Typically, students seeking assistance with college list development have two options. First, they can refer to an online source (Big Futures, College Raptor, etc.), complete a brief survey, and rely on an imperfect, automated algorithm to spit out a college list that does not fully account for their background or college-related interests. Or, they can hire the services of a private consultant and pay an average of $1500 for a customized college list.*

Our Personalized College Profile offers a third option. Students/families choosing this option complete and submit an extensive questionnaire (by clicking the link below), which enables them to provided detailed information about their academic/extracurricular credentials, college preferences, and financial needs. Within 72 hours, they receive a personalized list of prospective colleges developed by an expert consultant at College Transitions. In addition, students receive essential outcomes and return-on-investment data for each institution on their list, as well as an assessment of their admission prospects and recommendations for how to improve upon their applicant profile.

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Currently priced at $500, our Personalized College Profile enables students to receive customized college list guidance at an affordable price, so that they can make informed choices about what is undoubtedly the largest and most important investment of their young adult lives.

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*Research into the fees of more than 200 (IECA-certified or HECA-certified) private college counselors suggest that students pay an average of $1515 for services related to the college list.  

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