Colleges with Strong Learning Support Services

In the K-12 system, students with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, or emotional support needs are able to access services via the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which places the onus on school personnel to identity students with needs and provide necessary accommodations and modifications. In a college environment, Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) do offer protection to individuals with disabilities, but the process for accessing those services and the extent of services available are quite different. To assist you, the College Transitions team has identified a number of a universities that do an exceptional job helping students with disabilities find postsecondary success. In some cases, we highlight a general disabilities services office that is known for providing exceptional support free of cost. In other cases, we highlight programs that, for an extra fee, will provide structured and scheduled support to students, sometimes in a particular disability category. We also note: the number of professional staff working in the disabilities office, a description of the services provided, and any additional facts/achievements that help shed further light on a program.

Table Updated August 2021

InstitutionOffice Name or Special ProgramFocus of ServicesNumber of professional staffDescription of ServicesAdditional InfoCost
Adelphi UniversityLearning Resource ProgramLD/ADHD Support13Students can create a custom support plan that includes options like indivdual tutoring and counseling sessions. One of the first learning support programs in the country, Adelphi has 40 years of experience and earns rave reviews from students. One-third of students in the program make the dean's list. $5,220 per semester
American UniversityLearning Services Program (First-Year Students)LD Support20Weekly meetings with counselor, weekly meetings with writing tutor, assignment of upper-class student mentor, and special course advising. Facilitates 6,000 student contacts per year.$4,850 (for LDS) - one-time fee
Augsburg University Center for Learning and Accessible Student ServicesAll Disabilities 5Regular check-ins with Disability Specialist are encouraged. Assiatnce with time management, self-advocacy, organization, faculty communication, and course selection is provided.Very advanced with assistive technology offerings including specialized computers, scanners, and printers at the Grove Lab. 25 incoming students are selected to the Summer Bridge Program each year. No cost
Bard CollegeBard Learning Commons Disability SupportAll Disabilities 12A well-staffed, highly-effective disabilities office that faciliates communicatuion between students and professors, offers 50% or 100% extended time for testing, and provides a network of peer tutors. The office employs multiple professional staff members to assist with the writing process. Also runs an Equity and Inclusion Summer Program to bolster college-ready academic skills. No cost
Baylor University Office of Access and Learning AccommodationAll Disabilities 9OALA provides classroom and testing accomodations as well as assistance with organization and time management. Baylor also provides an Autism Resource Clinic that runs a support group focused on self-care, social opportunities, relationship-building, and academic success. 94% of students who attended 75% of their tutoring sessions finished with a 2.0 or better. No cost
Clark UniversityOffice of Student Accessibility ServicesAll Disabilities 31-on-1 academic coaching weekly for 30 minutes, self advocacy training, assistance with course registration. Meetings with professional staff can take place as often as once per week, free of cost. Quantitative Skills Center is available to provide support in math and stats-based courses. No cost
College of CharlestonStudents Needing Access ParityAll Disabilities 3Offer course alternatives for math and foreign language. Staff and volunteers help bridge communication with instrictors. SNAP services 850 of the 11,000 enrolled students at the College of Charleston. No cost
DePaul UniversityCenter for Students with DisabilitiesAll Disabilities 10Accommodations include: assistive tech, distraction-reduced testing environment, priority registration, preferential seating, and student advocacy. Learning Specialists are trained special educators who are available (for a fee) to provide assistance with executive functioning and self-advocacy strategies. Hourly fee for Learning Specialist Clinician Services
Drexel UniversityAutism Support ProgramAutism Support 12Assistance with all facets of campus life including dorm life, peer engagement, organization, and self-advocacy. Includes credited course on neurodiversity to assist with transitions. Students can receive up to ten hours of direct services per week at no additional cost, depending on their level of need. No cost
Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityCompass ProgramAutism Support 8Comprehesive academic and social support program that offers two hours of academic support, one hour of counseling, and one group therapy session per week. One in five Regional Center students named to Dean's List, 40% hold a B average or better.$7,072 per academic year
George Mason UniversityMason Autism Support InitiativeAutism Support 8Access to a peer mentor, professional learning strategist, skill-building classes, and monthly social events. Students take credited courses related to transition and community resources. Founded in 2014, the program presently serves 39 students with autism. $6,800 per academic year
Hofstra UniversityAcademic Coaching ProgramLD Support560 minutes per week with learning specialist and attend workshops and groups to help with college survival skills.Group workshops cover topics such as "Adulting 101," social skills, and stress management techniques. $2,750 per semester
Kent State UniversityAutism Advocates ProgramAutsim Support 5Students on the spectrum are matched with a faculty/staff member for support; they meet six times per year to problem-solve and create strategies for academic success. Participants are not required to be registered for services through Student Accessibility Services. 1,500 students connect with the general Student Accessibility Services each year. No cost
