Combined Medical (BA/MD or BS/MD) Programs

Combined bachelor’s and medical degree programs cannot be found at just any university and, where available, admissions standards are extremely high, with the medical school acceptance contingent on undergraduate performance. BS/MD programs at these colleges are ultra-competitive and require years of intense work, but they can save participants time, money and the stress of formally applying to medical school. The following table reveals colleges offering combined medical (BA/MD or BS/MD) programs and the medical school with whom each partners. Click the links below for more information about each program.

Table updated June 2022.

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InstitutionParticipating Medical SchoolAcceptance RateSAT/ACT Score (Average or Minimum)Required UndergradGPA (To Advance)Required MCAT Score(To Advance)DurationNotes
Augusta University College of Georgia10-15%1450/32 (Minimum)3.7National Mean (~502)7 years
Baylor University College of Medicine<1%1430/32 (Minimum)3.55018 years
Boston University University School of Medicine2-3%1550/35 (Average)3.280th percentile (~511)7 years
Brooklyn College (CUNY) Downstate College of Medicine6.5%1200/29 (Minimum)3.55098 yearsMCAT minimum score/section listed yearly
Brown University Alpert Medical School of Brown University2.4%1527/35 (Average)No MinimumNot Required8 years
Case Western Reserve University Western Reserve School of Medicine1%1495/34 (Average)3.63Not Required8 years
City College of New York School of Medicine<4%No Minimum7 years
The College of New Jersey New Jersey Medical School<5%1550/35 (Average)3.5No Minimum7 years
Drew University New Jersey Medical School5%1553/32 (Average)3.4No Minimum7 years
Drexel University College of Medicine2.55%1535/35 (Average)3.65138 yearsMCAT minimum scores/section 127-128
Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine~4.5%1490/33 (Minimum)3.75107-8 years
George Washington University School of Medicine<2%1550/35 (Average)3.6No Minimum7 years
Hofstra University School of Medicine (Hofstra/Northwell)<1%1410/32 (Minimum)3.680th percentile (~511)8 years
Howard University University<4%3.55046 years
Indiana State University University School of Medicine25%1270/27 (Minimum)3.5Mean score of previous class8 yearsResident of Indiana with interests in becoming Primary Care Physician
Marshall University University10-15%1390/30 (Minimum)3.5Not Required7 yearsApplicants must be residents of West Virginia
Mercer University University School of Medicine<10%1300/29 (Minimum)3.564th percentile (~506)8 yearsApplicants must be residents of Georgia
New Jersey Institute of Technology New Jersey Medical School2.06%1550/35 (Average)3.5No Minimum7 years
Penn State University Kimmel Medical College (Thomas Jefferson)5.40%1470/32 (Minimum)3.55087 years
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medical College3%1470/33 (Average)3.5Not Required7 years
Rice University College of Medicine<1%1540/35 (Average)3.65058 years
Rutgers University Newark New Jersey Medical School1400/32 (Minimum)3.5No Minimum7 years
Siena College Medical College<5%1360/30 (Minimum)3.5Not Required8 years
St. Bonaventure University Washington University1390/30 (Minimum)3.6No Minimum8 years
Stevens Institute of Technology New Jersey Medical School1400/32 (Minimum)3.5No Minimum7 years
Stony Brook University of Medicine at Stony Brook1540/35 (Average)3.4National Average (~502)8 yearsPart of the Women in Science & Engineering Program
Temple University School of Medicine (Temple)<4%1350/31 (Minimum)3.65097-8 years
Union College Medical College8.90%1410/30 (Minimum)3.5Not Required8 years
University of Alabama at Birmingham Heersink School of Medicine<5%1470/33 (Average)3.65068 years
University of Central Florida of Central Florida<5%1500/34 (Minimum)3.85148 years
University of Cincinnati of Cincinnati College of Medicine2-4%1300/29 (Minimum)3.55078 years
University of Colorado Denver of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus10%1185/27 (Minimum)3.580th percentile (~511)8 yearsApplicants must be residents of Colorado
University of Connecticut of Connecticut1350/29 (Minimum)3.680th percentile (~511)8 years
University of Evansville School of Medicine-Evansville16%1350/29 (Minimum)3.5Average of previous years class8 yearsApplicants must be residents of Indiana
University of Illinois at Chicago of Illinois College of Medicine4.50%1310/28 (Minimum) 3.65128 years
University of Louisville's School of Medicine<8%1390/31 (Minimum)3.4Above the national mean (~502)8 yearsApplicants must be residents of Kentucky
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine7%1420/32 (Average)No MinimumNot Required6 years
University of Nevada, Reno of Nevada, RenoN/AN/A3.55008 yearsApplicants must be residents of Nevada
University of New Mexico of New Mexico School of Medicine10-15%1050/20 (Minimum)3.5Yes8 yearsApplicants must live in and attend a New Mexico High School or by a tribal member living on the Navajo Nation + be committed to serving rural or medically underserved areas
University of Oklahoma of Oklahoma College of Medicine2.4-4%1390/30 (Minimum)3.725097-8 years
University of Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh School of Medicine3-5%1490/34 (Minimum)3.75Not Required* unless applied test optional to the University8 years
University of Rochester of Rochester School of Medicine2%1550/35 (Average)3.6Not Required8 years
University of South Florida College of Medicine (USF)No application1500/34 (Minimum)3.7515* Updated yearly7 yearsStudents apply during their first year at USF; continuation in program dependent upon meeting benchmarks
University of Southern Indiana School of Medicine-Evansville1280/27 (Minimum)3.5Average of previous years class8 yearsApplicants must be residents of Indiana
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine<4%1490/34 (Average)3.55088 years
Washington & Jefferson College School of Medicine (Temple)12%1350/31 (Minimum)3.65098 years
Wayne State University State's School of Medicine5%1310/28 (Minimum)3.5Yes8 yearsStudents from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds are given preference
Yes it

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