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Top Feeders to Ph.D. Programs (Ph.D. Productivity)

Updated June 2020

For those pursuing careers in academia and/or research, a terminal degree in your field of choice will typically be required in order to maximize your professional prospects. Most frequently, this will entail earning a Ph.D. in either the hard sciences, social sciences, or humanities. In order to gain acceptance into a Ph.D. program, and—more importantly—successfully complete the degree, you will need refined skills in the areas of oral and written communication, self-directed research, and analysis and problem-solving. Certain undergraduate colleges are known for churning out graduates with this unique blend of talents who go on to earn doctoral degrees and become leaders in the world of higher education.

In order to identify "top Ph.D. feeder” colleges, we relied on data from the National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED), an annual census conducted of all individuals earning a research doctorate from an accredited U.S. institution. Using SED, we identified the undergraduate backgrounds of all research doctorate recipients over the past five years, examining which institutions produced the most Ph.D.s in total and across twelve academic disciplines, specifically anthropology, biological sciences, computer science, economics, engineering, foreign languages, history, mathematics & statistics, physics, political science & government, psychology, and sociology. For each discipline, we construct two lists. The first list reveals the raw number of students per institution who go on to earn a Ph.D. The second list looks at the top Ph.D. producers when adjusting for one measure of an institution’s size, namely the number of undergraduate degrees an institution produces per year. This allows us to highlight schools that may be smaller in size, but that still produce a consistent flow of doctoral recipients.

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Total Ph.D.

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley2,5901Harvey Mudd College262
2University of Michigan, Ann Arbor1,8732Reed College311
3University of Florida1,6943Swarthmore College433
4Cornell University1,6694Carleton College452
5University of Wisconsin - Madison1,6085Grinnell College322
6University of California, Los Angeles1,5456California Institute of Technology481
7University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1,5237Haverford College234
8Brigham Young University1,5128Williams College374
9The University of Texas at Austin1,4999Pomona College266
10Penn State University1,41310New College of Florida115
11Harvard University1,26611Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering53
12University of California, San Diego1,23612Vassar College357
13University of California, Davis1,16113Oberlin College448
14Massachusetts Institute of Technology1,16114Wellesley College337
15University of Washington1,15915Amherst College263
16Michigan State University1,14216Macalester College275
17University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1,13617Kenyon College215
18Texas A & M University - College Station1,11618Whitman College195
19Ohio State University1,09919Wesleyan University409
20University of Maryland, College Park1,09320Hampshire College141
21University of Minnesota - Twin Cities1,07121Kalamazoo College150
22University of Virginia1,04122Hendrix College123
23Rutgers University - New Brunswick98723Mount Holyoke College290
24Stanford University98124Earlham College103
25Purdue University - West Lafayette98025St. Olaf College304
26University of Chicago97926Bowdoin College215
27University of Arizona93227Spelman College190
28University of Pennsylvania91928Bryn Mawr College207
29Brown University89429Beloit College110
30Yale University89130Colby College202
31Columbia University85031Smith College328
32Virginia Tech84832Barnard College267
33Florida State University84733Cooper Union106
34Boston University84534Agnes Scott College77
35University of Colorado Boulder83735Scripps College96
36New York University83236Colorado College214
37Arizona State University81237Davidson College182
38Princeton University81038Albion College107
39University of Georgia79839Ohio Wesleyan University127
40North Carolina State University78940Transylvania University77
41University of California, Santa Barbara76741Cornell College78
42Georgia Institute of Technology76542Princeton University810
43Duke University74143Allegheny College136
44University of California, Irvine73844The College of Wooster148
45Northwestern University73845Millsaps College76
46Indiana University Bloomington72646Wabash College67
47University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus72547Hanover College77
48University of Notre Dame72248Bates College159
49Washington University in St. Louis71349Southwestern University109
50University of California, Santa Cruz66350Hamilton College159


