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Colleges Worth Your Money
A Guide to what America's Top Schools Can Do for You

“While there is no guarantee that you will retain through graduation, consulting this richly researched guidebook will give you a much better chance than just counting on instinct.”

Bill Conley, VP, Bucknell University

“Colleges Worth Your Money focuses on what truly matters for today’s students as they look for their best fit schools.”

Lynda McGee, Downtown Magnets High School, LA

“I recommend this book to both parents and students as an informative and accessible resource that will help students take ownership of the college search process and give parents the confidence tht their students have the right information to make informed choices.”

Lynn Abrahams, PhD, co-host “College Parent Central” podcast

The Enlightened College Applicant
A New Approach to the Search and Admissions Process

“Parents may have trouble accepting that ‘higher education is a buyer’s market,’ but the voice of reason in these soon-to-be dog-eared pages will provide comfort and direction for those starting the application process.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“This is a superb and refreshingly unique book that does a masterful job of equipping families with what they need to successfully navigate the entire college admission process.”

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, TheCollegeSolution.com

“This extremely well-written book empowers parents through a grounding philosophy of higher education’s purpose and place which then becomes a lens through which to consider both questions and decisions about college.”

Joni Webb Petschauer, American Council on Education