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Colleges Offering Early Decision 2

Early Decision (ED I) policies afford applicants the chance to apply in the fall—typically in early-to-mid November—and receive an admissions decision by around the holiday season. In applying via Early Decision, students are making a binding commitment to a particular university; if they are accepted they are obligated to withdraw all other applications and enroll their ED school. In exchange, students generally receive a boost to their admissions odds, as ED acceptance rates tend to be higher than those in the regular round. In recent years, many selective colleges have instituted a later Early Decision option known as ED 2. Also a binding compact, ED 2 gives students a second chance to pledge their loyalty to an institution in exchange for an increased probability of acceptance. Colleges Transitions’ list of Colleges Offering Early Decision 2 will tell you 1) which schools offer this option; 2) the institution’s Early Decision (ED) acceptance rate; 3) the Regular Decision (RD) acceptance rate (excluding ED); 4) the overall admission rate; and 5) the ED 2 deadline.

* Data collected from institution websites and Common Data Set (CDS) forms.

Table updated October 2021

InstitutionED Admission RateRegular Admission Rate (Excluding EA and ED)Admission Rate Rate (Overall)Early Decision II Deadline
Allegheny College45%63%73%2/1
American University83%36%39%1/15AU
Babson College35%28%27%1/3
Bates College46%10%14%1/1
Baylor University86%68%69%2/1
Bennington College41%55%60%1/15
Bentley UniversityNot Reported56%58%1/15
Boston College39%17%19%1/1BC
Boston University33%19%20%1/4BU
Bowdoin College22%7%9%1/5
Brandeis University46%33%34%1/1
Bryant University86%57%76%1/15
Bryn Mawr College48%37%38%1/1
Bucknell University55%36%38%1/15
Carleton College28%20%21%1/15
Carnegie Mellon University25%17%17%1/3CMU
Case Western Reserve University38%Not Reported30%1/15
Catholic University of America67%74%82%1/15
Claremont McKenna College35%10%13%1/11CMC
Clark UniversityNot ReportedNot Reported47%1/15
Colby CollegeNot ReportedNot Reported10%1/1
Colgate University45%25%27%1/15
College of Saint BenedictNot Reported72%84%12/15
College of the Holy Cross76%35%38%1/15
College of William and Mary51%41%42%1/1
Colorado College24%10%14%1/15CC
Connecticut College49%37%38%1/15
Davidson College47%16%20%1/6
Denison University45%27%28%1/15
DePauw University85%54%68%1/15
Dickinson College71%50%52%1/15
Drew University92%73%73%1/15
Emerson CollegeNot ReportedNot Reported0%12/1
Emory University27%18%19%1/1
Fairfield University82%51%56%1/15
Franklin and Marshall College56%35%37%1/15F&M
Furman University72%48%65%1/15
George Washington University65%42%43%1/5GWU; GW
Gettysburg College62%0%48%1/15
Grinnell College65%17%19%1/1
Hamilton College46%16%18%1/5
Harvey Mudd College23%17%18%1/5HMC
Haverford College46%15%18%1/5
High Point University84%52%77%2/1
Hobart William Smith Colleges82%61%62%1/15HWS
Johns Hopkins University29%8%9%1/3JHU
Kenyon College62%35%37%1/15
Knox College58%60%71%12/1
Lake Forest College42%47%58%1/15
Lehigh University73%47%50%1/1
Loyola Marymount University42%42%50%1/15LMU
Macalester College60%38%39%1/1
Marist College84%52%55%2/1
McDaniel College54%81%81%1/15
Merrimack College85%82%82%1/15
Middlebury College47%20%22%1/3
Mount Holyoke College67%51%52%1/5MHC
Muhlenberg College80%61%62%2/1
New York UniversityNot ReportedNot Reported21%1/1NYU
Northeastern University38%Not Reported20%1/1
Oberlin College44%35%35%1/2
Occidental College52%40%41%1/10OXY
Pitzer College37%14%17%1/8
Pomona College14%8%9%1/8
Providence College85%41%54%1/15
Reed College53%42%42%12/20
Rhodes College65%51%51%1/15
Rochester Institute of Technology87%73%74%1/1RIT
Rollins College50%62%61%1/5
Saint Joseph's University69%61%80%1/15SJU
Santa Clara University69%37%51%1/7SCU
Sarah Lawrence College79%46%55%1/15
Scripps College50%34%35%1/5
Skidmore College60%30%32%1/15
Smith College65%34%37%1/1
Southern Methodist University65%43%53%1/15SMU
St Olaf College48%51%51%1/15
Stevens Institute of Technology56%53%53%1/15Stevens Tech
Stonehill College88%1%67%2/1
Swarthmore College24%8%9%1/4
Syracuse University56%70%69%1/1SU
The College of New Jersey79%50%51%1/1
The College of Wooster63%48%65%1/15TCNJ
The University of the South65%35%56%1/15Sewanee
Trinity College60%34%36%1/14
Trinity University66%16%34%2/1
Tufts UniversityNot ReportedNot Reported16%1/4
Tulane University23%1%11%1/8
Union College64%29%41%1/15
University of ChicagoNot ReportedNot Reported7%1/4
University of Denver43%41%61%1/15
University of Miami52%22%33%1/1UM
University of North Carolina at Asheville82%79%79%1/15UNC Asheville; UNCA
University of Richmond58%23%31%1/1
University of Rochester37%35%35%1/5URI
Ursinus College79%70%80%2/15
Vanderbilt University21%10%12%1/1Vandy
Vassar College47%24%25%1/1
Villanova University58%36%31%1/15
Wake Forest University34%32%32%1/1WFU
Washington and Lee University53%21%24%1/1WLU
Washington University in St. Louis35%14%16%1/4WashU
Wellesley College39%18%20%1/1
Wesleyan University41%19%21%1/1
Wheaton College (MA)76%67%77%1/15
Whitman College59%54%54%1/15
Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNot Reported32%59%1/15WPI

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