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College Rankings

The modern human brain craves the simplicity of a ranking system, particularly when it comes to selecting one college from an ocean of thousands. Seeing that one school comes in 21st and another 37th convinces many readers that the higher-ranked school is a superior institution. Unfortunately, this is flawed thinking on a number of levels, the first of which is that the algorithms that drive any rankings system are inherently imperfect and also, ultimately, no matter one’s best intentions—somewhat arbitrary. However, if you view a number of reputable ranking models side-by-side, a more useful picture starts to emerge. Many publications consider different factors when ranking colleges and weight those factors in varying ways. On this page, you can view how almost 400 of the top colleges in the United States fared across five of the most influential publications that issue annual postsecondary rankings.

For more on how each of those rankings were calculated, see the formulas below:

Forbes Ranking

A college’s ranking by Forbes, which is determined via the following formula: salary (20 percent), debt (20 percent), student experience (20 percent), American leaders list (15 percent), academic success (12.5 percent), and graduation rate (12.5 percent).

Money Ranking

A college’s ranking by Money, which is determined via the following formula: six-year graduation rate (30 percent), value-added graduation rate (30 percent), peer quality (10 percent), instructor quality (10 percent), financial troubles (15 percent), and Pell Grant recipient outcomes (5 percent).

US News & World Report Ranking

A college’s ranking by US News & World Report (US News), which is determined via the following formula: outcomes (35 percent), faculty resources (20 percent), expert opinion (20 percent), financial resources (10 percent), student excellence (10 percent), and alumni giving (5 percent).

Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Ranking

A college’s ranking by The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education (THE), which is determined via the following formula: resources (30 percent), engagement (20 percent), outcomes (40 percent), and environment (10 percent).

Washington Monthly Ranking

A college’s ranking by Washington Monthly, which is determined via the following formula: social mobility (33.3 percent), research (33.3 percent), and community and national service (33.3 percent).

