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Direct Admit Nursing Programs

While the majority of college and universities require that undergraduates enroll in two years of lower division coursework before applying to a nursing major, there are several programs offering direct admission to highly qualified prospective freshman (during their senior year of high school). If awarded entry, these students are guaranteed a spot in the institution's nursing major; and provided they meet course requirements, can be assured that they will graduate with a nursing degree.

Below is a comprehensive list of selective colleges and universities offering direct admit nursing programs. Please click the links below to explore each program's offerings and admission criteria.

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InstitutionSAT/ACT (For Admission)NCLEX Pass Rate (First-Time)Nursing Degrees (BSNs) Produced (2016-2018)
Arizona State University1170/24 (Minimum)92%468
Belmont University1100/22 (Minimum)93%432
Binghamton University (SUNY)1380/30 (Average)96%565
Bloomsburg University1110/24 (Minimum)96%260
Boston College1410/32 (Average)91%299
Bradley University1200/26 (Average)96%251
Carlow University1170/24 (Average)96%276
Case Western Reserve University1440/32 (Average)95%218
Clemson University1370/30 (Average)93%491
Creighton University1280/27 (Average)93%452
Drexel University1310/28 (Average)96%1903
Duquesne University1080/22 (Minimum)94%793
East Stroudsburg University1070/22 (Minimum)84%128
Edinboro University1030/20 (Minimum)94%196
Endicott College1230/26 (Average)91%248
Fairfield University1290/28 (Average)93%384
Florida Atlantic University1200/25 (Preferred)97%740
Florida Southern College1240/26 (Average)100%170
Georgetown University1460/33 (Average)97%106
Hartwick College1080/24 (Minimum)97%162
Illinois State University1140/23 (Average)95%556
Illinois Wesleyan University1280/27 (Average)95%128
Loyola University Chicago1290/28 (Average)95%791
Marquette University1280/27 (Average)95%378
Marshall University1080/24 (Preferred)98%356
Marymount University1140/23 (Average)100%429
Milwaukee School of Engineering1310/28 (Average)98%209
New York University1440/32 (Average)99%1252
Niagara University1140/23 (Minimum)79%283
Northeastern University1440/32 (Average)85%442
Pennsylvania State University - University Park1310/28 (Average)95%381
Purdue University - West Lafayette1310/28 (Average)98%309
Quinnipiac University1240/26 (Average)92%575
Rutgers University1310/28 (Average)97%953
Samford University1000/21 (Minimum)90%319
San Diego State University1430/32 (Average)97%598
Seattle University1110/24 (Minimum)85%463
Seton Hall University1240/26 (Average)93%532
Simmons University1240/26 (Average)95%458
Saint Louis University1310/28 (Average)94%631
Temple University1280/27 (Average)90%201
Texas Christian University1310/28 (Average)96%572
The College of New Jersey1310/28 (Average)100%250
Truman State University1280/27 (Average)96%137
University of California, Irvine1430/32 (Average)94%143
University of California, Los Angeles1460/33 (Average)98%141
University of Cincinnati1070/23 (Minimum)92%1386
University of Connecticut1280/27 (Average)95%730
University of Delaware1310/28 (Average)96%577
University of Iowa1300/28 (Minimum)98%656
University of Maine1120/23 (Minimum)100%249
University of Massachusetts Amherst1360/28 (Average)89%587
University of Miami1100/24 (Minimum)99%607
University of Michigan1430/32 (Average)99%512
University of New Hampshire1240/26 (Average)99%184
University of Pennsylvania1460/33 (Average)95%556
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus1400/31 (Average)90%666
University of Portland1240/26 (Average)90%588
University of Rhode Island1240/26 (Average)94%847
University of San Francisco1280/27 (Average)90%559
University of Tennessee - Knoxville1280/27 (Average)97%520
University of Vermont1310/28 (Average)95%299
University of Virginia1430/32 (Average)96%359
University of Hawaii at Manoa1240/26 (Average)97%543
Villanova University1400/31 (Average)97%724
Virginia Commonwealth University1280/27 (Average)96%716
West Virginia University1240/26 (Minimum)99%596
Widener University1100/24 (Average)86%532
Xavier University1240/26 (Average)86%282
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