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Need-Based Financial Aid (Grants by Institution)

Lower-income families are often assisted by federal grants to cover the cost of college tuition. Those in the middle-class on up typically have to rely on institutional awards—that is, need-based grants from the schools themselves. Some colleges are better able and/or more willing to meet a student’s demonstrated financial need than others. Two simple metrics can be helpful in determining how generous an institution is: the percentage of students receiving grants and the average grant awarded. The following table indicates the percentage of incoming undergraduate students (2015-2016) receiving an institutional grant as well as the average grant award (per year) received. Data was collected from the U.S. Department of Education (IPEDS).


Institution% Awarded
Need-Based Aid
Need-Based Grant
Agnes Scott College100%$23,608
Albion College100%$22,819
Alfred University100%$16,243
Allegheny College100%$25,108
Alma College100%$21,759
American University74%$23,208
Amherst College62%$44,922
Appalachian State University34%$3,672
Arizona State University83%$9,622
Auburn University57%$8,357
Augustana College (IL)99%$23,161
Austin College99%$22,467
Babson College46%$32,972
Bard College68%$37,505
Barnard College47%$36,942
Bates College43%$36,795
Baylor University96%$17,706
Belmont University77%$10,551
Beloit College98%$23,900
Bennington College94%$33,667
Bentley University70%$24,798
Berea College100%$23,843
Berry College100%$16,459
Birmingham Southern College99%$22,550
Boston College41%$34,606
Boston University48%$29,457
Bowdoin College47%$36,588
Bradley University98%$13,973
Brandeis University58%$30,966
Brigham Young University47%$3,632
Brown University45%$37,642
Bryant University90%$17,490
Bryn Mawr College71%$28,176
Bucknell University54%$26,435
Butler University91%$14,523
California Institute of Technology55%$35,587
California Poly, San Luis Obispo29%$3,897
Calvin College100%$14,491
Canisius College96%$23,141
Carleton College59%$29,251
Carnegie Mellon University50%$28,443
Case Western Reserve University85%$26,616
Catholic University93%$18,992
Centre College99%$21,077
Champlain College94%$13,484
Chapman University84%$21,952
Christopher Newport University36%$2,019
Claremont McKenna College42%$31,945
Clark University88%$22,454
Clarkson University99%$27,697
Clemson University62%$8,081
Coe College100%$24,945
Colby College36%$40,686
Colgate University45%$38,863
College of Charleston34%$6,278
College of the Atlantic94%$28,465
College of the Holy Cross53%$32,561
College of the Ozarks100%$10,368
College of William and Mary28%$15,854
Colorado College43%$37,856
Colorado School of Mines77%$8,650
Colorado State University51%$5,175
Columbia University51%$47,043
Connecticut College48%$33,871
Cooper Union100%$15,593
Cornell College100%$22,745
Cornell University46%$33,913
Creighton University98%$18,738
CUNY Baruch College12%$4,710
CUNY, Brooklyn College9%$4,395
CUNY, City College5%$4,822
CUNY, Hunter College17%$3,263
Dartmouth College46%$41,963
Davidson College62%$36,455
Denison University99%$28,598
DePaul University95%$16,069
DePauw University99%$25,032
Dickinson College71%$26,999
Drake University99%$17,022
Drew University98%$27,461
Drexel University100%$23,876
Duke University43%$41,083
Duquesne University99%$15,969
Earlham College96%$29,004
East Carolina University48%$3,615
Eckerd College95%$19,845
Elizabethtown College99%$21,259
Elon University50%$10,866
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University93%$13,308
Emerson College59%$18,078
Emory University43%$33,497
Evergreen State College69%$3,943
Fairfield University88%$21,580
Florida Atlantic University39%$3,741
Florida Gulf Coast University19%$2,584
Florida Institute of Technology96%$19,138
Florida International University36%$5,500
Florida Southern College98%$14,487
Florida State University43%$2,466
Fordham University90%$23,508
Franklin & Marshall College56%$38,051
Furman University97%$25,217
George Mason University23%$7,345
George Washington University77%$24,829
Georgetown College100%$19,303
Georgetown University39%$35,991
Georgia College and State University9%$2,625
Georgia Institute of Technology23%$5,900
Georgia State University28%$1,645