InstitutionForbesMoneyUS NewsWall Street Journal/THEWashington Monthly
Harvard University1142 (National)12 (National)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology473 (National)23 (National)
Yale University3173 (National)34 (National)
University of Pennsylvania6326 (National)46 (National)
Princeton University531 (National)58 (National)
California Institute of Technology81612 (National)573 (National)
Stanford University266 (National)71 (National)
Brown University77214 (National)728 (National)
Cornell University119117 (National)925 (National)
Dartmouth College109512 (National)1034 (National)
Northwestern University17629 (National)1132 (National)
Duke University91910 (National)125 (National)
Johns Hopkins University2212510 (National)1256 (National)
University of Chicago16776 (National)1437 (National)
Columbia University14813 (National)1513 (National)
Rice University212417 (National)16101 (National)
Vanderbilt University271515 (National)1744 (National)
University of Southern California3013122 (National)1864 (National)
Washington University in St. Louis318219 (National)1959 (National)
Amherst College28652 (Liberal Arts)203 (Liberal Arts)
Williams College19391 (Liberal Arts)2112 (Liberal Arts)
Emory University5512721 (National)2283 (National)
Pomona College12605 (Liberal Arts)238 (Liberal Arts)
Wellesley College44893 (Liberal Arts)2416 (Liberal Arts)
University of California, Los Angeles38420 (National)2512 (National)
Carnegie Mellon University3712025 (National)2589 (National)
University of Michigan20825 (National)2726 (National)
Swarthmore College25373 (Liberal Arts)2815 (Liberal Arts)
Georgetown University156124 (National)299 (National)
Tufts University349029 (National)3050 (National)
New York University3520629 (National)31107 (National)
University of Notre Dame183015 (National)3230 (National)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill455229 (National)3322 (National)
University of California, Berkeley131122 (National)3420 (National)
Middlebury College361867 (Liberal Arts)356 (Liberal Arts)
University of California, Davis88539 (National)3611 (National)
University of California, San Diego79937 (National)377 (National)
Claremont McKenna College291017 (Liberal Arts)3810 (Liberal Arts)
Haverford College4912611 (Liberal Arts)3911 (Liberal Arts)
Carleton College522677 (Liberal Arts)4024 (National)
Smith College8120611 (Liberal Arts)4128 (Liberal Arts)
University of Washington – Seattle642262 (National)4219 (National)
Wesleyan University4014017 (Liberal Arts)439 (Liberal Arts)
Bowdoin College26826 (Liberal Arts)445 (Liberal Arts)
Boston University7420940 (National)44126 (National)
Purdue University – West Lafayette1185557 (National)4641 (National)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign682048 (National)4717 (National)
Colgate University465417 (Liberal Arts)4818 (Liberal Arts)
University of Miami9037857 (National)49222 (National)
University of Virginia331028 (National)5052 (National)
Barnard College509425 (Liberal Arts)5120 (Liberal Arts)
Case Western Reserve University10032040 (National)52155 (National)
Bryn Mawr College11137027 (Liberal Arts)5314 (Liberal Arts)
Davidson College488717 (Liberal Arts)5425 (National)
Lehigh University6711150 (National)5571 (National)
Vassar College6113414 (Liberal Arts)567 (Liberal Arts)
Grinnell College8020514 (Liberal Arts)5721 (Liberal Arts)
University of Rochester8219429 (National)5843 (National)
United States Military Academy32Unranked21 (Liberal Arts)58Unranked
Boston College417937 (National)5967 (National)
Hamilton College5917714 (Liberal Arts)5919 (Liberal Arts)
University of Texas at Austin, The762848 (National)6161 (National)
Mount Holyoke College13723432 (Liberal Arts)6138 (Liberal Arts)
University of Florida702134 (National)6316 (National)
Bates College393821 (Liberal Arts)6317 (Liberal Arts)
Scripps College6030833 (Liberal Arts)6597 (Liberal Arts)
University of Richmond8311323 (Liberal Arts)6632 (Liberal Arts)
University of Wisconsin – Madison694646 (National)6723 (National)
Georgia Institute of Technology652729 (National)6848 (National)
Wake Forest University569827 (National)6891 (National)
Washington & Lee University422610 (Liberal Arts)701 (Liberal Arts)
University of California, Santa Barbara843034 (National)7121 (National)
