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Transfer (vs. Freshman) Admission Rates

Looking to transfer into the school of your dreams? It’s important to realistically assess your chances of acceptance as transfer admission rates vary greatly among the nation’s selective colleges and universities. For example transfer students are accepted a rate lower than 2% at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Caltech, and a handful of other highly-selective schools. On the other end of the spectrum, excellent schools like Hofstra, Elon, James Madison, University of Georgia, and Southern Methodist University all sport acceptance rates above 60%. The numbers in the following table offer a sortable database of freshmen vs. transfer admission rates.

*Data collected from various institution websites and Common Data Set (CDS) forms.

Table Updated August 2019

InstitutionTransfer Admission RateFreshman Admission Rate
Kenyon College29.5%35.8%
Kalamazoo College47.1%72.8%
Juniata College58.1%70.2%
Johns Hopkins University9.4%10.6%
James Madison University74.1%71.1%
Ithaca College48.5%68.5%
Indiana University65.1%76.9%
Illinois Wesleyan University42.3%58.5%
Illinois Institute of Technology58.2%58.2%
Howard University39.7%31.4%
Hope College61.5%75.8%
Hood College65.6%71.4%
Hollins University51.9%63.9%
Hofstra University63.2%63.2%
Hobart and William Smith Colleges41.7%56.9%
High Point University48.4%76.9%
Haverford College18.6%18.8%
Harvey Mudd College7%14.5%
Harvard University1.0%4.7%
Hampshire College64.9%62.9%
Hamilton College21.3%21.3%
Gustavus Adolphus College56.3%66.2%
Grinnell College3.5%24.4%
Goucher College65.2%80.4%
Gonzaga University66.3%65.6%
Gettysburg College33.8%45.4%
Georgia State University62.9%57.4%
Georgia Institute of Technology29.3%21.5%
Georgia College87.7%77.8%
Georgetown University6.6%14.5%
Georgetown College43.5%47.9%
George Washington University40.5%41.9%
George Mason University82.6%81.1%
Furman University47.7%61.1%
Franklin & Marshall College38.0%35.3%
Fordham University43.6%46.0%
Florida State University28.5%36.8%
Florida International University75.6%58.6%
Florida Institute of Technology47.8%65.0%
Florida Atlantic University72.9%59.3%
Fairfield University34.4%60.3%
Evergreen State College92.7%95.2%
Emory University24.6%18.5%
Emerson College59.9%35.6%
Elon University68.6%72.1%
Yeshiva University22.1%60.3%
Eckerd College30.6%67.7%
Yale University1.8%6.9%
East Carolina University85.1%82.2%
Xavier University42.4%73.8%
Earlham College50.7%54.4%
Worcester Polytechnic Institute37.3%41.6%
Duquesne University87.9%71.8%
Wofford College45.1%63.6%
Duke University6.6%8.9%
Wittenberg University41.9%73.7%
Drexel University48.1%76.9%
Williams College3.1%13.0%
Drew University84.7%69.2%
Whittier College69.4%75.9%
Drake University50.3%67.7%
Whitman College43.8%50.4%
Dickinson College24.5%49.1%
Wheaton College (MA)46.0%69.8%
Denison University37.2%33.9%
Wheaton College (IL)81.9%82.6%
DePauw University47.8%62.5%
Westmont College69.3%62.4%
DePaul University59.3%67.5%
West Chester University of Pennsylvania85.8%74.4%
Davidson College16.4%19.5%
Wesleyan University24.1%17.5%
Dartmouth College1.5%8.7%
Wentworth Institute of Technology64.1%76.0%
Creighton University42.9%71.4%
Wellesley College16.2%19.5%
Cornell University17.1%10.6%
Washington and Lee University5.4%21.2%
Cornell College63.4%60.9%
Washington University20.2%15.0%
Cooper Union15.6%16.0%
Washington State University77.3%77.2%
Connecticut College35.0%37.8%
Washington & Jefferson College31.2%82.4%
Columbia University6.1%5.6%
Wake Forest University5.3%29.4%
Colorado State University63.8%83.7%
Wabash College47.8%65.1%
Colorado School of Mines46.6%49.2%
Virginia Tech51.1%64.8%
Colorado College11.2%15.0%
Villanova University25.0%29.2%
College of the Holy Cross36.8%38.0%
Vassar College12.8%24.6%
College of the Atlantic76.6%67.3%
Vanderbilt University25.2%9.6%
College of William and Mary87.9%36.9%
Ursinus College59.3%70.9%
College of Charleston84.3%79.3%
