15 Best Online Jobs for College Students in 2023

April 24, 2023

online jobs for college students

The Work-From-Home Revolution transformed the lives of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. With remote work now a mainstay in some industries, many workers are seeking greater work-life balance. The flexibility afforded by remote positions has also made online jobs for college students an increasingly attractive option.

However, finding online jobs for college students can be easier said than done. But we have good news: we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you! In this post, you’ll find a list of online jobs for students, including their average pay rate. All salary information originates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted. The jobs listed also encompass a range of interests so that students can identify opportunities that align with their strengths. Many of these options are also appropriate online jobs for high school students. As you can see, there’s something for everyone, so read on to find the right job for you!

Online Jobs for College Students: For the Academically Inclined

1) Online Tutor

Perhaps the most popular online job for students is tutoring. Online tutoring jobs for college students play to many students’ strengths, allowing them to utilize their knowledge to help others succeed. These jobs are also plentiful, ranging from subject-specific tutoring to test prep for the SAT. Either way, online tutoring jobs for college students allow you to leverage your strengths (and interests!) to pay the bills.

Average hourly rate: $20.09

Who would enjoy it: Those who are passionate about a particular subject may enjoy tutoring, as it affords you the opportunity to discuss your passion and, perhaps, spark a similar interest in others. Tutoring is also a great option for prospective teachers to build their communication and instructional skills.

Where to start:

2) Notetaker

Another job that aligns with students’ academic strengths is note taking. Some students struggle to take effective notes due to a learning difference. As a note taker, you can support their learning by distilling and recording information for them.

Average hourly rate: $16.80 per Glassdoor

Who would enjoy it: Note taking may appeal to students who enjoy organization or learning new subjects. It’s also a good fit for those interested in careers involving transcription, such as court stenographers.

Where to start:

  • Stuvia
  • Nexus Notes
  • OneClass
  • Your university. Many colleges hire notetakers to provide accommodations for students with documented disabilities or learning differences.

Online Jobs for Students: For Language Enthusiasts

3) Freelance Translator

If you are multilingual but aren’t interested in tutoring, working as a translator may be the job for you. Many businesses need translators to ensure their materials are accessible to customers around the world.

Average hourly rate: $28.08

Who would enjoy it: Considering studying abroad? If so, a translator position will provide you with valuable experience negotiating cultural and linguistic differences. For this reason, translator positions are also valuable for prospective political science and international relations majors.

Where to start:

4) Transcriptionist

Maybe you aren’t bilingual, but you love languages and you’re a great listener. Sound like you? If so, a transcription position may be calling your name. Many companies need the assistance of a transcriptionist to convert audio into text. For example, most online videos need closed captions to ensure they meet accessibility standards.

Average hourly rate: $16.45

Who would enjoy it: If you are detail-oriented, an excellent aural learner, and a speedy typist, you will probably enjoy transcription work. Transcription is also a valuable skill for those interested in legal or medical professions, since those industries often employ specialized transcriptionists.

Where to start:

5) Proofreader and Editor

Do you have strong opinions about the latest op-ed in The New York Times? Are you passionate about correct comma placement? If so, then proofreading or editing work might be the job for you! Although these terms are often used interchangeably, proofreading and editing are actually different. Proofreading involves correcting errors (think fixing a typo or eliminating comma splices). In comparison, editing focuses on improving a text’s readability.

Average hourly rate: $22.12

Who would enjoy it: Detail-oriented grammar enthusiasts will likely thrive in proofreading or editing positions. These jobs also provide valuable experience for prospective English, communications, and journalism majors.

Where to start:

Online Jobs for College Students: For Future Entrepreneurs

6) Virtual Assistant

Of all the online jobs for college students, virtual assistant positions may be the most diverse. Virtual assistants do everything from customer service and clerical work to social media management. For that reason, virtual assistant positions are wonderful opportunities to gain professional experience in a variety of fields.

Average hourly rate: $20.88

Who would enjoy it: While these positions may be particularly attractive to students with business aspirations, they are also beneficial for those who are unsure of their career path. Virtual assistant jobs allow undecided students to practice a broad range of skills that are applicable in many industries.

Where to start:

7) Social Media Manager

Social media managers are important team members for businesses. They do everything from content creation and marketing to client engagement. Through this role, you can play a pivotal role in growing a company while learning about marketing, communication, and sales along the way!

Average hourly rate: $21.33 according to Indeed

Who would enjoy it: If you are chronically online or always ahead of the latest social media trend, social media management is likely already in your wheelhouse. These positions also provide valuable experience for those pursuing communications or marketing degrees.

