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Colleges Offering Early Decision 2

Early Decision (ED I) policies afford applicants the chance to apply in the fall—typically in early-to-mid November—and receive an admissions decision by around the holiday season. In applying via Early Decision, students are making a binding commitment to a particular university; if they are accepted they are obligated to withdraw all other applications and enroll their ED school. In exchange, students generally receive a boost to their admissions odds, as ED acceptance rates tend to be higher than those in the regular round. In recent years, many selective colleges have instituted a later Early Decision option known as ED 2. Also a binding compact, ED 2 gives students a second chance to pledge their loyalty to an institution in exchange for an increased probability of acceptance. Colleges Transitions’ list of Colleges Offering Early Decision 2 will tell you 1) which schools offer this option 2) the Regular Decision acceptance rate 3) the Early Decision (both rounds) acceptance rate and 4) the ED 2 deadline.

* Data collected from institution websites and Common Data Set (CDS) forms.

Table updated July 2020.

InstitutionED Admission RateOverall Admission RateED 2 Deadline
American University81%32%January 15
Babson College39%42%January 2
Bates College45%18%January 1
Bennington College51%57%January 15
Bentley University69%43%January 7
Boston University28%22%January 1
Bowdoin College23%10%January 1
Brandeis University39%31%January 1
Bryant University78%71%January 15
Bryn Mawr College53%34%January 1
Bucknell University56%33%January 15
Carleton College26%20%January 15
Case Western Reserve University42%29%January 15
Claremont McKenna College25%9%January 5
Colby College38%13%January 1
Colgate University41%25%January 15
College of the Atlantic81%72%January 15
College of the Holy Cross81%38%January 15
College of William and Mary58%37%January 1
College of Wooster100%55%January 15
Colorado College27%15%January 15
Connecticut College62%38%January 1
Davidson College46%19%January 2
Denison College57%29%January 15
Dickinson College68%49%January 15
Emory University26%19%January 1
Franklin & Marshall College58%35%January 15
George Washington University70%42%January 5
Gettysburg College64%48%January 15
Grinnell College58%24%January 1
Hamilton College42%21%January 1
Harvey Mudd College19%14%January 5
Haverford College44%19%January 1
Hobart and William Smith Colleges86%66%January 15
Kenyon College70%36%January 15
Lafayette College52%29%January 15
Lehigh University60%22%January 1
Macalester College52%41%January 1
Middlebury College47%17%January 1
Mount Holyoke College58%51%January 1
New York University35%20%January 1
Northeastern University41%19%January 1
Oberlin College49%36%January 2
Occidental College48%37%February 1
Pitzer College30%13%January 1
Pomona College17%8%January 8
Reed College17%35%December 20
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute47%43%December 15
Rhodes College63%45%January 15
St. Olaf College76%50%January 8
Santa Clara University73%50%January 7
Sarah Lawrence College66%53%January 2
Scripps College32%24%January 5
Sewanee: The University of the South86%65%January 15
Skidmore College51%27%January 15
Smith College49%31%January 1
Swarthmore College26%9%January 1
Syracuse University58%50%January 1
Trinity College58%34%January 15
Trinity University79%34%January 15
Tufts University42%15%January 1
Tulane University32%17%January 6
Union College56%39%January 15
University of ChicagoDid not report7%January 4
University of Miami56%32%January 1
University of Richmond48%30%January 1
Vanderbilt University21%10%January 1
Vassar College44%25%January 1
Wake Forest University41%29%January 1
Washington and Lee University50%21%January 1
Washington University in St. Louis42%15%January 2
Wellesley College31%20%January 1
Wesleyan University38%17%January 1
Whitman College72%50%January 15
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