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Top Dual/Interdisciplinary Degree Programs

Dual/Interdisciplinary degree programs offer undergraduates the chance to earn a degree that crosses academic disciplines in a more streamlined fashion than in the case of a traditional double or triple major. For example, Lehigh University, the renowned engineering school, offers students the opportunity to earn a combined degree in Computer Science and Business or Business and Engineering. Meanwhile, bastions of intellectualism like the University of Chicago and Brown offer truly interdisciplinary degrees that involve study across five or more academic departments. The following list of Top Dual/Interdisciplinary Degree Programs highlights the most prestigious programs in the country that meet the above criteria.

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InstitutionDegreeField(s) of Emphasis
Amherst CollegeLaw, Jurisprudence, and Social ThoughtLaw, politics, religion, history, and philsophy
Barnard CollegeScience and Public Policy
Boston UniversityPhilosophy and Neuroscience
Brandeis UniversityHealth: Science, Society, and PolicyAnthropology, biology, psychology, sociology, policy, pubic health, epidemiology, and/or statistics
Brown UniversityBehavioral Decision SciencesPsychology, cognitive science, economics, philosophy, computer science, and/or neuroscience
Brown UniversityComputer Science-Economics
Brown UniversityContemplative StudiesPsychology, neuroscience, religion, philosophy, and/or anthropology
Brown UniversityScience, Technology, and SocietyMultiple math and/or science-related disciplines alongside coursework in one of several thematic tracks, covering disciplines including history, philosophy, sociology, environmental studies, and other fields.
Bryn Mawr College (and Haverford College)Growth and Structure of CitiesUrban planning/development, architecture, design, politics, economics, sociology, cultural studies, and research methods
California Institute of TechnologyEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 Program)
Carnegie Mellon UniversityEngineering and Public Policy
Carnegie Mellon UniversityHuman Computer InteractionPsychology, statistics, computer science, and design
Carnegie Mellon UniversityMusic and TechnologyMusic, engineering, and computer science
Carnegie Mellon UniversityScience, Technology & Public PolicyScience, computer science, engineering, economics, policy, decision-making, and/or data analysis
Case Western Reserve UniversityEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 Program)
Case Western Reserve UniversityOrigins SciencesAstronomy, mathematics, physics, planetary science, geology, biology, anthropology, and/or cognitive science
Claremont McKenna CollegeEnvironment, Economics, and Politics (EEP)Economics, politics, statistics, biology, and/or chemistry
Claremont McKenna CollegePhilosophy and Public Affairs (PPA)
Claremont McKenna CollegePhilosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
Columbia UniversityEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 or 4+2 Program)
Dartmouth CollegeEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 Program)
George Washington UniversityPolitical CommunicationPolitical science, communication, public relations, and media studies
Georgetown UniversityBusiness and Global AffairsBusiness, politics, economics, international affairs, and/or foreign language
Georgetown UniversityScience, Technology, and International AffairsNatural sciences, computer science, international affairs, global health, security, and/or business
Georgetown University International Political EconomyPolitics, economics, and international affairs
Georgia Institute of TechnologyEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 Program)
Georgia Institute of TechnologyHistory, Technology, and SocietyHistory, science, medicine, economics, policy, and/or sociology
Lehigh UniversityComputer Science and Business (CSB)
Lehigh UniversityIntegrated Business and Engineering (IBE)
Middlebury CollegeInternational Politics & Economics (IP&E)
New York UniversityEconomics and Computer Science
New York UniversityMedia, Culture, and Communication and Global Public HealthEpidemiology, media culture, politics, health policy, technology, and ethics.
New York UniversityBusiness and Political EconomyBusiness, politics, and economics
Northeastern UniversityComputer Science/Business
Northeastern UniversityData Science and Behavioral Neuroscience
Northeastern UniversityElectrical Engineering and Music Technology
Northwestern UniversityCommunication and Engineering
Pomona CollegePhilosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)
Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteDesign, Innovation, and SocietyDesign, engineering, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, policy, history, and cutural studies
Stanford UniversitySymbolic SystemsCognitive science, computer science artificial intelligence, psychology, and linguistics
Tufts UniversityHuman Factors Engineering (Engineering Psychology)Engineering, psychology, and design
Tufts UniversityScience, Technology, and SocietyHistory, anthropology, sociology, public health, economics, math, statistics, and/or policy
Tulane UniversityPolitical EconomyPolitical science, economics, international relations, public policy, law, history, and/or philosophy
University of California, BerkeleyManagement, Entrepreneurship, and Technology (MET)Business, engineering, and/or computer science
University of California, Los AngelesInternational Development StudiesEconomics, political science, public health, geography, history, anthropology and/or sociology
University of California, San DiegoComputing and the ArtsMedia, computer programming, visual art, and design
University of ChicagoFundamentals: Issues and TextsHistory, literature, science, politics, philsophy, and foreign language
University of Chicago Law, Letters, and SocietyLaw, politics, philosophy, history, policy religion, and/or economics; students apply to the program in their sophomore year
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignCS + XComputer science, along with advertising, animal scienes, anthropology, astronomy, chemistry, crop sciences, economics, geography, linguistics, philosophy, mathematics, and statistics
University of MichiganPhilosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillPeace, War, and DefensePolitics, history, philosophy, economics, geography, communication, and/or policy
University of Notre DameScience-Business
University of PennsylvaniaComputer and Cognitive Science
University of PennsylvaniaHuntsman Program in International Studies and Business
University of PennsylvaniaJerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology
University of PennsylvaniaNursing and Healthcare Management
University of PennsylvaniaVagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management (LSM)
University of PennsylvaniaVagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER)
University of RichmondPhilosophy, Politics, Economics and Law
University of Southern CaliforniaArts, Technology and the Business of InnovationArt, design, computer science, engineering, business and/or venture management
University of Southern CaliforniaIntelligence and Cyber OperationsInternational relations and information technology
University of Southern CaliforniaPhilosophy, Politics, and Economics
University of Texas at AustinComputer Science and Business (CSB)
University of VirginiaPolitical Philosophy, Policy, and Law
Vanderbilt UniversityCommunication of Science and TechnologyScience, engineering, statistics, public policy, writing, and public speaking
Vanderbilt UniversityMedicine, Health, and SocietyGlobal health, medicine, economics, public policy, anthropology, philosophy, and/or sociology
Vassar CollegeScience, Technology and SocietyScience (multiple disciplines), political science, philosophy, economics, environmental studies, and public health
Washington UniversityBusiness and Computer Science
Washington University in St. LouisEngineering and Liberal Arts (3+2 or 4+2 program)
Williams CollegePolitical EconomyPoltical science, economics, and policy

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