Colby College7512411 (Liberal Arts)7137 (Lbieral Arts)
George Washington University7823570 (National)7254 (National)
University of California, Irvine87136 (National)7318 (Naitonal)
Bucknell University7318535 (Liberal Arts)7444 (Liberal Arts)
University of Maryland, College Park634364 (National)7545 (National)
Reed College10566568 (Liberal Arts)7540 (Liberal Arts)
Pitzer College5452235 (Liberal Arts)77109 (Liberal Arts)
Texas A&M University – College Station1031870 (National)7810 (National)
College of William & Mary474540 (National)79109 (National)
United States Naval Academy24Unranked17 (Liberal Arts)80Unranked
Michigan State University1595984 (National)8138 (National)
University of Illinois at Chicago27973132 (National)8131 (National)
Macalester College8637125 (Liberal Arts)8336 (Liberal Arts)
Southern Methodist University9135764 (National)84308 (National)
Tulane University10639040 (National)84343 (National)
Ohio State University – Columbus12115254 (National)8695 (National)
Lafayette College576739 (Liberal Arts)8726 (National)
Santa Clara University5114454 (National)87137 (National)
Trinity College (CT)10916346 (Liberal Arts)8723 (Liberal Arts)
Loyola Marymount University12432264 (National)90258 (National)
Franklin & Marshall College11416638 (Liberal Arts)9127 (Liberal Arts)
Kenyon College7124827 (Liberal Arts)9147 (Liberal Arts)
Northeastern University18213540 (National)93141 (National)
Skidmore College10116739 (Liberal Arts)9383 (Liberal Arts)
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities988470 (National)9577 (National)
University of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Campus14429457 (National)96174 (National)
Drexel University22638297 (National)96156 (National)
Oberlin College8553933 (Liberal Arts)96101 (Liberal Arts)
Occidental College10225139 (Liberal Arts)9962 (Liberal Arts)
Dickinson College12023046 (Liberal Arts)10049 (Liberal Arts)
Gettysburg College13819753 (Liberal Arts)10154 (Liberal Arts)
Whitman College8954546 (Liberal Arts)10190 (Liberal Arts)
Connecticut College12817446 (Liberal Arts)10335 (Liberal Arts)
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology110336Unranked103Unranked
North Carolina State University1394084 (National)10474 (National)
Virginia Tech1083474 (National)10542 (National)
University of Connecticut1304264 (National)10562 (National)
Stony Brook University1764791 (National)105100 (National)
Pennsylvania State University – University Park11729157 (National)105120 (National)
Brandeis University9615340 (National)109106 (National)
University at Buffalo (SUNY)1969979 (National)110114 (National)
Trinity University1431541 (Regional - West)1117 (Master's)
Colorado College9234527 (Liberal Arts)11166 (Liberal Arts)
Seattle University162281139 (National)113287 (National)
University of the Pacific238408125 (National)113131 (National)
Union College1045845 (Liberal Arts)11541 (Liberal Arts)
DePauw University13241546 (Liberal Arts)11664 (Liberal Arts)
Denison University15316243 (Liberal Arts)11768 (Liberal Arts)
Howard University388600104 (National)117102 (National)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute9314864 (National)119116 (National)
Babson College62151Unranked120Unranked
Saint Louis University16124997 (National)121259 (National)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute11321750 (National)12278 (National)
Indiana University – Bloomington1319779 (National)12347 (National)
Syracuse University15620854 (National)12333 (National)
College of the Holy Cross774327 (Liberal Arts)12513 (Liberal Arts)
University of Utah187225104 (National)12663 (National)
Simmons University350129125 (National)127218 (National)
Creighton University194396104 (National)127299 (National)
Villanova University7217946 (National)12987 (National)
Rutgers University1235062 (National)13040 (National)
American University12645677 (National)131255 (National)
University of Denver14054197 (National)131228 (National)
Wheaton College (MA)26432582 (Liberal Arts)133102 (Liberal Arts)
Bentley University107882 (Regional - North)13430 (Master's)
Rhodes College15028253 (Liberal Arts)134171 (Liberal Arts)
Illinois Wesleyan University23333480 (Liberal Arts)13569 (Liberal Arts)
University of Arizona218170117 (National)13692 (National)
