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Excellent Colleges for “B” Students

Much is made of the minuscule acceptance rates at some of the most prestigious colleges in the United States. For example, Stanford admitted only 4.6% of applicants in 2017 and actually managed to grow even more selective in 2018, boasting a 4.3% acceptance rate. Fortunately, for all of you B students with strong but nowhere near “perfect” credentials, there are a number of fine institutions that would be more than happy to provide you with a wonderful education. The 25 schools that made our Excellent Colleges for B Students list have acceptance rates between 41-79% and take a good number of high schoolers who did not land in the top 10% or even top 25% of their graduating classes.

HS Class Rank
Top 10%
HS Class Rank
Top 25%
HS Class Rank
Top 50%
Bentley University46%26-30620-720610-69032%72%96%
Centre College74%26-31580-720590-70062%88%97%
Clark University55%27-31570-690620-70036%74%96%
Elon University60%25-29570-660610-69029%62%89%
Fairfield University61%25-28580-660610-68035%67%93%
Fordham University45%27-31610-720640-72046%81%98%
Furman University68%25-31580-670610-71045%77%96%
Indiana University79%24-30570-690570-68035%72%96%
Ithaca College72%25-29570-660600-68027%57%89%
James Madison University72%23-27550-630570-66019%38%94%
Kalamazoo College66%26-30580-710600-71040%79%97%
Loyola University66%25-29570-660550-64029%68%93%
Miami University65%26-31610-720600-70039%71%95%
Muhlenberg College48%26-30590-690610-71041%71%94%
New College of Florida61%26-31570-670640-72035%73%96%
Penn State University56%25-29580-700590-68036%77%97%
Providence College55%23-28550-650570-67039%69%92%
Rhodes College54%27-31610-720640-71048%79%94%
St. Olaf College45%26-31590-730610-73044%77%94%
Stonehill College73%22-28530-630560-65020%58%90%
The College of New Jersey49%25-30580-690600-69040%76%98%
Trinity University41%27-31600-710630-72041%75%93%
University of Minnesota44%26-31640-770630-73048%85%99%
Virginia Tech71%24-30580-710590-68040%77%97%
Wheaton College (IL)79%27-32600-720640-73048%76%94%
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