Gettysburg College78%$27,174
Gonzaga University99%$17,067
Goucher College96%$22,611
Grinnell College91%$29,303
Gustavus Adolphus College98%$24,454
Hamilton College50%$37,782
Hampshire College92%$25,114
Harvard University52%$44,029
Harvey Mudd College70%$29,970
Haverford College50%$41,584
Hendrix College100%$26,395
High Point University79%$8,846
Hiram College100%$15,717
Hobart and William Smith Colleges84%$22,788
Hofstra University91%$20,975
Hollins University100%$26,744
Hood College99%$20,216
Hope College92%$13,439
Howard University78%$20,966
Illinois Institute of Technology100%$27,838
Illinois Wesleyan University98%$19,513
Indiana University48%$7,787
Ithaca College92%$20,514
James Madison University18%$5,637
Johns Hopkins University48%$34,460
Juniata College100%$23,084
Kalamazoo College97%$24,937
Kenyon College51%$33,296
Kettering University100%$16,002
Knox College98%$24,669
Lafayette College46%$35,852
Lake Forest College98%$24,289
Lawrence University97%$25,535
Lehigh University47%$29,950
Lewis & Clark College93%$22,288
Louisiana State University55%$5,380
Loyola Marymount University89%$15,635
Loyola University Chicago94%$16,888
Loyola University Maryland74%$23,819
Macalester College84%$30,417
Marietta College96%$19,237
Marist College84%$12,711
Marlboro College96%$20,815
Marquette University100%$15,053
Massachusetts Institute of Technology56%$37,224
McDaniel College100%$24,345
Messiah College100%$15,640
Miami University64%$9,057
Michigan State University45%$9,585
Middlebury College47%$38,915
Millsaps College99%$24,025
Milwaukee School of Engineering98%$21,202
Mississippi State University74%$9,066
Morehouse College70%$18,261
Mount Holyoke College80%$29,549
Muhlenberg College85%$21,606
New College of Florida100%$5,667
New Jersey Institute of Technology62%$11,754
New York University51%$28,179
North Carolina State University52%$7,473
Northeastern University70%$29,163
Northwestern University54%$33,135
Oberlin College82%$23,246
Occidental College68%$29,700
Oglethorpe University97%$21,058
Ohio State University79%$8,143
Ohio University80%$3,975
Oregon State University59%$5,170
Penn State University33%$7,186
Pepperdine University75%$27,452
Pitzer College37%$33,665
Pomona College57%$40,897
Princeton University59%$39,805
Principia College94%$24,717
Providence College76%$22,947
Purdue University42%$6,321
Quinnipiac University90%$20,109
Ramapo College of New Jersey37%$9,914
Reed College43%$40,679
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute89%$24,988
Rhodes College92%$23,790
Rice University54%$31,692
Ripon College100%$21,682
Roanoke College99%$20,550
Rochester Institute of Technology90%$17,011
Rockhurst University100%$22,247
Rollins College80%$24,349
Rutgers University45%$6,864
Saint John's University (MN)100%$23,165
Saint Joseph's University100%$18,515
Saint Louis University91%$19,594
Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame96%$20,047
Saint Michael's College100%$20,498
Samford University97%$12,819
San Diego State University23%$6,174
San Francisco State University44%$5,425
Santa Clara University68%$22,303
Sarah Lawrence College72%$27,652
Scripps College57%$27,027
Seattle University90%$17,512
Seton Hall University97%$18,967
Sewanee: University of the South83%$18,396
Siena College99%$21,314
Simmons College99%$21,501
Skidmore College49%$36,169
Smith College66%$34,656
Southern Methodist University69%$25,953
Southwestern University100%$20,881
Spelman College47%$11,132
St. Edward's University89%$22,571
St. John's College, Annapolis99%$30,016
St. John's College, Santa Fe97%$32,300
St. Lawrence University96%$28,935
St. Mary's College of Maryland75%$5,870
St. Olaf College89%$25,137
Stanford University50%$40,600
Stevens Institute of Technology99%$25,745
Stonehill College96%$22,488
SUNY Binghamton University45%$2,726
SUNY Stony Brook63%$3,894
SUNY University at Buffalo57%$3,346
SUNY, College of Environmental Science and Forestry81%$4,050
SUNY, Geneseo41%$1,690
SUNY, Maritime College47%$2,279
SUNY, New Paltz56%$1,648
SUNY, Oneonta59%$2,506
SUNY, Oswego91%$2,239
SUNY, Purchase College59%$2,036
SUNY, University at Albany58%$3,439
Susquehanna University99%$23,299
Swarthmore College52%$39,044
Syracuse University67%$26,092
Temple University82%$7,823
Texas A&M University55%$6,397