Illinois Institute of Technology208213117 (National)13760 (National)
Pepperdine University12924450 (National)137203 (National)
Yeshiva University9720197 (National)140169 (National)
Sewanee – The University of the South15338843 (Liberal Arts)14199 (Liberal Arts)
Willamette University21352368 (Liberal Arts)14145 (Liberal Arts)
Brigham Young University9514777 (National)14315 (National)
Hobart and William Smith Colleges19015772 (Liberal Arts)14346 (Liberal Arts)
Elon University13331984 (National)143282 (National)
The College of Wooster25055466 (Liberal Arts)14396 (Liberal Arts)
University of Georgia9911950 (National)14799 (National)
University of Delaware1476991 (National)14888 (National)
Furman University12743646 (Liberal Arts)14889 (Liberal Arts)
University of Iowa16011784 (National)15085 (National)
University of San Diego14235491 (National)150151 (National)
Spelman College46843557 (Liberal Arts)15092 (Liberal Arts)
Binghamton University1453379 (National)15390 (National)
Catholic University283638139 (National)153349 (National)
Berea College46417546 (Liberal Arts)1554 (Liberal Arts)
Rochester Institute of Technology337369104 (National)155219 (National)
University of Puget Sound17359289 (Liberal Arts)156118 (Liberal Arts)
Sarah Lawrence College15754468 (Liberal Arts)157140 (Liberal Arts)
University of Colorado Boulder146352104 (National)158150 (National)
Chapman University178533121 (National)158381 (National)
University of Massachusetts Amherst15510964 (National)160128 (National)
Allegheny College35120382 (Liberal Arts)16039 (Liberal Arts)
Stevens Institute of Technology15221274 (National)160201 (National)
University of San Francisco21021897 (National)164149 (National)
Marquette University18018484 (National)165177 (National)
Texas Christian University14837297 (National)165307 (National)
Muhlenberg College17928472 (Liberal Arts)16778 (Liberal Arts)
Baylor University20251579 (National)167331 (National)
Colorado School of Mines9412184 (National169117 (National)
Samford University169553147 (National)170277 (National)
Ursinus College29626182 (Liberal Arts)17276 (Liberal Arts)
Loyola University Chicago248394104 (National)172213 (National)
Butler University2165261 (Regional - Midwest)172207 (Master's)
Virginia Military Institute2054972 (Liberal Arts)17622 (Liberal Arts)
St. Olaf College11613362 (Liberal Arts)17660 (Liberal Arts)
Washington State University231138166 (National)17629 (National)
Fordham University14137674 (National)176301 (National)
Wheaton College (IL)12219258 (Liberal Arts)18180 (Liberal Arts)
Kalamazoo College16428472 (Liberal Arts)18148 (Liberal Arts)
George Mason University17764153 (National)18451 (National)
Temple University299211104 (National)185132 (National)
Ohio Wesleyan University46247792 (Liberal Arts)185148 (Liberal Arts)
St. Lawrence University15810658 (Liberal Arts)18779 (Liberal Arts)
Clemson University1347870 (National)188179 (National)
University of California, Riverside1991291 (National)18927 (National)
Lawrence University19318358 (Liberal Arts)189107 (Liberal Arts)
Westmont College236454117 (Liberal Arts)189138 (Liberal Arts)
Gustavus Adolphus College21416789 (Liberal Arts)19251 (Liberal Arts)
California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo115754 (Regional - West)19323 (Master's)
University of Tulsa197563121 (National)195383 (National)
SUNY, University at Albany29085147 (National)19636 (National)
Bradley University3042414 (Regional-Midwest)19798 (Master's)
Fairfield University1351393 (Regional - North)19925 (Master's)
Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology245175179 (National)19970 (National)
Wofford College17133872 (Liberal Arts)19956 (Liberal Arts)
Juniata College26911482 (Liberal Arts)20072 (Liberal Arts)
Lake Forest College41513292 (Liberal Arts)20352 (Liberal Arts)
Clark University20625991 (National)203170 (National)
City College (CUNY)411115228 (National)205148 (National)
Clarkson University207165117 (National)20597 (National)
University of Oklahoma188432132 (National)205108 (National)
Florida State University15110257 (National)20881 (National)
Hunter College (CUNY)30112823 (Regional - North)20846 (Master's)
Drake University192210125 (National)208157 (National)
University of Portland1252192 (Regional - West)20864 (Master's)