University of Wisconsin53.4%51.7%
Colgate University21.8%24.9%
University of Washington48.7%48.7%
Colby College2.5%13.1%
University of Virginia37.1%26.4%
Clemson University67.3%47.2%
University of Vermont73.9%67.6%
Clark University46.7%59.4%
University of Utah57.1%66.9%
Claremont McKenna College6.4%9.3%
University of Tulsa30.0%40.8%
Christopher Newport University69.5%67.8%
University of Texas at Dallas80.3%80.8%
Chapman University54.0%53.6%
University of Texas at Austin23.9%38.5%
Centre College47.2%73.1%
University of Tennessee71.4%77.8%
Catholic University54.0%83.7%
University of St. Thomas (MN)76.7%81.9%
Case Western Reserve University22.8%29.3%
University of Southern California24.6%13.0%
Carnegie Mellon University7.3%17.1%
University of South Florida62.9%42.7%
Carleton College9.7%19.8%
University of South Carolina65.6%63.1%
Canisius College90.1%78.7%
University of Scranton46.7%73.2%
Calvin College51.0%83.5%
University of San Francisco53.1%64.6%
California Poly, San Luis Obispo15.9%30.2%
University of San Diego49.9%52.9%
California Institute of Technology1.9%6.6%
University of Rochester23.2%31.4%
CUNY, Hunter College27.9%36.4%
University of Richmond35.0%30.2%
CUNY, City College87.5%38.0%
University of Rhode Island61.5%70.7%
CUNY, Brooklyn College44.3%
University of Redlands75.0%
CUNY, Baruch College45.3%39.3%
University of Puget Sound56.3%88.3%
Butler University67.8%
University of Portland70.1%75.4%
Bucknell University22.1%33.0%
University of Pittsburgh51.3%59.3%
Bryn Mawr College15.3%34.1%
University of Pennsylvania7.6%8.4%
Bryant University58.7%75.7%
University of Oregon67.8%83.4%
Brown University7.7%7.7%
University of Oklahoma89.9%77.7%
Brigham Young University57.3%64.5%
University of Notre Dame21.5%17.7%
Brandeis University24.6%31.1%
University of North Texas80.8%71.3%
Bradley University55.9%66.8%
University of North Carolina at Wilmington82.6%61.2%
Bowdoin College1.3%10.3%
University of North Carolina at Greensboro91.9%83.8%
Boston University42.8%22.1%
University of North Carolina at Charlotte88.2%67.2%
Boston College33.7%27.9%
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill35.4%21.9%
Birmingham Southern College35.3%57.0%
University of North Carolina at Asheville98.1%82.2%
Bentley University52.4%43.2%
University of New Hampshire61.4%76.8%
Bennington College61.7%57.0%
University of Nebraska-Lincoln49.8%79.6%
Beloit College42.2%56.4%
University of Montana86.6%88.2%
Belmont University65.1%82.5%
University of Missouri, Kansas City57.2%56.5%
Baylor University84.0%51.6%
University of Missouri, Columbia65.4%77.8%
Bates College3.4%17.8%
University of Mississippi56.9%88.0%
Barnard College21.8%13.9%
University of Minnesota, Morris49.0%62.8%
Bard College70.9%64.6%
University of Minnesota46.0%51.8%
Babson College36.5%24.4%
University of Michigan39.4%22.8%
Austin College40.5%55.3%
University of Miami53.5%32.1%
Auburn University65.7%75.4%
University of Massachusetts Amherst51.5%59.9%
Arizona State University83.7%84.8%
University of Maryland, Baltimore County81.5%57.9%
Appalachian State University87.5%69.5%
University of Maryland56.8%47.1%
Amherst College4.4%12.8%
University of Mary Washington66.0%71.8%
American University61.8%31.5%
University of Maine84.0%92.3%
Allegheny College31.5%63.6%
University of Louisville70.9%72.9%
Alfred University78.4%62.7%
University of Kentucky85.8%94.5%
Albion College63.4%68.2%
University of Kansas88.8%91.7%
Agnes Scott College26.3%70.4%
University of Iowa67.5%82.7%
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign51.0%62.1%
University of Illinois at Chicago55.8%75.5%
University of Houston91.0%62.3%
University of Hawaii at Manoa81.5%83.5%
University of Georgia75.6%48.6%
University of Florida47.0%38.8%
University of Denver44.7%56.5%
University of Delaware59.0%62.4%
University of Dayton41.3%72.0%
University of Dallas49.5%39.1%
University of Connecticut, Storrs61.1%48.8%
University of Colorado Boulder72.3%81.5%
University of Cincinnati49.3%73.1%
University of Chicago5.4%7.3%