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley441Reed College16
2University of Michigan372Grinnell College11
3University of Chicago323Hampshire College8
4New York University294Barnard College14
5Stanford University245Swarthmore College8
6Columbia University246Wesleyan University15
7The University of Texas at Austin237Oberlin College13
8Michigan State University238Sarah Lawrence College7
9University of California, Los Angeles219Kenyon College6
10University of Notre Dame2010DePauw University6
11Cornell University1711Bowdoin College6
12University of Arizona1712Colorado College6
13Harvard University1713Amherst College5
14University of Florida1714Davidson College5
15Reed College1615Carleton College5
16Boston University1616Bryn Mawr College5
17Washington University in St. Louis1617Mount Holyoke College6
18University of Pennsylvania1618Vassar College5
19Wesleyan University1519Wellesley College5
20University of Wisconsin - Madison1520Smith College6
21University of Iowa1521Skidmore College5
22Brown University1522Dartmouth College13
23George Washington University1423University of Chicago32
24Duke University1424Middlebury College5
25Yale University1425The Evergreen State College6
26University of California, Santa Barbara1426Brown University15
27Barnard College1427University of Notre Dame20
28University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1428Princeton University12
29University of Washington - Seattle1429Stanford University24
30Penn State University1430Hamline University6
31Oberlin College1331University of California, Berkeley44
32University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1332Washington University in St. Louis16
33Arizona State University1333Yale University14
34Dartmouth College1334University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras7
35Princeton University1235University of Michigan37
36Northwestern University1236Binghamton University12
37Indiana University Bloomington1237Duke University14
38Binghamton University1238Emory University11
39Ohio State University1139Cornell University17
40Grinnell College1140College of William and Mary6
41Emory University1141University of California, Santa Barbara14
42University of Tennessee - Knoxville1042Harvard University17
43University of Georgia1043University of Pennsylvania16
44University of Arkansas944The University of Montana6
45University of California, San Diego945University of Iowa15
46University of Kansas946Western Washington University7
47University of Virginia947Michigan State University23
48University of Colorado Boulder948Columbia University24
49Johns Hopkins University949New York University29
50University of Missouri - Columbia950University of Arizona17

Biological Sciences

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley6081Reed College64
2Cornell University4412Grinnell College80
3University of California, Davis4293Carleton College98
4University of Wisconsin - Madison4034Harvey Mudd College36
5University of California, San Diego3625Swarthmore College80
6University of California, Los Angeles3506Haverford College51
7University of Michigan3067Pomona College66
8University of Washington - Seattle2988Earlham College31
9University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign2669Oberlin College96
10Harvard University25510Allegheny College49
11Penn State University25411St. Olaf College86
12University of Florida25412Kalamazoo College39
13Michigan State University25213California Institute of Technology72
14Massachusetts Institute of Technology24214Hendrix College31
15The University of Texas at Austin23215New College of Florida22
16University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill23016Centenary College of Louisiana16
17University of Minnesota - Twin Cities22917Amherst College55
18Rutgers University - New Brunswick22418Mount Holyoke College73
19Texas A&M University - College Station22319Colby College55
20Stanford University20520Whitman College42
21University of Maryland, College Park20421Agnes Scott College21
22Brown University20022Juniata College40
23University of Pennsylvania19723Ohio Wesleyan University36
24Brigham Young University19624Scripps College25
25University of Arizona19325St. Mary's College of Maryland39
26University of Colorado Boulder19026Hampshire College30
27University of Georgia18527Knox College29
28University of Chicago18328College of the Atlantic8
29Boston University17929Williams College58
30Ohio State University17830Ursinus College38
31Johns Hopkins University17631Bowdoin College48
32Duke University17432Stillman College7
33University of Virginia17133Albion College27
34Yale University16534DePauw University44
35Virginia Tech16435Kenyon College37
36University of California, Irvine16336Sweet Briar College6
37University of Rochester16037Davidson College42
38University of California, Santa Cruz15938Wellesley College52
39Washington University in St. Louis15739Hanover College20
40University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus15440Transylvania University18
41Purdue University - West Lafayette15341Lawrence University29
42Princeton University15342Macalester College43
43Indiana University Bloomington15243Colorado College45
44University of California, Santa Barbara14344Bates College39
45University of Massachusetts Amherst14045Cornell College18
46North Carolina State University13746Lafayette College51
47Colorado State University13747Colgate University55
48Arizona State University13648Wittenberg University31
49University of Connecticut13549Hiram College19
50Columbia University13250Vassar College43