Bryant University2032387 (Regional - North)208159 (Master's)
Adelphi University353292166 (National)208231 (National)
Loyola University Maryland2483034 (Regional - North)20821 (Master's)
Susquehanna University453412117 (Liberal Arts)20863 (Liberal Arts)
Washington & Jefferson College43747992 (Liberal Arts)20894 (Liberal Arts)
Drew University356599117 (Liberal Arts)21785 (Liberal Arts)
Southwestern University31542592 (Liberal Arts)21874 (Liberal Arts)
Miami University18534191 (National)219227 (National)
Knox College33132266 (Liberal Arts)22042 (Liberal Arts)
Stonehill College227230124 (Liberal Arts)22165 (National)
DePaul University244640121 (National)221278 (National)
Arizona State University186247117 (National)22446 (National)
Centre College20939953 (Liberal Arts)224103 (Liberal Arts)
Beloit College25744182 (Liberal Arts)22434 (Liberal Arts)
Hofstra University292609162 (National)228379 (National)
Providence College1722161 (Regional - North)22934 (Master's)
Gonzaga University17023379 (National)229211 (National)
Embry Riddle University256Unranked11 (Regional - South)22951 (Master's)
Baruch College (CUNY)174216 (Regional - North)23228 (Master's)
University of Scranton2512966 (Regional - North)232100 (Master's)
Ithaca College2433678 (Regional - North)23492 (Master's)
Lewis & Clark College18458572 (Liberal Arts)234232 (National)
University of Kansas260437130 (National)238183 (National)
University of Oregon191361104 (National)239159 (National)
College of St. Benedict25311682 (Liberal Arts)24229 Liberal Arts)
University of Dayton165382132 (National)242204 (National)
Cornell College43659168 (Liberal Arts)24233 (Liberal Arts)
New Jersey Institute of Technology26814397 (National)245172 (National)
St. Joseph's University16723010 (Regional - North)245402 (Master's)
University of Wyoming347331228 (National)24575 (National)
Florida Institute of Technology372Unranked202 (National)245332 (National)
Auburn University166359104 (National)249207 (National)
University of California, Santa Cruz18310384 (National)25186 (National)
Saiint John's University25415892 (Liberal Arts)25350 (Liberal Arts)
Albion College424Unranked140 (Liberal Arts)253108 (Liberal Arts)
University of Hawaii at Manoa385461166 (National)260175 (National)
Hope College247274105 (Liberal Arts)261129 (Liberal Arts)
Quinnipiac University215446153 (National)261283 (National)
Bard College23047662 (Liberal Arts)264110 (Liberal Arts)
Rollins College2416791 (Regional - South)26479 (Master's)
College of New Jersey, The149484 (Regional - North)26614 (Master's)
Manhattan College20015515 (Regional - North)26627 (Master's)
Earlham College32165080 (Liberal Arts)269128 (Liberal Arts)
San Diego State University18174147 (National)270144 (National)
University of Tennessee224406104 (National)270138 (National)
Hampshire College373UnrankedUnranked270119 (Liberal Arts)
Duquesne University294222132 (National)273164 (National)
Whittier College429397105 (Liberal Arts)27581 (Liberal Arts)
University of South Florida228191104 (National)27684 (National)
University of Nevada-Reno349520240 (National)27696 (National)
James Madison University136573 (Regional - South)2794 (Master's)
Augustana College (IL)38622592 (Liberal Arts)279104 (Liberal Arts)
Austin College348507117 (Liberal Arts)282153 (Liberal Arts)
University of Vermont168172121 (Naitonal Universities)283130 (National)
University of Maryland, Baltimore County262366166 (National)283193 (National)
San Jose State University29510424 (Regional - West)28767 (Master's)
Iowa State University211108121 (National)28765 (National)
Oregon State University261304139 (National)292160 (National)
Siena College28512216 (Regional - North)29591 (Master's)
Louisiana State University212316153 (National)295113 (National)
SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry21771121 (National)299329 (National)
Wayne State University601539246 (National)299330 (National)
University of St. Thomas (MN)198274139 (National)303171 (National)
Xavier University3256255 (Regional - Midwest)304391 (Master's)
University of Central Florida242244166 (National)31155 (National)
University of Texas at Dallas240271147 (National)311289 (National)
University of Mississippi401524162 (National)311273 (National)
