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Test-Blind Colleges

Unlike test-optional colleges, which give students the choice of whether or not to include SAT/ACT scores as part of their application for admission, test-blind colleges will not accept standardized test score submissions from any applicant to their school. You read correctly—a “test-blind” policy is exactly what the name implies and no matter how well (or poorly) you scored, your test results will have no bearing on a school’s admission decision.

The number of test-blind schools increased dramatically in the past year, as COVID-19 forced widespread cancellations of SAT and ACT test administrations beginning in March 2020 and extending throughout the summer and into the fall. In the same timeframe, but for wholly different reasons, a California Superior Court judge ruled that all schools in the UC system were required to jettison standardized tests from their checklist of admissions considerations.

The adoption of test-blind policies is a true game-changer that significantly alters the admissions landscape at a number of excellent colleges and universities, at least for the 2020-21 cycle. You will find a list of all test-blind schools below along with the Class of 2023 acceptance rate for each institution.

Last updated September 21, 2020. Please check back frequently as policies continue to be updated.

InstitutionAdmission Rate
Cal Poly, Pomona55%
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo28%
California Institute of Technology6%
Catholic University85%
Dickinson College40%
Hampshire College63%
Loyola University New Orleans75%
Reed College39%
San Diego State University34%
San Jose State University64%
University of California, Berkeley17%
University of California, Davis39%
University of California, Irvine27%
University of California, Los Angeles12%
University of California, Merced72%
University of California, Riverside57%
University of California, San Diego32%
University of California, Santa Barbara29%
University of California, Santa Cruz51%
Washington State University76%

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