Boston Globe profiles Andrew’s research

June 15, 2015

boston_globeBoston, MA— The Boston Globe recently profiled Andrew Belasco’s research focusing on test-optional admission policies. Author Kevin Lewis writes:

“IN RECENT YEARS, many selective liberal arts colleges have made standardized tests optional in the admissions process, out of a concern that the tests are biased against certain groups. But researchers from the University of Georgia aren’t buying it. Their analysis indicates that these test-optional colleges did not subsequently enroll a greater proportion of poor (i.e., those receiving a Pell grant) or minority students, controlling for various other factors relevant to admissions. On the other hand, these colleges were subsequently able to report higher SAT scores. As the researchers note, this ironic outcome may be made even worse by the possibility that test-optional admissions increase the weight of credentials that are more easily acquired by advantaged groups.”

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