Devon holds a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing & International Relations, an MFA in Poetry, and a PhD in Comparative Literature. For nearly a decade, he served as an assistant professor in the First-Year Seminar Program at Whitman College. Devon is a former Fulbright Scholar as well as a Writing & Composition Instructor of Record at the University of Iowa and Poetry Instructor of Record at the University of Montana. Most recently, Devon’s work has been published in Fugue, Bennington Review, and TYPO, among others. 

The Great Gatsby – Themes & Expert Analysis

A perennial presence on the AP Lit Reading List, the themes at the heart of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby – greed, love, violence, and the “American Dream” – are as compelling as when the novel was published in 1925. While there’s no doubt that The Great Gatsby...

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