University of Central Florida67.9%42.5%
University of California, Santa Cruz67.6%47.4%
University of California, Santa Barbara56.6%32.1%
University of California, San Diego49.5%30.2%
University of California, Riverside67.3%51.5%
University of California, Los Angeles24.1%14.0%
University of California, Irvine41.6%28.8%
University of California, Davis55.4%41.2%
University of California, Berkeley20.7%14.7%
University of Arizona67.0%84.4%
University of Alabama62.5%59.1%
United States Naval Academy8.5%
United States Military Academy11.5%
United States Merchant Marine Academy22.2%
United States Coast Guard Academy14.2%
United States Air Force Academy11.4%
Union College30.3%38.7%
Tulane University38.2%17.3%
Tufts University14.5%14.6%
Truman State University64.3%65.3%
Trinity University30.1%34.2%
Trinity College25.7%33.5%
Towson University87.6%79.0%
The College of Wooster45.2%54.2%
The College of New Jersey45.3%49.8%
Texas Tech University82.4%70.7%
Texas Christian University57.8%40.7%
Texas A&M University53.9%67.3%
Temple University80.1%58.5%
Syracuse University49.2%49.9%
Swarthmore College18.9%9.5%
Susquehanna University49.4%72.3%
Stonehill College50.5%69.6%
Stevens Institute of Technology23.1%41.4%
Stanford University1.1%4.4%
St. Olaf College36.5%49.9%
St. Mary's College of Maryland78.3%80.1%
St. Lawrence University39.0%46.1%
Spelman College38.5%39.3%
Southwestern University33.5%45.0%
Southern Methodist University74.3%51.2%
Smith College32.5%31.0%
Skidmore College41.9%26.9%
Siena College84.4%80.1%
Sewanee: University of the South69.7%65.2%
Seton Hall University79.0%
Seattle University48.3%75.6%
Scripps College16.1%24.2%
Sarah Lawrence College47.3%55.8%
Santa Clara University45.6%49.9%
San Francisco State University78.2%71.8%
San Diego State University19.9%34.4%
Samford University69.9%82.1%
Saint Michael's College73.7%82.6%
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame63.0%81.9%
Saint Louis University48.4%57.5%
SUNY, University at Buffalo63.3%55.9%
SUNY, University at Albany56.7%52.1%
SUNY, Stony Brook University45.0%42.0%
SUNY, Purchase College45.7%42.5%
SUNY, Oswego59.6%53.6%
SUNY, New Paltz48.9%41.3%
SUNY, Geneseo59.6%64.8%
SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry43.9%61.4%
SUNY, Binghamton University42.8%39.8%
Rutgers University55.2%60.1%
Rollins College47.0%66.6%
Rochester Institute of Technology51.1%66.0%
Rice University11.4%11.1%
Rhodes College22.1%44.6%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute57.3%43.0%
Reed College22.8%35.0%
Ramapo College of New Jersey75.9%62.9%
Quinnipiac University72.5%
Purdue University40.9%57.9%
Providence College29.1%49.0%
Princeton University0.9%5.5%
Pomona College8.2%7.6%
Pitzer College10.0%13.3%
Pepperdine University31.0%35.7%
Penn State University46.3%56.5%
Oregon State University69.5%80.6%
Ohio University66.3%78.3%
Ohio State University84.3%52.0%
Oglethorpe University51.8%61.6%
Occidental College19.0%37.3%
Oberlin College32.4%36.2%
Northwestern University15.3%8.4%
Northeastern University31.1%19.3%
North Carolina State University41.6%46.6%
New York University24.6%20.9%
New Jersey Institute of Technology68.0%63.7%
New College of Florida61.4%76.8%
Muhlenberg College40.0%61.8%
Mount Holyoke College39.5%50.9%
Morehouse College35.8%57.9%
Mississippi State University67.8%57.0%
Milwaukee School of Engineering41.5%63.1%
Middlebury College9.1%16.7%
Michigan State University53.3%77.7%
Miami University51.9%74.6%
Messiah College71.6%78.9%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology4.3%6.7%
Marquette University76.1%81.7%
Marlboro College100.0%92.2%
Marist College70.3%46.2%
Macalester College13.2%41.2%
Loyola University Maryland55.1%78.7%
Loyola University Chicago58.1%67.9%
Loyola Marymount University37.9%47.1%
Louisiana State University68.2%74.2%
Lewis & Clark College49.4%73.8%
Lehigh University23.7%22.3%
Lawrence University39.0%62.5%
Lake Forest College47.5%57.9%
Lafayette College14.2%29.4%
Knox College67.4%74.2%
Kettering University47.9%70.4%