Marist CollegeLearning Support ProgramLD Support9Each student works 1:1 with a Learning Specialist.Has provided disability services since the 1960s.Hourly fee for time with specialist
Mercyhurst UniversityAutism Initiative at MercyhurstAutism Support11Supports students in every aspect of campus life. Includes 1-on-1 guidance with professionals, special housing options, and workshops in area such as social skills. Founded in 2008, has graduated over 25 students. Currently enrolls 60 students from all over the world. $4,000+ per year
McDaniel CollegeAcademic Skills ProgramAll Disabilities Tutors available by discipline - number varies1-on-1 sessions with an academic counselor, graduate assistant, and peer tutor(weekly), and help with organization and time management. McDaniel also offers support options for students that are free or lower cost including the MAP and PASS programs which cost between zero and $670 per semester. $2,400 -$3,200 per semester
Northeastern UniversityLearning Disabilities ProgramLD Support9Weekly meetings with LDP Specialist for two one-hour individual sessions. Students are taught time-management, excecutive functioning skills, and self-advocacy. $2,900 per semester
Purdue UniversityDisability Resource CenterAll Disabilities 15Fully-staffed office will assist with anything from large print materials, close captioning videos, test accomodations, and sign language interpreters. The DRC serves over 2,600 students per year. Students who register with the office have exceptionally high retention rates. No cost
Rochester Institute of TechnologyDisability Services OfficeAll Disabilities (focus on deaf/hard of hearing)16Well-reviewed full-service disabilities office that also provides services for a large number of students who are deaf/hard of hearing.More than 1,400 students (including 1,100 at RIT's National Technical Institute for he Deaf) are registered with the office. No cost
Rutgers University College Support ProgramAutism Support 14Weekly meetings, organizational help, trained peer mentors, social events, and referrals for counseling (if needed).Roughly 20 students per year are accepted into the program. $7,000 per academic year
Saint Joseph's UniversityKinney Center ASPIRE ProgramAutism Support 15Case manager meets with students weekly, regular social opportunities are facilitated, and weekly study halls with neuro-typical peers are held. Asprire participants over the past decade have boasted an 84% graduation rate. $8,000 per year
Syracuse UniversityOnTrack at SULD/ADHD Support162x per week face-to-face meetings, multiple weekly check-ins, individualized support (as needed), and a customized learning profile. Coaches are trained through JST and have expertise in helping students with ADHD. $2,800 per semester
Texas Tech UniversityStudent Disability ServicesAll Disabilities 14Highly-supportive staff will assist wih priority registration, drop-in tutoring, counseling, assistive technology, and time-management/organization.This office offers a number of exclusive scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities. No cost
University of ArizonaSALT CenterLD/ADHD Support32One-on-one tutoring as well as group sessions. Work with specialist on communication, self-advocacy, and time-management. The SALT Center is utilzied by more than 550 undergraduates and those students have an annual retention rate of more than 75%.$1,200 or $2,800 per semester
University of California - IrvineDisability Services CenterAll Disabilities 15Office provides all the traditional postsecondary disability services as well as servings as a liaison to faculty and providing disability counseling. Note-taking assistance is available as is priority registration, real-time captioning services, housing accommodations, and accessible classroom furniture. No cost
University of Colorado BoulderDisability ServicesAll Disabilities 13Makes accessing test-taking and notetaking accomodations very straightforward. The Alternate Format Production and Access Center has adaptive software and the ability to print alternate format class materials for students with disabilities. No cost
University of ConnecticutBeyond AccessAll Disabilities 26Beyond Access Program offers weekly skill development courses.There are three "tracks" for students that come at different costs based on the number of hours of support needed (1-3). $1800 or $3600 per semester
University of DenverLearning Effectiveness ProgramLD Support/ADHD/Autism6This program provides subject-specific tutoring, peer mentoring, executive functining supports, and social skill-building. Each year, the LEP serves over 300 students. There are no modifications made to any curriculum. $1,350 per quarter
University of GeorgiaDisability Resource CenterAll Disabilities 20A well-staffed, welcoming office, UGA's DRC includes a Test Accommodations Office, Assistive Technology Lab, and Alternatve Media Services where print materials can be put into accessible formats. The DRC offers exclusive scholarship opportunties. No cost
University of IowaStudent Disability ServicesAll Disabilities 6Provides Letters of Accommodation for qualifying students. Exam Services, Media Services, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services are available. Provides exlusive scholarships for students with disabilities. No cost
University of MichiganServices for Students with DisabilitiesAll Disabilities 12Professional academic coaching is available to assist with study habits, time management, individualized learning strategies, and self-advocacy. Stong offerings in paratransit, speech-to-text services, and adaptive technology. No cost
University of Southern California Disability Services and ProgramsAll Disabilities 13USC provides test accommodations, alternative format materials, assistive tech, notetaking services, and deaf and hard of hearing services.Excellent, easy-to-navigate website for students and their families to learn more about accessing on-campus resources. No cost
Xavier UniversityX-Path ProgramsAutism Support 3Support and coaching to promote the development of academic competence, social integration, and self-advocacy. Participants are also assigned a Peer Coach. $1,500 per semester

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