Computer Science

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology771Harvey Mudd College23
2Carnegie Mellon University702California Institute of Technology29
3University of California, Berkeley643Swarthmore College13
4University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign514Williams College16
5The University of Texas at Austin475Cooper Union6
6Stanford University456Massachusetts Institute of Technology77
7University of Washington - Seattle447Reed College6
8Cornell University438Carleton College10
9University of Michigan399Pomona College8
10Georgia Institute of Technology3810Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology10
11Brigham Young University3511Saint Johns University7
12Harvard University3212Wellesley College9
13University of California, San Diego2913Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute29
14University of Maryland, College Park2914Carnegie Mellon University70
15California Institute of Technology2915United States Military Academy13
16Penn State University2916DePauw University6
17Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute2917Princeton University27
18Purdue University - West Lafayette2718Amherst College5
19Brown University2719Vassar College6
20Princeton University2720Grove City College6
21University of Massachusetts Amherst2521United States Air Force Academy10
22Virginia Tech2522Brown University27
23University of Wisconsin - Madison2423University of Tulsa11
24University of California, Irvine2324Stanford University45
25Harvey Mudd College2325Dartmouth College16
26Duke University2226Oberlin College6
27University of Minnesota - Twin Cities2227Lafayette College5
28University of California, Los Angeles2228Wesleyan University6
29University of Central Florida2129Cornell University43
30Rochester Institute of Technology2130University of Maryland, Baltimore County21
31University of Maryland, Baltimore County2131Truman State University8
32University of Arizona2132Rice University12
33Yale University2033Clarkson University7
34University of Florida1934Georgia Institute of Technology38
35Ohio State University1935Rochester Institute of Technology21
36University of Virginia1936Missouri University of Science and Technology14
37Washington University in St. Louis1737Michigan Technological University9
38University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1738University of California, Berkeley64
39University of Utah1639Worcester Polytechnic Institute9
40University of Chicago1640University of Richmond6
41Williams College1641Yale University20
42Dartmouth College1642Brigham Young University35
43North Carolina State University1643Case Western Reserve University15
44Indiana University Bloomington1644University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign51
45Columbia University1645Duke University22
46University of California, Davis1546Harvard University32
47Rutgers University - New Brunswick1547Florida Institute of Technology7
48Case Western Reserve University1548University of Alabama in Huntsville7
49University of Delaware1549Tufts University13
50University of California, Riverside1550Washington University in St. Louis17


