonehill College11 to 164%35%0%
Stony Brook University19 to 138%38%25%
Suffolk University14 to 145%54%1%
SUNY at Albany19 to 128%54%19%
SUNY at Fredonia14 to 157%40%3%
SUNY at Purchase College12 to 167%30%4%
SUNY College at Brockport16 to 139%58%3%
SUNY College at Geneseo18 to 135%58%8%
SUNY College at Oswego16 to 148%48%5%
SUNY College at Plattsburgh15 to 139%56%5%
SUNY College at Potsdam11 to 163%36%2%
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry14 to 158%34%8%
SUNY Cortland15 to 139%56%5%
SUNY Oneonta17 to 139%55%6%
Susquehanna University13 to 157%43%0%SU
Swarthmore College7 to 176%22%1%
Syracuse University15 to 154%36%10%SU
Temple University13 to 140%52%8%
Tennessee Technological University18 to 152%39%9%
Texas A & M University-College Station19 to 126%46%28%
Texas Christian University13 to 143%53%4%
Texas State University20 to 133%53%15%TCU
The College of New Jersey13 to 135%65%0%
The College of Wooster10 to 174%26%1%TCNJ
The University of Montana18 to 159%33%8%
The University of Tennessee-Chattanooga18 to 136%53%11%UTC
The University of Tennessee-Knoxville17 to 138%48%14%UTK
The University of Texas at Arlington24 to 129%41%30%UT Arlington
The University of Texas at Austin18 to 148%38%14%UT Austin
The University of Texas at Dallas23 to 123%49%28%UT Dallas
The University of the South10 to 159%41%0%Sewanee
Towson University16 to 130%67%3%
Transylvania University10 to 177%23%0%
Trinity College9 to 171%29%0%
Trinity University9 to 164%36%1%
Truman State University14 to 158%39%3%
Tufts University9 to 166%27%7%
Tulane University8 to 158%35%8%
Union College9 to 169%31%0%
United States Air Force Academy6 to 179%20%0%USAA
United States Coast Guard Academy7 to 154%46%0%USCGA
United States Merchant Marine Academy13 to 144%55%1%
United States Military Academy7 to 196%4%0%USMA
United States Naval Academy8 to 180%20%1%USNA
University at Buffalo14 to 137%44%20%
University of Akron Main Campus17 to 129%63%8%
University of Alabama20 to 136%42%22%
University of Alabama at Birmingham20 to 144%41%16%
University of Arizona15 to 136%47%17%UA
University of Arkansas19 to 147%37%17%
University of California, Berkeley19 to 155%25%21%UC Berkeley
University of California, Davis20 to 132%37%31%UC Davis
University of California, Irvine18 to 151%26%23%UC Irvine
University of California, Los Angeles18 to 148%29%23%UCLA
University of California, Merced19 to 132%40%28%UC Merced
University of California, Riverside23 to 118%49%34%UCR; UC Riverside
University of California, San Diego19 to 146%30%24%UCSD; UC San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara17 to 154%26%20%UCSSB; UC Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz25 to 121%49%30%UCSC; UC Santa Cruz
University of Central Florida31 to 129%47%25%UCF
University of Chicago5 to 179%15%6%Uchicago
University of Cincinnati19 to 139%41%20%UC
University of Colorado Boulder18 to 150%37%13%CU Boulder
University of Connecticut16 to 154%31%15%UCONN
University of Dallas12 to 161%38%2%
University of Dayton15 to 138%59%3%
University of Delaware12 to 129%53%18%
University of Denver11 to 155%39%6%
University of Florida17 to 153%38%9%UFL
University of Georgia17 to 146%43%11%UGA
University of Houston23 to 124%48%27%UH
University of Idaho16 to 165%29%7%
University of Illinois at Chicago18 to 129%50%21%UIC
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign20 to 140%40%20%UIUC
University of Iowa16 to 152%34%14%
University of Kansas17 to 161%30%10%KU
University of Kentucky16 to 140%46%14%UKY
University of Louisiana at Lafayette18 to 135%57%8%
University of Louisville14 to 142%49%9%
University of Maine16 to 141%43%16%
University of Mary Washington13 to 155%41%4%
University of Maryland, Baltimore County17 to 136%50%14%UMC
University of Maryland, College Park17 to 145%37%18%UMD
University of Massachusetts Amherst17 to 147%34%19%UMass Amherst
University of Massachusetts Boston17 to 134%59%8%UMass Boston
University of Massachusetts Lowell19 to 131%58%11%UMass Lowell
University of Memphis16 to 148%45%8%
University of Miami12 to 153%39%8%UM
University of Michigan14 to 157%25%17%UMich
University of Michigan-Dearborn16 to 141%53%6%
University of Minnesota-Duluth17 to 137%50%13%
University of Minnesota-Morris11 to 174%26%1%UMM
