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Housing Requirements and Students on Campus (%)

College Transitions indicates housing requirements and the percentage of students living on campus at nearly 500 of the most selective colleges in the U.S.

*Data collected from institutional Common Data Set (CDS) forms for 2022-23.

Table updated November 2023.

Institution% Living on CampusLiving on Campus Requirement
138600Agnes Scott College79%Through Freshman Year
210669Allegheny College95%Through Senior Year
131159American UniversityAUNot ReportedNone
164465Amherst College97%Through Senior Year
197869Appalachian State UniversityApp State32%Through Freshman Year
104151Arizona State UniversityASU24%None
100858Auburn University17%None
164580Babson College77%Through Freshman Year
189088Bard College75%Through Sophomore Year
189097Barnard College74%None
160977Bates College92%Through Junior Year
223232Baylor University29%Through Freshman Year
238333Beloit College90%Through Junior Year
230816Bennington College98%Through Senior Year
164739Bentley University76%None
156295Berea College96%Through Senior Year
164748Berklee College of Music21%None
196079Binghamton University50%Through Freshman Year
142115Boise State University18%None
164924Boston CollegeBC81%None
164988Boston UniversityBU65%Through Freshman Year
161004Bowdoin College95%Through Sophomore Year
165015Brandeis University78%Through Freshman Year
230038Brigham Young University-ProvoBYU22%Through Freshman Year
217156Brown University70%Through Junior Year
217165Bryant University87%None
211273Bryn Mawr College90%Through Senior Year
211291Bucknell University88%Through Senior Year
150163Butler University71%Through Junior Year
110404California Institute of TechnologyCaltech93%Through Sophomore Year
111081California Institute of the Arts36%None
110422California Polytechnic State University-San Luis ObispoCal Poly40%Through Sophomore Year
110529California State Polytechnic University-Pomona16%Through Freshman Year
110556California State University-Fresno5%None
110565California State University-Fullerton3%None
110583California State University-Long Beach9%None
110592California State University-Los Angeles41%None
173258Carleton College96%Through Senior Year
211440Carnegie Mellon UniversityCMU46%Through Freshman Year
201645Case Western Reserve University75%Through Sophomore Year
131283Catholic University of America62%Through Junior Year
156408Centre College97%Through Senior Year
230852Champlain College77%None
111948Chapman University47%Through Sophomore Year
112260Claremont McKenna CollegeCMC94%Through Senior Year
165334Clark University68%Through Sophomore Year
190044Clarkson University86%Through Senior Year
217882Clemson University41%Through Freshman Year
161086Colby College96%Through Senior Year
190099Colgate University92%Through Senior Year
217819College of Charleston28%None
160959College of the Atlantic64%Through Freshman Year
166124College of the Holy Cross88%Through Sophomore Year
231624College of William and MaryW&M66%Through Sophomore Year
126678Colorado CollegeCC77%Through Junior Year
126775Colorado School of Mines41%Through Freshman Year
126818Colorado State UniversityCSU23%Through Freshman Year
190150Columbia University in the City of New York88%Through Freshman Year
128902Connecticut College97%Through Senior Year
190372Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art20%None
153162Cornell College93%Through Senior Year
190415Cornell University52%Through Sophomore Year
181002Creighton University52%Through Sophomore Year
190512CUNY Bernard M Baruch College2%None
190594CUNY Hunter College1%None
182670Dartmouth College85%Through Freshman Year
198385Davidson College93%Through Freshman Year
202523Denison University99%Through Senior Year
144740DePaul University17%None
150400DePauw University97%Through Senior Year
212009Dickinson College99%Through Senior Year
153269Drake University70%Through Sophomore Year
184348Drew University82%Through Senior Year
212054Drexel University21%Through Freshman Year
198419Duke University82%Through Junior Year
212106Duquesne University62%None
150455Earlham College90%Through Senior Year
198464East Carolina UniversityECU24%Through Freshman Year
133492Eckerd College87%Through Freshman Year
212197Elizabethtown College79%Through Senior Year
198516Elon University69%Through Sophomore Year
133553Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University48%Through Sophomore Year
165662Emerson College66%Through Junior Year
165671Emmanuel College77%None
139658Emory University62%Through Sophomore Year
129242Fairfield University76%Through Junior Year
191126Fashion Institute of TechnologyFIT25%None
133669Florida Atlantic UniversityFAU22%None
133881Florida Institute of Technology56%Through Sophomore Year
133951Florida International UniversityFIU7%None