Where to start: Consider inquiring with businesses whose products or services you enjoy. As their customer, you likely have insights that will help promote their services to their target demographic(s). You can also search for opportunities through the following sites:

8) Customer Service Representative

Customer service agents are also crucial employees for businesses, as they answer clients’ questions and help address problems that arise. Moreover, these positions provide students with valuable customer service experience that will be useful in a variety of career paths.

Average hourly rate: $18.79

Who would enjoy it: Customer service is a great fit for those who enjoy interacting with people or find gratification in helping others. These positions also require efficient problem solving. If you’re quick on your feet, customer service could be the job for you.

Where to start:

Online Jobs for College Students: For STEM Aficionados

9) App Tester

As an app tester, you’ll help companies evaluate the functionality of their applications, identifying issues with their products. For this reason, app testing is an excellent way to gain technical skills and experience in the tech industry.

Average hourly rate: $10 per test or $30 an hour per Smart Wallet

Who would enjoy it: App testing is a wonderful option for students interested in computer science or the tech industry broadly. This line of work may also appeal to those with interests in UX writing and design.

Where to start:

10) Search Engine Evaluator

Have you ever been disappointed by the results of a Google search? As a search engine evaluator, you can address this problem by providing feedback on the relevance and accuracy of a query’s results.

Average hourly rate: $24 according to ZipRecruiter

Who would enjoy it: This is another fitting option for those who gravitate towards computer science, particularly quality assurance. However, search engine evaluation is also accessible for those with more abstract skills in analytical thinking and research.

Where to start:

11) Data Entry Clerk

Data analysis often gets all the glory, but someone has to create and organize data sets first. That’s where you, as a data entry clerk, come in! While data entry is not the most exciting job, it’s a great fit for those seeking leisurely work they can squeeze in between classes.

Average hourly rate: $17.28

Who would enjoy it: These positions are a natural entry point for those interested in data analytics. If you are a Type A organizer, you may also enjoy the repetitive, structured nature of data entry.

Where to start:

Online Jobs for Students: For the Artistically Minded

12) Freelance Content Writer

Virtually every business needs to share information with clients in the form of webpages, blog posts, and marketing materials. As a content writer, you can help organizations define their brand, while also writing about topics that interest you.

Average hourly rate: $21.82 according to Indeed

Who would enjoy it: Freelance writing can help you develop needed skills for publishing and writing careers. Those who thrive in fast-paced environments may also enjoy content writing, since the focus of your job will change with each project.

Where to start:

13) Graphic Designer or Illustrator

Maybe you don’t have a way with words, but you do have an eye for design. If that sounds like you, then you may be able to monetize your passion for art. As a graphic designer or illustrator, you’ll create logos, website banners, and book covers for businesses.

Average hourly rate: $33.18

Who would enjoy it: Like freelance writing positions, freelance design will appeal to those who enjoy adapting to new projects, while also fostering connections in a variety of industries.

Where to start:

14) Video Editor

Although the videos we watch online often feel seamless, they require a lot of time and effort to create. This work usually falls on video editors, who assemble footage to compose videos that feel cohesive.

Average hourly rate: $29 per Glassdoor

Who would enjoy it: Video editing is a great option for those interested in film and TV production, as well as content creation broadly. However, it will be particularly appealing to those who are detail-oriented, as effective editing requires a shrewd eye to ensure the final product is effective and clear.

Where to start:

15) Etsy Seller

Maybe you have another creative passion like jewelry making, embroidery, or thrifting. While businesses may not typically need these skills, many people will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Through websites like Etsy, you can turn your artistry into a small business while working from home.

Average hourly rate: Hourly rate will depend on the profit margin of the item(s) sold.

Who would enjoy it: Opening an Etsy shop allows students to channel their creativity and learn business fundamentals. Whether you dream of earning your MBA or just want an outlet for your passion for knitting, being an Etsy seller is a great way to learn new skills.

Where to start:

Final Thoughts: Online Jobs for College Students

As this list shows, there are a variety of online jobs for students available. Before applying, consider what job best aligns with your interests and goals. Also be mindful of job search scams, which are becoming more common in the remote work job market. If a job seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Once you have a job in mind, it’s time to polish your resume and start submitting applications! You may also wish to conduct more research on your prospective career path. If you fall into this category, you may find our Dataverse page documenting occupations by salary and expected growth helpful.

Happy job hunting!

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