Direct Admit Nursing Programs

InstitutionSAT/ACT(For Admission)Minimum High School GPANCLEX Pass Rate(First-Time)Nursing Degrees (BSNs) Produced (2018-2020)
Arizona State University (Minimum)3.5 or 3.887%905
Belmont University (Minimum)3.294%506
Binghamton University (SUNY) (Average)3.0096%539
Bloomsburg University (Minimum)Not provided97%290
Boston College (Average)Not provided92%317
Bradley University (Average)Not provided100%262
Carlow University (Minimum)3.0 or 3.496%340
Case Western Reserve University (Average)Not provided95%192
Clemson University (Average)Not provided92%521
Creighton University (Average)3.0096%636
Drexel University (Average)Not provided94%1713
Duquesne University (Minimum)3.0095%802
East Stroudsburg University (Minimum)3.089%168
Edinboro University (Minimum)3.0 or 3.2593%181
Endicott College (Average)3.88 (Average)96%294
Fairfield University (Average)3.0087%465
Florida Atlantic University (Preferred)3.6096%698
Florida Southern College (Average)3.76 (Average)81%193
Georgetown University (Average)4.01 (Average)96%72
Hartwick College (Minimum)3.3089%141
Illinois State University (Average)3.93 (Average)96%543
Illinois Wesleyan University (Average)3.0091%127
Loyola University Chicago (Average)3.0095%1035
Marquette University (Average)Not provided100%430
Marshall University (Minimum)2.5092%335
Marymount University (Average)3.0087%375
Milwaukee School of Engineering (Average)Not provided87%216
New York University (Average)Not provided88%1250
Niagara University (Minimum)80%77%307
Northeastern University (Average)3.0091%339
Pennsylvania State University - University Park (Average)3.7596%239
Purdue University - West Lafayette (Average)3.0097%415
Quinnipiac University (Average)Not provided91%641
Rutgers University (Average)3.2093%1055
Saint Louis University (Average)3.2090%605
Samford University (Minimum)3.0095%334
San Diego State University (Average)3.0096%578
Seattle University SAT 560/ACT 24 (Minimum)3.0084%450
Seton Hall University (Average)3.5090%342
Simmons University (Average)Not provided97%480
Temple University (Average)3.2585%294
Texas Christian University (Average)3.5095%566
The College of New Jersey (Average)Not provided100%281
The University of Tennessee - Knoxville (Average)4.22 (Average)99%658
Truman State University (Average)2.7594%149
University of California, Irvine (Average)3.0089%151
University of California, Los Angeles (Average)3.5091%133
University of Cincinnati (Minimum)3.0086%1322
University of Connecticut (Average)3.5090%779
University of Delaware (Average)Not provided90%587
University of Hawaii at Manoa (Minimum)3.0087%379
University of Iowa (Minimum)3.8098%661
University of Maine (Minimum)3.3088%228
University of Massachusetts Amherst (Average)4.1 weighted (Average)87%561
University of Miami (Minimum)Not provided99%746
University of Michigan (Average)Not provided98%480
University of New Hampshire (Average)Not provided96%204
University of Pennsylvania (Average)3.0094%539
University of Pittsburgh - PIttsburgh Campus (Average)3.20100%700
University of Portland (Average)3.0089%608
University of Rhode Island (Average)3.9 (Average)85%1122
University of San Francisco (Average)Not provided88%675
University of Vermont (Average)Not provided87%309
University of Virginia (Average)Not provided79%329
Villanova University (Average)Not provided94%727
Virginia Commonwealth University (Average)Not provided95%648
West Virginia University (Minimum)3.6098%592
Widener University (Average)Not provided79%556
Xavier University (Average)3.0083%633

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