California State Univesrsity.- Long Beach2721320 (Regional - West)31924 (Master's)
University of Kentucky308551132 (National)323192 (National)
University of Cincinnati313648139 (National)328313 (National)
Seton Hall University249297139 (National)332238 (National)
Eckerd College430719140 (Liberal Arts)332198 (Liberal Arts)
University of Missouri, Kansas CityUnrankedUnranked263 (National)332336 (National)
SUNY, New Paltz35415928 (Regional - North)33757 (Master's)
University of Minnesota, Morris375467148 (Liberal Arts)33758 (Liberal Arts)
Canisius College45834619 (Regional - North)343119 (Master's)
University of Redlands27525916 (Regional - West)34840 (Master's)
University of South Carolina201451104 (National)348229 (National)
University of Missouri, Columbia219469139 (National)348112 (National)
Ohio University438729185 (National)354275 (National)
California State University - Fresno41751211 (National)35624 (National)
Calvin College2664813 (Regional - Midwest)35981 (Master's)
University of Houston306236185 (National)364240 (National)
Loyola University New Orleans479Unranked197 (National)364325 (National)
Oklahoma State University358293192 (National)373153 (National)
University of Louisville431606192 (National)373162 (National)
Brooklyn College (CUNY)3623559 (Regional - North)37578 (Master's)
Florida International University364136218 (National)37572 (National)
The Citadel220922 (Regional - South)37729 (Master's)
Transylvania University30758572 (Liberal Arts)38186 (Liberal Arts)
Indiana University - Purdue U. Inidinapolis578Unranked228 (National)381163 (National)
California State Polytechnic U. - Pomona2734114 (Regional - West)38983 (Master's)
Wittenberg University470304160 (Liberal Arts)389115 (Liberal Arts)
Virginia Commonwealth University345605162 (National)391187 (National)
Towson University320107197 (National)39458 (National)
Hendrix College33960392 (Liberal Arts)396175 (Liberal Arts)
California State University - Fullerton3002217 (Regional - West)401-50042 (Master's)
San Francisco State University42614431 (Regional - West)401-50095 (Master's)
Marist College18918910 (Regional - North)401-500240 (Master's)
Western Washington University25821317 (Regional - West)401-50022 (Master's)
Milwaukee School of Engineering3262218 (Regional - Midwest)401-50082 (Master's)
University of Rhode Island444265166 (National)401-500167 (National)
Colorado State University223278166 (National)401-50098 (National)
Messiah College29128416 (Regional Universities)401-50085 (Master's)
Texas Tech University311302218 (National)401-500197 (National)
Kansas State University366308162 (National)401-500235 (National)
Saint Michael's College282351124 (Liberal Arts)401-500155 (Liberal Arts)
University of Nebraska-Lincoln239393139 (National)401-500140 (National)
Florida Atlantic University482404281 (National)401-50093 (National)
St. John's University407427179 (National)401-500272 (National)
Mississippi State University432445211 (National)401-500254 (National)
West Virginia University454493228 (National)401-500181 (National)
University of Arkansas271501153 (National)401-500295 (National)
University of North Texas507528281 (National)401-500143 (National)
University of Dallas2785677 (Regional - West)401-500242 (Master's)
University of Alabama252620153 (National)401-500344 (National)
Morehouse College645692154 (Liberal Arts)401-500199 (Liberal Arts)
Belmont University318718166 (National)401-500340 (National)
Kettering University329Unranked13 (Regional - Midwest)401-50090 (Master's)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas548Unranked293-381 (National)401-500196 (National)
University of New Mexico567Unranked218 (National)401-500139 (National)
Ramapo College of New Jersey34110432 (Regional - North)501-600237 (Master's)
University of New Hampshire246117125 (National)501-600134 (National)
SUNY College-Oneonta45022452 (Regional - North)501-600105 (Master's)
Truman State University2322407 (Regional - Midwest)501-60010 (Master's)
SUNY, Geneseo23525714 (Regional - North)501-6002 (Master's)
University of Mary Washington20426616 (Regional - South)501-60032 (Master's)
SUNY, OswegoUnranked29552 (Regional - North)501-60069 (Master's)
East Carolina University473380228 (National)501-600104 (National)
Wentworth Institute of Technology35543246 (Regional - North)501-600431 (Master's)