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities17 to 136%44%20%UMN
University of Mississippi16 to 157%32%11%Ole Miss
University of Missouri-Columbia18 to 146%39%15%Mizzou
University of Nebraska-Lincoln16 to 135%47%18%UNL
University of Nevada-Las Vegas19 to 138%49%13%UNLV
University of Nevada-Reno17 to 148%36%16%UNR
University of New Hampshire16 to 137%47%16%UNH
University of New Mexico11 to 149%41%10%UNM
University of North Carolina at Asheville13 to 155%44%1%UNC Asheville; UNCA
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill15 to 146%41%12%UNC Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Charlotte20 to 125%50%25%UNCC: UNC Charlotte
University of North Carolina at Greensboro16 to 139%48%13%UNCG; UNC Greensboro
University of North Carolina Wilmington17 to 146%47%7%UNCW; UNC Wilmington
University of North Dakota17 to 139%47%14%UND
University of North Florida19 to 127%60%13%UNF
University of North Georgia19 to 140%58%2%UNG
University of North Texas26 to 131%50%19%UNT
University of Northern Colorado17 to 148%46%6%UNC
University of Northern Iowa17 to 144%51%4%
University of Notre Dame8 to 159%30%11%UND
University of Oklahoma17 to 148%43%10%OU
University of Oregon17 to 137%42%21%UO
University of Pennsylvania6 to 170%22%9%UPenn
University of Pittsburgh14 to 143%40%17%
University of Portland11 to 148%50%2%
University of Puget Sound9 to 170%30%0%
University of Redlands12 to 168%32%0%
University of Rhode Island17 to 142%48%10%URI
University of Richmond8 to 173%27%0%
University of Rochester9 to 179%14%8%URI
University of San Diego12 to 142%58%0%USD
University of San Francisco12 to 146%53%1%USF
University of Scranton12 to 167%33%0%
University of South Carolina18 to 144%43%13%USC
University of South Dakota16 to 152%42%6%USD
University of South Florida22 to 146%41%13%USF
University of Southern California9 to 163%25%12%USC
University of St Thomas14 to 134%65%1%
University of Tampa17 to 136%61%3%
University of the Pacific14 to 144%49%7%
University of Toledo21 to 142%46%12%
University of Tulsa10 to 156%41%3%
University of Utah17 to 146%38%16%
University of Vermont18 to 145%39%16%UVM
University of Virginia-Main Campus14 to 152%33%15%UVA
University of Washington20 to 128%46%26%UW
University of Washington-Bothell Campus20 to 120%77%3%UW Bothell
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire21 to 127%62%11%
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse19 to 127%61%12%
University of Wisconsin-Madison17 to 147%30%24%UW; UW Madison
University of Wyoming14 to 146%44%11%
Ursinus College11 to 168%32%0%
Valparaiso University11 to 162%31%6%
Vanderbilt University8 to 157%31%13%Vandy
Vassar College8 to 168%31%0%
Villanova University11 to 143%54%3%
Virginia Commonwealth University18 to 142%42%15%VCU
Virginia Military Institute10 to 183%17%0%VMI
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University14 to 128%47%24%Virginia Tech
Wabash College10 to 174%25%1%
Wagner College10 to 167%31%2%
Wake Forest University11 to 150%49%1%WFU
Warren Wilson College9 to 185%15%0%
Washington & Jefferson College11 to 181%20%0%
Washington and Lee University8 to 178%22%0%WLU
Washington College9 to 179%21%0%
Washington State University16 to 134%47%19%WSU
Washington University in St. Louis7 to 167%25%8%WashU
Wayne State University16 to 127%60%14%
Wellesley College7 to 171%29%0%
Wentworth Institute of Technology16 to 154%45%1%
Wesleyan University8 to 174%23%3%
West Chester University of Pennsylvania20 to 122%72%6%
West Virginia University18 to 138%45%17%WVU
Western Carolina University17 to 129%68%4%WCU
Western Michigan University18 to 144%47%10%WMU
Western Washington University18 to 145%44%12%
Westmont College11 to 168%31%1%
Wheaton College (IL)10 to 168%32%1%
Wheaton College (MA)12 to 158%40%2%
Whitman College8 to 176%24%0%
Whittier College12 to 151%48%1%
Whitworth University12 to 155%43%2%
Wichita State University18 to 146%46%8%
Widener University13 to 164%35%2%
Willamette University10 to 177%24%0%
Williams College6 to 184%15%1%
Winthrop University12 to 158%42%1%
Wofford College12 to 158%42%0%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute13 to 164%26%9%WPI
Xavier University12 to 140%59%1%
Yale University4 to 177%15%8%
Yeshiva University7 to 164%35%1%
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