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley661Soka University of America6
2Harvard University612Swarthmore College17
3University of Chicago543Williams College21
4Brigham Young University534Pomona College15
5Stanford University485Reed College9
6University of Michigan406Colby College15
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology357Carleton College14
8Yale University348Whitman College10
9Princeton University279Claremont McKenna College8
10University of California, Los Angeles2710Amherst College11
11Duke University2411Macalester College11
12University of Wisconsin - Madison2312Grinnell College8
13University of Pennsylvania2313Lake Forest College8
14University of Virginia-Main Campus2214Davidson College9
15Cornell University2215Haverford College6
16Brown University2216Wellesley College11
17Williams College2117Coe College5
18Columbia University2018California Institute of Technology9
19University of California, San Diego2019Oberlin College11
20Washington University in St. Louis1920Ohio Wesleyan University5
21University of Washington - Seattle1921Vassar College8
22University of Maryland, College Park1822Wittenberg University5
23University of Colorado Boulder1823Illinois Wesleyan University5
24New York University1824Princeton University27
25Dartmouth College1825Mount Holyoke College7
26Vanderbilt University1726Lafayette College7
27University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1727Wesleyan University9
28Swarthmore College1728Rhodes College5
29Miami University - Oxford1729University of Chicago54
30Georgetown University1630Massachusetts Institute of Technology35
31Michigan State University1531Stanford University48
32Boston University1532Dartmouth College18
33Colby College1533Washington and Lee University5
34The University of Texas at Austin1534Middlebury College7
35Indiana University Bloomington1535Brown University22
36Pomona College1536Yale University34
37Carleton College1437Harvard University61
38College of William and Mary1438Bard College5
39George Mason University1439Colgate University5
40University of Florida1440Brandeis University13
41The Ohio State University - Columbus1441University of Puget Sound5
42George Washington University1442Brigham Young University-Provo53
43Arizona State University1443Smith College5
44University of Kansas1344College of William and Mary14
45University of Minnesota - Twin Cities1345University of California, Berkeley66
46Pennsylvania State University - University Park1346United States Air Force Academy5
47Brandeis University1347University of Richmond6
48University of Notre Dame1348The Evergreen State College5
49Boston College1349Gonzaga University9
50University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1350Wheaton College (IL)5


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1Georgia Institute of Technology4021Franklin W Olin College of Engineering46
2University of Michigan3952Harvey Mudd College76
3University of California, Berkeley3933Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art66
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology3914California Institute of Technology134
5University of Florida3845Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology92
6University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign3416Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute232
7Purdue University - West Lafayette3387Massachusetts Institute of Technology391
8Cornell University3208University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez140
9Pennsylvania State University - University Park2989Lafayette College51
10The University of Texas at Austin28810Clarkson University97
11University of Maryland, College Park24111Michigan Technological University137
12North Carolina State University23612New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology30
13Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute23213Colorado School of Mines115
14Virginia Tech23114Swarthmore College31
15Texas A & M University - College Station22715United States Military Academy63
16Brigham Young University 22716United States Air Force Academy61
17University of Wisconsin - Madison22117Bucknell University52
18Johns Hopkins University21718Kettering University31
19The Ohio State University - Columbus19319South Dakota School of Mines and Technology30
20University of California, Los Angeles18720Lehigh University121
21Iowa State University18121Georgia Institute of Technology402
22University of Minnesota - Twin Cities17222Rice University114
23University of Washington - Seattle 17223Worcester Polytechnic Institute95
24University of California, San Diego17124Coe College14
25University of Virginia16925Carleton College23
26Carnegie Mellon University16626Princeton University102
27Clemson University15327Cornell University320
28Case Western Reserve University15028Missouri University of Science and Technology117
29Rutgers University - New Brunswick14129Case Western Reserve University150
30Arizona State University14130Milwaukee School of Engineering29
31University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez14031United States Coast Guard Academy8
32University of California, Davis14032Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott17
33Michigan Technological University13733Carnegie Mellon University166
34California Institute of Technology13434Alfred University23
35Duke University13035University of California, Berkeley393
36Drexel University13036University of Notre Dame114
37Oregon State University12837Purdue University - West Lafayette338
38University of Colorado Boulder12838LeTourneau University17
39University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus12639Brown University79
40Boston University12440Brigham Young University227
41Lehigh University12141Grinnell College11
42The University of Tennessee - Knoxville12142University of Michigan395
43University of Arizona12043Vanderbilt University110
44University of California, Irvine11844Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach35
45Missouri University of Science and Technology11745Grove City College16
46Colorado School of Mines11546Virginia Tech231
47University of Notre Dame11447University of Rochester94
48Rice University11448Dordt College8
49Michigan State University11349University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign341
50University of Pennsylvania11250North Carolina State University236

