Best Colleges for Foreign Language

The push for Americans to learn foreign language began as the Cold War reached its crescendo in the 1960s. Soon after, over two-thirds of higher education institutions required students to learn a foreign language as part of a bachelor’s degree; today that number has fallen to just 50%. The Cold War may have crumbled with the Berlin Wall, but we now reside in a globalized marketplace where knowledge, trade, and investments know no borders. For anyone entering fields such as business, finance, information technology, software development, government, law enforcement, or healthcare, fluency in a foreign language has never been more advantageous and our Best Colleges for Foreign Languages can serve as the starting point to finding the best university for you. If you need more motivation, the ability to converse with international clients in their native tongue is of great value; bilingual college grads entering the private sector right now can expect a 10-15% pay increase right out of school.

Click the links below for more information about each college's foreign language program. Click here to read our methodology.

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