Old Dominion University523500263 (National)501-600129 (National)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro559509272 (National)501-60069 (National)
University of North Carolina at Charlotte485510228 (National)501-600119 (National)
Hood College54353148 (Regional - North)501-60058 (Master's)
University of North Carolina at Asheville494537148 (Liberal Arts)501-600135 (Liberal Arts)
Emerson College2225608 (Regional - North)501-600321 (Master's)
College of Charleston3236578 (Regional - South)501-600302 (Master's)
Georgia State University513664211 (National)501-600147 (National)
High Point University4287351 (Regional Colleges - South)501-600394 (National)
Alfred University580Unranked38 (Regional - North)501-60036 (Master's)
Georgetown College599Unranked157 (Liberal Arts)501-600139 (Liberal Arts)
University of Memphis640Unranked272 (National)501-600251 (National)
New Mexico State University646Unranked263 (National501-600Unranked
West Chester University of Pennsylvania41817955 (Regional - North)601+139 (Master's)
Appalachian State University3052706 (Regional - South)601+74 (Master's)
Louisiana Tech University397365272 (National)601+317 (National)
University of Maine509447202 (National)601+146 (National)
Ball State University487460185 (National)601+165 (National)
SUNY, Purchase CollegeUnranked473164-215 (Liberal Arts)601+131 (Liberal Arts)
Christopher Newport University2674866 (Regional - South)601+267 (Master's)
University of North Carolina at Wilmington336486185 (National)601+244 (National)
Montana State University427534246 (National)601+158 (National)
Georgia College36062620 (Regional - South)601+214 (Master's)
University of Montana610677254 (National)601+205 (National)
Bowling Green State University591701246 (National)601+210 (National)
Kent State University630732211 (National)601+314 (National)
Georgia Southern University562Unranked293-381 (National)601+292 (National)
Boise State University569Unranked293-381 (National601+374 (National)
Kennesaw State UniversityUnrankedUnranked293-381 (National)601+280 (National)
University of Tennessee--ChattanoogaUnrankedUnranked293-381 (National)601+261 (National)
Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art58661 (Regional Colleges - North)Unranked1 (Bachelor's)
Harvey Mudd College2313623 (Liberal Arts)Unranked2 (Liberal Arts)
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame288149102 (Liberal Arts)Unranked84 (Liberal Arts)
St. Mary's College of Maryland22916992 (Liberal Arts)Unranked30 (Liberal Arts)
Wabash College28017053 (Liberal Arts)Unranked55 (Liberal Arts)
SUNY Maritime College33318266 (Regional - North)Unranked52 (Master's)
Evergreen State CollegeUnranked48837 (Regional - West)Unranked1 (Master's)
SUNY Polytechnic InstituteUnranked49012 (Regional - North)Unranked122 (Master's)
New College of Florida277557102 (Liberal Arts)Unranked53 (Liberal Arts)
Goucher College410583111 (Liberal Arts)Unranked67 (Liberal Arts)
Agnes Scott College42060458 (Liberal Arts)Unranked31 (Liberal Arts)
Bennington College28664589 (Liberal Arts)Unranked152 (Liberal Arts)
Birmingham Southern College463673140 (Liberal Arts)Unranked204 (Liberal Arts)
Hollins University557709102 (Liberal Arts)Unranked161 (National)
United States Air Force Academy43Unranked39 (Liberal Arts)UnrankedUnranked
United States Coast Guard Academy53Unranked2 (Regional Colleges - North)UnrankedUnranked
United States Merchant Marine Academy66Unranked3 (Regional Colleges - North)UnrankedUnranked
St. John's College234Unranked64 (Liberal Arts)Unranked113 (Liberal Arts)
Tennesse Technological University486Unranked272 (National)Unranked288 (National)
University of Texas-Arlington501Unranked293-381 (National)Unranked111 (National)
College of the Atlantic570Unranked82 (Liberal Arts)Unranked160 (Liberal Arts)
Oglethorpe University588Unranked164-215 (Liberal Arts)Unranked114 (Liberal Arts)
Franklin W. Olin College of EngineeringUnrankedUnrankedUnrankedUnrankedUnranked
Soka University of AmericaUnrankedUnranked27 (Liberal Arts)Unranked59 (Liberal Arts)
Thomas Aquinas CollegeUnrankedUnranked35 (Liberal Arts)Unranked61 (Liberal Arts)
University of California, MercedUnrankedUnranked104 (National)Unranked53 (National)
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