Foreign Language

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of Chicago381Grinnell College8
2University of California, Berkeley352Oberlin College15
3University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras353Haverford College6
4Brigham Young University324Reed College5
5University of Michigan255Bryn Mawr College8
6University of California, Los Angeles246Middlebury College13
7University of Wisconsin - Madison207Centre College5
8New York University208University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras35
9University of Colorado Boulder209Smith College11
10University of Notre Dame1710Vassar College8
11Brown University1611Bard College9
12University of Minnesota - Twin Cities1612Amherst College6
13University of Arizona1613Mount Holyoke College8
14Harvard University1514Davidson College6
15Columbia University1515Kenyon College5
16Dartmouth College1516Barnard College8
17Yale University1517Gettysburg College7
18Princeton University1518Bates College5
19University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1519Williams College6
20Oberlin College1520Carleton College5
21The University of Texas at Austin1421Occidental College5
22University of Virginia1422Macalester College5
23University of Georgia1323Colorado College5
24Middlebury College1324Furman University6
25The Ohio State University - Columbus1325Wellesley College5
26College of William and Mary1326Wesleyan University7
27University of New Mexico1327Calvin College7
28Boston University1228Dartmouth College15
29University of Oregon1229St Olaf College5
30Washington University in St Louis1230University of Chicago38
31Indiana University Bloomington1231Princeton University15
32University of California, Santa Cruz1232Brown University16
33Smith College1133College of William and Mary13
34University of Iowa1134University of Notre Dame17
35University of California, Riverside1135Brigham Young University32
36CUNY Hunter College1036Yale University15
37Cornell University1037College of Charleston8
38University of Oklahoma1038Rice University6
39University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus1039University of California, Berkeley35
40University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1040University of Colorado Boulder20
41Tulane University1041Tulane University10
42Miami University - Oxford942Washington University in St Louis12
43University of Kansas943University of California, Santa Cruz12
44University of Pennsylvania944University of Rochester8
45University of Florida945University of New Mexico13
46University of California, Santa Barbara946Wake Forest University5
47Bard College947Emory University9
48Johns Hopkins University948University of Virginia14
49Emory University949The University of Montana6
50Arizona State University950University of Oregon12


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley931Reed College17
2Yale University762Vassar College33
3Harvard University733Swarthmore College20
4University of California, Los Angeles584Carleton College20
5University of Chicago535Barnard College26
6Columbia University536Kenyon College16
7College of William and Mary487Grinnell College14
8University of Virginia418Williams College21
9Brown University399Beloit College9
10Cornell University3710Pomona College14
11Princeton University3711Macalester College15
12University of Michigan3612Wesleyan University24
13New York University3413Amherst College12
14Brigham Young University3414Oberlin College19
15Vassar College3315Wellesley College15
16Dartmouth College3316Centre College8
17The University of Texas at Austin3217Hampshire College7
18University of Pennsylvania3118Sarah Lawrence College10
19University of California, Santa Cruz2919Haverford College7
20Florida State University2920Morehouse College8
21University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2821Hillsdale College7
22Northwestern University2822Mount Holyoke College12
23University of Wisconsin - Madison2823Smith College15
24Stanford University2824Bowdoin College9
25University of Washington - Seattle2725College of William and Mary48
26Washington University in St Louis2726Wheaton College19
27Barnard College2627Yale University76
28Georgetown University2528Hamilton College8
29University of Florida2529Dartmouth College33
30Wesleyan University2430Middlebury College14
31University of Notre Dame2331Colorado College9
32University of California, San Diego2332Furman University11
33University of Arizona2333Princeton University37
34Boston College2234Kalamazoo College5
35Duke University2135United States Military Academy16
36Williams College2136Spelman College7
37The Ohio State University - Columbus2137Claremont McKenna College5
38University of California, Davis2138Davidson College7
39University of California, Santa Barbara2139Lawrence University5
40Carleton College2040Brown University39
41Swarthmore College2041Connecticut College6
42University of Georgia2042Gettysburg College8
43University of Colorado Boulder2043Lafayette College8
44Rutgers University - New Brunswick2044Colby College6
45Boston University2045Bryn Mawr College6
46Oberlin College1946Bard College8
47University of Kansas1947Walla Walla University5
48Wheaton College1948Willamette University8
49Michigan State University1949Rhodes College5
50Arizona State University1950St Olaf College7

