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Education Planners

Education PlannersPlanning Your Education. Made Easy.

If you’re planning to continue your education after high school, take some time to find out what kind of options you have and how to choose among them. Make sure that whatever path you take is a good fit for your career goals, personality traits and financial situation. Also, look into education planners who know all the shortcuts to make the process as easy as possible.

Planning Your Education With Checklists

With College Transitions, we can help you walk through your Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years with ease. We will help you create checklists at every step of the way that prepare you for college. From when to take the SAT and ACT, to when to visit colleges and even what courses to take and extracurriculars to join.

Plan To Take Standardized Tests

You want to make sure you study for, plan and be prepared for all of the college admissions test that potential colleges will evaluate you on. There are numerous changes that have occurred to the SAT and ACT and we at College Transitions can walk you through what has changed how how to be ready to make your best score. You can start preparing to take these tests as early as Sophomore or even Freshman year.

Find Schools That Match Your Educational Interests

Can’t decide where you want to go? Our highly-trained team at College Transitions can provide you with a Free Consultation Request that assists you in planning for your college education by matching you with colleges/universities that match your grades, activity level and interests.

Apply, Apply & Visit

Learn how to shine during the application process and get ready for the arrival of your admissions decision letters. We can offer you robust examples and training for how to most effectively fill out college applications. Also consider visiting schools that you are interested in as early as Junior year.

Realize Education Planning Is Different For Everyone

Learn how the college admissions process may be different for home-schooled or cyber school students, student athletes, student with disabilities, and nontraditional students. No matter which category you fit in, and maybe even if you don’t even fit one above, our team can assist you every step of the way.

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Get personalized feedback and learn about how we can assist you during the admissions process.

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