134079Florida Southern College85%Through Senior Year
134097Florida State UniversityFSU20%None
191241Fordham University47%None
212577Franklin and Marshall CollegeF&M98%Through Senior Year
441982Franklin W Olin College of Engineering99%Through Senior Year
218070Furman University96%Through Senior Year
232186George Mason UniversityGMU21%Through Freshman Year
131469George Washington UniversityGWU62%Through Junior Year
131496Georgetown University77%Through Junior Year
139861Georgia College & State University37%Through Freshman Year
139755Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgia Tech44%None
139940Georgia State University18%None
212674Gettysburg College95%Through Senior Year
235316Gonzaga University53%Through Sophomore Year
162654Goucher College77%Through Senior Year
153384Grinnell College88%Through Sophomore Year
212805Grove City College94%Through Senior Year
173647Gustavus Adolphus College92%Through Senior Year
191515Hamilton College100%Through Senior Year
166018Hampshire College90%Through Senior Year
150756Hanover College93%Through Senior Year
166027Harvard University97%Through Freshman Year
115409Harvey Mudd CollegeHMC98%Through Freshman Year
212911Haverford College96%Through Freshman Year
107080Hendrix College89%Through Senior Year
170286Hillsdale College65%Through Sophomore Year
191630Hobart William Smith Colleges87%Through Junior Year
191649Hofstra University41%None
170301Hope College99%Through Junior Year
131520Howard UniversityHU54%Through Sophomore Year
145725Illinois Institute of TechnologyIIT44%Through Sophomore Year
145646Illinois Wesleyan University79%Through Junior Year
151351Indiana University-BloomingtonIUB34%Through Freshman Year
153603Iowa State University31%None
191968Ithaca College80%Through Junior Year
232423James Madison UniversityJMU32%Through Freshman Year
162928Johns Hopkins UniversityJHU37%Through Sophomore Year
213251Juniata College94%Through Senior Year
170532Kalamazoo College64%Through Sophomore Year
155399Kansas State University24%Through Freshman Year
203535Kenyon College99%Through Senior Year
169983Kettering UniversityNot ReportedThrough Freshman Year
146427Knox College85%Through Senior Year
213385Lafayette College93%Through Senior Year
146481Lake Forest College69%Through Junior Year
239017Lawrence University95%Through Senior Year
192323Le Moyne College54%Through Senior Year
213543Lehigh University61%Through Sophomore Year
209056Lewis & Clark College68%Through Sophomore Year
159391Louisiana State UniversityLSU30%Through Freshman Year
117946Loyola Marymount UniversityLMU49%None
146719Loyola University ChicagoLUC42%Through Sophomore Year
163046Loyola University Maryland79%None
173902Macalester College58%Through Sophomore Year
161299Maine Maritime Academy58%Through Junior Year
192819Marist College62%None
239105Marquette University41%Through Sophomore Year
166683Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMIT93%Through Freshman Year
140447Mercer University78%Through Junior Year
204024Miami University-Oxford77%Through Sophomore Year
171100Michigan State UniversityMSU43%Through Sophomore Year
171128Michigan Technological University48%Through Freshman Year
230959Middlebury College95%Through Junior Year
239318Milwaukee School of EngineeringMSOE48%Through Sophomore Year
176080Mississippi State University32%Through Freshman Year
178411Missouri University of Science and TechnologyMUST54%Through Sophomore Year
180461Montana State University33%Through Freshman Year
140553Morehouse College58%Through Junior Year
166939Mount Holyoke CollegeMHC95%Through Senior Year
214175Muhlenberg College89%Through Senior Year
262129New College of Florida72%Through Senior Year
185828New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNJIT24%None
187967New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyNMIT61%None
193900New York UniversityNYU36%None
199193North Carolina State UniversityNC State36%Through Freshman Year
167358Northeastern University47%Through Sophomore Year
147767Northwestern University55%Through Sophomore Year
204501Oberlin CollegeNot ReportedThrough Senior Year
120254Occidental CollegeOxy80%Through Junior Year
204796Ohio State UniversityOSU32%Through Sophomore Year
204857Ohio UniversityOU49%Through Sophomore Year
204909Ohio Wesleyan University82%Through Senior Year
209542Oregon State UniversityOSU17%Through Freshman Year
214777Pennsylvania State UniversityPSU; Penn State34%Through Freshman Year
121150Pepperdine University63%Through Sophomore Year
121257Pitzer College75%Through Junior Year
121345Pomona College97%Through Sophomore Year
194578Pratt Institute-Main49%None
186131Princeton University95%Through Sophomore Year
217402Providence College67%Through Junior Year
243780Purdue University-Main Campus42%None
130226Quinnipiac University63%Through Junior Year
186201Ramapo College of New Jersey40%None