Mathematics & Statistics

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley951Harvey Mudd College36
2University of Chicago872California Institute of Technology57
3Princeton University673Reed College17
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology674Swarthmore College19
5Harvard University635Carleton College21
6California Institute of Technology576Williams College23
7Brigham Young University467Pomona College16
8Stanford University448New College of Florida7
9University of California, San Diego419Haverford College12
10University of California, Los Angeles4110Grinnell College12
11University of Michigan4011Scripps College7
12Columbia University3912St Olaf College20
13Harvey Mudd College3613Princeton University67
14The University of Texas at Austin3614Transylvania University6
15Cornell University3415Wabash College5
16Carnegie Mellon University3416University of Minnesota - Morris8
17University of Washington - Seattle3317Bowdoin College11
18University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign3318Amherst College10
19Arizona State University3219Houghton College5
20The Ohio State University - Columbus3120Kenyon College8
21North Carolina State University3021Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art5
22Yale University3022Kalamazoo College6
23University of Maryland, College Park3023Massachusetts Institute of Technology67
24University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill2924Oberlin College14
25Rutgers University - New Brunswick2925Wellesley College11
26University of Minnesota - Twin Cities2826Taylor University7
27University of Wisconsin - Madison2727University of Chicago87
28University of Florida2628Whitman College6
29Duke University2629Ursinus College6
30Stony Brook University2530Luther College7
31University of Pennsylvania2531Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology8
32California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo2532Hamilton College7
33Virginia Tech2533Bryn Mawr College7
34Brown University2534Concordia College at Moorhead6
35Georgia Institute of Technology2435Macalester College7
36University of Arizona2436Mount Holyoke College8
37Northwestern University2437Bucknell University11
38Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute2438Lafayette College8
39New York University2439Wesleyan University10
40University of Colorado Boulder2440SUNY College at Geneseo15
41University of California, Davis2441Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute24
42Rice University2442Bard College8
43University of Rochester2343The College of Wooster5
44Williams College2344Rice University24
45Pennsylvania State University - University Park2245Denison University6
46Dartmouth College2146Colorado College6
47University of Houston2147Willamette University8
48University of Nebraska - Lincoln2148Wheaton College12
49Carleton College2149Dartmouth College21
50University of California, Santa Cruz2050Bates College5


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley1811Harvey Mudd College39
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology1442California Institute of Technology94
3Cornell University1153Reed College34
4California Institute of Technology944Haverford College23
5University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign925Swarthmore College27
6University of Michigan826Carleton College28
7Harvard University757Grinnell College18
8University of Chicago708Massachusetts Institute of Technology144
9University of California, Los Angeles699New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology16
10University of Arizona6410Pomona College15
11University of Rochester6111Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology18
12Columbia University6112Kenyon College13
13University of Minnesota - Twin Cities6013Whitman College12
14The University of Texas at Austin6014Lawrence University11
15University of Wisconsin - Madison6015Williams College18
16University of Florida6016Colby College12
17University of Washington - Seattle5917Colorado School of Mines39
18University of Maryland, College Park5518Amherst College11
19Brigham Young University5419Franklin and Marshall College13
20Princeton University5320Princeton University53
21University of Colorado Boulder5321Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute46
22Michigan State University5222Cornell College5
23The Ohio State University - Columbus5023Ohio Wesleyan University7
24University of California, Santa Barbara4924Allegheny College8
25Pennsylvania State University - University Park4925St Olaf College14
26Stanford University4726Bowdoin College10
27Rutgers University - New Brunswick4627Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art5
28Carnegie Mellon University4628Colgate University13
29Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute4629Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott8
30Boston University4530Knox College5
31Georgia Institute of Technology4531University of Rochester61
32University of California, San Diego4432Grove City College10
33Yale University4233Wellesley College10
34University of California, Davis4134Gettysburg College10
35Purdue University - West Lafayette4035Berea College5
36University of Virginia4036Rice University34
37Colorado School of Mines3937Juniata College6
38Harvey Mudd College3938Cornell University115
39University of California, Santa Cruz3839Wesleyan University13
40Case Western Reserve University3740Macalester College8
41University of Pennsylvania3641Vassar College9
42Brown University3642Hamilton College7
43Reed College3443Westmont College5
44Rice University3444University of California, Berkeley181
45Washington University in St. Louis3145Bryn Mawr College7
46University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3046Middlebury College12
47University of Notre Dame3047Florida Institute of Technology26
48University of California, Irvine3048Michigan Technological University25
49Texas A & M University - College Station2949Gustavus Adolphus College9
50North Carolina State University2950The College of Wooster6