Texas Christian University64%$21,320
Texas Tech University35%$3,768
The College of New Jersey34%$6,522
The College of Wooster99%$26,251
Thomas Aquinas College60%$12,428
Towson University35%$5,894
Trinity College44%$38,495
Trinity University96%$22,462
Truman State University97%$5,999
Tufts University41%$34,282
Tulane University71%$29,726
Union College82%$23,369
University of Alabama55%$15,016
University of Arizona73%$7,751
University of California, Berkeley56%$10,561
University of California, Davis64%$8,138
University of California, Irvine56%$7,169
University of California, Los Angeles50%$10,695
University of California, Riverside83%$9,023
University of California, San Diego49%$7,601
University of California, Santa Barbara60%$9,688
University of California, Santa Cruz68%$8,256
University of Central Florida45%$2,468
University of Chicago61%$33,107
University of Cincinnati54%$5,596
University of Colorado Boulder47%$7,356
University of Connecticut, Storrs64%$9,228
University of Dallas98%$21,104
University of Dayton93%$19,301
University of Delaware67%$8,535
University of Denver82%$24,219
University of Evansville95%$19,621
University of Florida28%$4,847
University of Georgia20%$5,076
University of Hawaii at Manoa49%$5,604
University of Houston54%$6,096
University of Illinois at Chicago67%$6,191
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign47%$8,492
University of Iowa65%$8,743
University of Kansas61%$6,903
University of Kentucky67%$8,290
University of Louisville55%$9,111
University of Maine86%$7,173
University of Mary Washington58%$2,686
University of Maryland54%$8,188
University of Maryland, Baltimore County47%$7,267
University of Massachusetts Amherst63%$7,322
University of Miami82%$23,629
University of Michigan47%$13,796
University of Minnesota54%$4,953
University of Minnesota, Morris84%$5,056
University of Mississippi61%$7,252
University of Missouri, Columbia65%$6,626
University of Missouri, Kansas City73%$5,317
University of Montana53%$3,713
University of Nebraska-Lincoln69%$5,846
University of New Hampshire69%$10,480
University of North Carolina at Asheville56%$3,661
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill43%$13,630
University of North Carolina at Charlotte32%$6,390
University of North Carolina at Greensboro66%$2,711
University of North Carolina at Wilmington47%$3,016
University of North Texas45%$3,777
University of Notre Dame55%$34,552
University of Oklahoma77%$7,278
University of Oregon58%$5,651
University of Pennsylvania47%$38,418
University of Pittsburgh45%$10,623
University of Portland98%$21,257
University of Puget Sound99%$16,981
University of Redlands94%$24,379
University of Rhode Island84%$9,116
University of Richmond58%$37,333
University of Rochester85%$28,012
University of San Diego83%$21,202
University of San Francisco70%$20,538
University of Scranton94%$20,715
University of South Carolina58%$2,967
University of South Florida72%$4,254
University of Southern California55%$29,916
University of St. Thomas (MN)96%$17,968
University of Tennessee47%$6,235
University of Texas at Austin43%$6,413
University of Texas at Dallas71%$9,617
University of Tulsa90%$23,602
University of Utah59%$5,806
University of Vermont90%$12,761
University of Virginia27%$16,194
University of Washington35%$8,583
University of Wisconsin35%$6,173
Ursinus College99%$29,304
Vanderbilt University63%$38,663
Vassar College61%$40,139
Villanova University53%$26,751
Virginia Tech38%$4,901
Wabash College98%$22,990
Wake Forest University38%$35,282
Warren Wilson College100%$17,464
Washington & Jefferson College100%$23,217
Washington and Lee University49%$43,207
Washington State University59%$4,955
Washington University45%$31,700
Wellesley College58%$37,638
Wentworth Institute of Technology96%$13,594
Wesleyan University44%$39,024
West Chester University of Pennsylvania12%$3,698
Westmont College96%$19,682
Wheaton College (IL)80%$14,298
Wheaton College (MA)97%$24,585
Whitman College74%$20,202
Whittier College92%$22,613
Williams College48%$40,777
Wittenberg University99%$23,153
Wofford College92%$20,885
Worcester Polytechnic Institute96%$19,225
Xavier University99%$19,144
Yale University48%$43,650
Yeshiva University82%$24,705
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