Direct Admit Nursing Programs

While the majority of college and universities require that undergraduates enroll in two years of lower division coursework before applying to a nursing major, there are several programs offering direct admission to highly qualified prospective freshman (during their senior year of high school). If awarded entry, these students are guaranteed a spot in the institution’s nursing major; and provided they meet course requirements, can be assured that they will graduate with a nursing degree.
Below is a comprehensive list of selective colleges and universities offering direct admit nursing programs. Please click the links below to explore each program’s offerings and admission criteria.

Table updated November 2023

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InstitutionNCLEX Pass Rate (First-Time)Nursing Degrees (BSNs) Produced (2019-2021)Notes
104151ASUArizona State University86%19591230/25 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.5 HS GPA required; 3.8 HS GPA required for test-optional applicants
219709Belmont University83%5413.5 HS GPA required
196079Binghamton University (SUNY)81%547SAT/ACT not required
211158Bloomsburg University93%306
164924BCBoston College90%315
143358Bradley University92%286
211431Carlow University93%2471060/21 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.0 HS GPA required; 3.4 HS GPA required for test-optional applicants
201645CWRUCase Western Reserve University89%207
217882Clemson University91%601SAT/ACT not required
181002Creighton University90%794
212054Drexel University87%1648
212106Duquesne University96%Not ReportedSAT/ACT not required; 3.0 HS GPA required
212115ESUEast Stroudsburg University76%1473.0 HS GPA required
212160PennWestEdinboro University95%1861030/20 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.0 HS GPA required; 3.25 HS GPA required for test-optional applicants
165699Endicott College91%3153.0 HS GPA required
129242Fairfield University94%516
133669FAUFlorida Atlantic University88%7001200/25 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.6 HS GPA required
134079FSCFlorida Southern College97%1811240/26 (SAT/ACT Average) and 3.76 HS GPA average
131496Georgetown University94%76
191533Hartwick College88%1293.4 HS GPA required
145813Illinois State University90%5803.93 HS GPA average
145646Illinois Wesleyan University63%130
146719Loyola University Chicago87%1278
239105Marquette University95%397
237525Marshall University92%293
232706Marymount University89%366
239318MSOEMilwaukee School of Engineering92%207
193900NYUNew York University86%1275
193973Niagara University55%276
167358Northeastern University93%346
214777Penn StatePennsylvania State University - University Park87%2591340 (SAT Average) and 3.76 HS GPA average
489779Purdue University - West Lafayette96%492
130226QUQuinnipiac University85%696
186399Rutgers University94%1069
179159SLUSaint Louis University90%5831160/24 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.2 HS GPA required
102049Samford University95% (2021)3391060/21 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.0 HS GPA required
122409SDSUSan Diego State University88%6383.0 HS GPA required
236595Seattle University75%520
186584Seton Hall University92%329
167783Simmons University90%429
216339Temple University72%2893.25 HS GPA required
228875TCUTexas Christian University94%565
187134TCNJThe College of New Jersey97%254
178615Truman State University84%153
110653University of California, Irvine86%Not Reported
110662University of California, Los Angeles89%Not Reported
201885UCUniversity of Cincinnati88%12791070/22 (SAT/ACT Minimum) and 3.0 HS GPA required
129020UConnUniversity of Connecticut91%7893.5 HS GPA required
130943UDUniversity of Delaware80%570
141574UH ManoaUniversity of Hawaii at Manoa98%3603.0 HS GPA required
153658University of Iowa91%6533.8 HS GPA required
161253University of Maine77%216
166629University of Massachusetts Amherst81%5281360/28 (SAT/ACT Average) and 4.1 HS GPA Average
135726University of Miami99%6851100/24 (SAT/ACT Minimum)
170976University of Michigan Ann Arbor98%435
183044UNHUniversity of New Hampshire95%213
215062University of Pennsylvania89%538
215293University of Pittsburgh - PIttsburgh Campus87%747
209825University of Portland72%473
217484University of Rhode Island81%1087
122612University of San Francisco87%726
221759University of Tennessee - Knoxville99%721
231174University of Vermont90%295
234076UVAUniversity of Virginia94%333
216597Villanova University89%724
234030VCUVirginia Commonwealth University94%657
238032WVUWest Virginia University98%6231200/25 (SAT/ACT Minimum) 540/22 (Math Minimum) and 3.8 HS GPA required; 1260/27 (SAT/ACT Minimum) 540/22 (Math Minimum) and 3.6 HS GPA required
216852Widener University79%603
206622Xavier University83%897

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