209922Reed College70%Through Sophomore Year
194824Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteRPI56%Through Sophomore Year
217493Rhode Island School of DesignRISD64%Through Sophomore Year
221351Rhodes College71%Through Junior Year
227757Rice University64%None
195003Rochester Institute of TechnologyRIT49%Through Freshman Year
136950Rollins College70%Through Junior Year
152318Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyRHIT60%Through Freshman Year
184782Rowan University35%Through Sophomore Year
186371Rutgers University-Camden15%None
186380Rutgers University-New BrunswickRU40%None
186399Rutgers University-Newark14%None
183239Saint Anselm College88%None
179159Saint Louis UniversitySLU53%Through Sophomore Year
231059Saint Michael's College94%Through Senior Year
122409San Diego State UniversitySDSU26%Through Sophomore Year
122755San Jose State UniversitySJSU15%None
122931Santa Clara UniversitySCU53%Through Sophomore Year
195304Sarah Lawrence CollegeSLC76%Through Freshman Year
123165Scripps College97%Through Freshman Year
236595Seattle University54%Through Sophomore Year
195474Siena College76%Through Senior Year
167783Simmons University42%Through Freshman Year
195526Skidmore College87%Through Freshman Year
167835Smith College96%Through Senior Year
399911Soka University of America100%Through Senior Year
228246Southern Methodist UniversitySMU52%Through Sophomore Year
228343Southwestern University73%Through Sophomore Year
195216St Lawrence UniversitySLU99%Through Senior Year
174844St. Olaf College93%Through Senior Year
163976St. John's College79%Through Sophomore Year
245652St. John's College90%Through Senior Year
163912St. Mary's College of Maryland82%None
243744Stanford University94%Through Freshman Year
196176State University of New York at New Paltz46%Through Freshman Year
137546Stetson University65%Through Junior Year
186867Stevens Institute of Technology48%None
167996Stonehill College84%None
196097Stony Brook University50%None
196219SUNY at Purchase College70%None
196167SUNY College at Geneseo54%Through Sophomore Year
196103SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry33%Through Freshman Year
216287Swarthmore College96%Through Freshman Year
196413Syracuse University53%Through Sophomore Year
216339Temple University19%None
228723Texas A & M University-College Station22%None
228875Texas Christian UniversityTCU50%Through Sophomore Year
229115Texas Tech University23%Through Freshman Year
187134The College of New JerseyTCNJ46%None
206589The College of Wooster98%Through Senior Year
193654The New School26%Through Freshman Year
100751The University of Alabama28%Through Freshman Year
180489The University of Montana63%Through Freshman Year
137847The University of Tampa43%None
221759The University of Tennessee-KnoxvilleUTK31%Through Freshman Year
228778The University of Texas at AustinUT Austin18%None
228787The University of Texas at DallasUTD; UT Dallas23%None
221519The University of the South99%Through Senior Year
124292Thomas Aquinas College100%Through Senior Year
216366Thomas Jefferson University32%Through Sophomore Year
164076Towson University30%None
130590Trinity College82%Through Freshman Year
229267Trinity University77%Through Junior Year
178615Truman State University42%Through Freshman Year
168148Tufts University61%Through Sophomore Year
160755Tulane University of Louisiana54%Through Sophomore Year
196866Union College92%Through Senior Year
128328United States Air Force AcademyUSAFA100%Through Senior Year
130624United States Coast Guard AcademyUSCGA100%Through Senior Year
197027United States Merchant Marine Academy100%Through Senior Year
197036United States Military AcademyUSMA100%Through Senior Year
164155United States Naval Academy100%Through Senior Year
196088University at Buffalo30%None
100663University of Alabama at BirminghamUAB25%Through Freshman Year
104179University of ArizonaUA22%None
106397University of Arkansas29%Through Freshman Year
110635University of California-BerkeleyUCB: UC Berkeley27%None
110644University of California-DavisUCD; UC Davis15%None
110653University of California-IrvineUCI; UC Irvine44%None
110662University of California-Los AngelesUCLA58%None
445188University of California-MercedUC Merced49%None
110671University of California-RiversideUCR; UC Riverside35%None
110680University of California-San DiegoUCSD; UC San Diego39%None
110705University of California-Santa BarbaraUCSB; UC Santa Barbara38%None
110714University of California-Santa CruzUCSC; UC Santa Cruz51%None
132903University of Central FloridaUCF13%None
144050University of ChicagoUChicago61%Through Sophomore Year
201885University of Cincinnati-Main Campus25%Through Freshman Year
126614University of Colorado Boulder27%Through Freshman Year
129020University of ConnecticutUConn64%Through Freshman Year