Political Science & Government

Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1Harvard University471Swarthmore College17
2University of California, Berkeley452Reed College9
3University of Michigan363Grinnell College12
4University of California, Los Angeles354Pomona College10
5University of Chicago335Macalester College12
6Yale University336Carleton College11
7The University of Texas at Austin327St. John's College5
8Stanford University298Haverford College7
9Brown University259Williams College12
10Cornell University2410Kenyon College8
11New York University2411Wesleyan University16
12University of Wisconsin - Madison2312Beloit College5
13University of Notre Dame2313Claremont McKenna College6
14Princeton University2314Washington and Lee University10
15University of Maryland, College Park2215Wellesley College10
16Duke University2216Bowdoin College8
17University of Washington - Seattle2217Vassar College9
18Columbia University2218Smith College12
19Georgetown University2219Furman University10
20University of California, San Diego2120Davidson College7
21Brigham Young University2121Ohio Wesleyan University5
22College of William and Mary2022United States Air Force Academy14
23University of Virginia2023Occidental College7
24Dartmouth College1924Amherst College6
25George Washington University1825Connecticut College5
26Swarthmore College1726Willamette University8
27Baylor University1727Oberlin College8
28Northwestern University1728Rhodes College5
29Texas A & M University - College Station1729Colgate University7
30University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1730Princeton University23
31University of Pennsylvania1731Dartmouth College19
32University of Minnesota - Twin Cities1732Brown University25
33Wesleyan University1633United States Military Academy9
34Rutgers University - New Brunswick1534University of Dallas6
35University of Massachusetts Amherst1535Gettysburg College5
36Emory University1536College of William and Mary20
37University of Florida1537Yale University33
38Indiana University Bloomington1438Wheaton College8
39Johns Hopkins University1439Union College7
40The Ohio State University - Columbus1440Bucknell University6
41Boston College1441Whitworth University5
42United States Air Force Academy1442University of Notre Dame23
43Michigan State University1443University of Chicago33
44Vanderbilt University1344Harvard University47
45Arizona State University1345Stanford University29
46University of Southern California1346Brandeis University10
47Florida State University1247Stetson University5
48Williams College1248University of Redlands7
49Smith College1249Christopher Newport University5
50University of Kansas1250University of Richmond5
50Macalester College12
50Grinnell College12
50American University12