224323University of Dallas66%Through Junior Year
130943University of DelawareUD40%Through Freshman Year
127060University of DenverUD51%Through Sophomore Year
134130University of FloridaUF22%None
139959University of GeorgiaUGA35%Through Freshman Year
225511University of Houston18%None
142285University of Idaho43%Through Freshman Year
145600University of Illinois at ChicagoUIC13%None
145637University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUIUC50%Through Freshman Year
153658University of Iowa28%None
155317University of KansasKU25%None
157085University of KentuckyUK33%None
157289University of Louisville35%Through Sophomore Year
161253University of Maine38%Through Freshman Year
232681University of Mary Washington55%Through Sophomore Year
163268University of Maryland-Baltimore CountyUMBC36%None
163286University of Maryland-College ParkUMD38%None
166629University of Massachusetts-AmherstUMass Amherst58%Through Freshman Year
166638University of Massachusetts-BostonUMass Boston9%None
166513University of Massachusetts-LowellUMass Lowell36%None
135726University of MiamiUM37%Through Freshman Year
170976University of MichiganUMich27%None
174233University of Minnesota-Duluth35%None
174251University of Minnesota-Morris50%None
174066University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesUMN23%None
176017University of MississippiOle Miss31%Through Freshman Year
178396University of Missouri-ColumbiaMizzou28%Through Freshman Year
181464University of Nebraska-LincolnUNL50%Through Freshman Year
182281University of Nevada-Las VegasUNLV3%Through Freshman Year
182290University of Nevada-RenoUNR18%None
183044University of New HampshireUNH56%Through Sophomore Year
199111University of North Carolina at AshevilleUNC Asheville48%Through Freshman Year
199120University of North Carolina at Chapel HillUNC Chapel Hill44%Through Freshman Year
199139University of North Carolina at CharlotteUNCC; UNC Charlotte25%None
199148University of North Carolina at GreensboroUNCG; UNC Greensboro36%None
199218University of North Carolina WilmingtonUNC Wilmington34%Through Sophomore Year
152080University of Notre DameUND79%Through Junior Year
207500University of OklahomaOU32%Through Freshman Year
209551University of Oregon29%Through Freshman Year
215062University of PennsylvaniaUPenn60%Through Sophomore Year
215293University of Pittsburgh42%None
209825University of Portland46%Through Sophomore Year
236328University of Puget Sound64%Through Sophomore Year
121691University of Redlands60%None
217484University of Rhode IslandURI39%None
233374University of Richmond86%None
195030University of Rochester73%Through Sophomore Year
122436University of San DiegoUSD46%Through Sophomore Year
122612University of San FranciscoUSF45%None
215929University of Scranton60%Through Sophomore Year
218663University of South CarolinaUSC31%Through Freshman Year
137351University of South FloridaUSF16%None
123961University of Southern CaliforniaUSC36%None
174914University of St Thomas48%Through Sophomore Year
231174University of VermontUVM63%Through Sophomore Year
234076University of VirginiaUVA38%Through Freshman Year
377555University of Washington-Bothell Campus3%None
236948University of Washington-SeattleUW29%None
240444University of Wisconsin-MadisonUW-Madison26%None
216524Ursinus College92%Through Senior Year
221999Vanderbilt UniversityVandy84%Through Senior Year
197133Vassar College96%Through Senior Year
216597Villanova University83%Through Sophomore Year
234030Virginia Commonwealth UniversityVCU27%None
233921Virginia TechVirginia Tech33%Through Freshman Year
152673Wabash College99%Through Senior Year
199847Wake Forest University75%Through Junior Year
234207Washington and Lee UniversityW&L; WLU75%Through Junior Year
164216Washington College85%Through Sophomore Year
236939Washington State UniversityWSU23%Through Freshman Year
179867Washington University in St LouisWashU70%Through Freshman Year
168218Wellesley College91%Through Freshman Year
168227Wentworth Institute of Technology50%Through Sophomore Year
130697Wesleyan University99%Through Senior Year
216764West Chester University of Pennsylvania38%None
238032West Virginia UniversityWVUNot ReportedThrough Freshman Year
125727Westmont College96%Through Senior Year
149781Wheaton College (IL)90%Through Senior Year
168281Wheaton College (MA)90%Through Freshman Year
237057Whitman College72%Through Sophomore Year
125763Whittier College52%None
210401Willamette University67%Through Sophomore Year
168342Williams College93%Through Junior Year
218973Wofford College91%Through Freshman Year
168421Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWPI53%Through Freshman Year
130794Yale University80%Through Sophomore Year
197708Yeshiva UniversityYU70%Through Freshman Year

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