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1Brigham Young University1681Reed College29
2University of California, Berkeley1662Vassar College53
3University of Michigan1643Spelman College36
4University of Florida1614Wellesley College46
5New York University1585Barnard College49
6University of California, Los Angeles1576Williams College40
7University of California, San Diego1377Albion College18
8The University of Texas at Austin1368Hendrix College16
9University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1359Wesleyan University51
10Cornell University11710Southwestern University20
11University of Wisconsin - Madison11611Haverford College19
12Pennsylvania State University - University Park11012Grinnell College23
13University of California, Irvine10513Carleton College29
14University of Maryland, College Park10514Scripps College14
15Michigan State University10215Pomona College24
16University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign10216Swarthmore College24
17University of Virginia9617Hampshire College16
18University of California, Davis9518Kalamazoo College17
19Florida State University9319Smith College43
20The Ohio State University - Columbus9120Connecticut College22
21Harvard University9021Kenyon College21
22Northwestern University9022New College of Florida9
23University of Minnesota - Twin Cities8623Agnes Scott College9
24University of Georgia8524Birmingham Southern College13
25University of Arizona8525Bucknell University40
26Boston University8426Trinity University28
27University of Pennsylvania8327Amherst College20
28Brown University8028Bowdoin College21
29Emory University7929Morehouse College17
30Arizona State University7830Fisk University6
31University of Central Florida7731Claremont McKenna College14
32Rutgers University - New Brunswick7632Furman University27
33Texas A & M University - College Station7533Oberlin College30
34Duke University7534Whitman College15
35University of Colorado Boulder7535Rhodes College19
36University of Rochester7436Earlham College9
37Tufts University7437Macalester College20
38Yale University7338St Olaf College26
39University of California, Santa Barbara7339Bates College18
40University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras7240Franklin and Marshall College21
41Washington University in St. Louis7241Hamilton College18
42Indiana University Bloomington7142The College of Wooster16
43Stanford University7043Mount Holyoke College23
44San Diego State University6844Denison University19
45University of Miami6545Millsaps College8
46University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh6546Austin College11
47University of Kansas6447Colgate University25
48University of Connecticut6348Bryn Mawr College17
49University of California, Santa Cruz6349Skidmore College23
50University of Southern California6250Taylor University14


Rank (Total)Institution#PhDRank (Adjusted)Institution#PhD
1University of California, Berkeley471Beloit College9
2University of Michigan342New College of Florida6
3University of Chicago303Swarthmore College12
4University of California, Los Angeles304Amherst College10
5The University of Texas at Austin285Grinnell College8
6Cornell University256Vassar College12
7Harvard University257Carleton College9
8Michigan State University238Wesleyan University15
9Pennsylvania State University - University Park229Knox College5
10Columbia University2210Smith College13
11New York University2211Whitman College6
12University of California, San Diego2112Wellesley College9
13Stanford University2013Spelman College5
14Northwestern University1914Drew University5
15University of California, Irvine1915Furman University7
16Brown University1916DePauw University5
17University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill1917Bryn Mawr College5
18University of Pennsylvania1818Occidental College5
19University of Wisconsin - Madison1819Macalester College5
20University of Central Florida1820St Lawrence University5
21University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1721Colorado College5
22Emory University1722Washington and Lee University5
23University of Georgia1623Oberlin College6
24Florida State University1624SUNY College at Geneseo9
25Indiana University Bloomington1625Brown University19
26University of California, Santa Barbara1626John Carroll University6
27University of Washington Seattle 1627Rice University14
28Yale University1528The Evergreen State College7
29Virginia Tech1529Wheaton College7
30Wesleyan University1530Princeton University14
31University of Minnesota - Twin Cities1431Middlebury College5
32University of Florida1432University of Chicago30
33University of California, Davis1433Stetson University5
34Washington University in St. Louis1434University of Richmond6
35Princeton University1435Brandeis University8
36Rice University1436Seattle Pacific University6
37Texas A & M University - College Station1337Stanford University20
38Boston University1338Howard University8
39University of California, Santa Cruz1339Emory University17
40Duke University1340University of California, Berkeley47
41Smith College1341Truman State University5
42University of Southern California1342Ithaca College6
43Tufts University1243Cornell University25
44University of Notre Dame1244Yale University15
45University of Virginia1245Tufts University12
46DePaul University1246University of Notre Dame12
47University of Utah1247Humboldt State University7
48Swarthmore College1248Harvard University25
49Vassar College1249Dartmouth College6
50Grand Valley State University1250The University of Tampa6
50University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus12
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